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  1. thank you for the hotfix, it's much smoother now.
  2. DE, can you please fix the damn waypoint bug in void?
  3. why not make the Necramech in regular mission permanently?
  4. it already exist but only cosmetics, Teshin. why not make that a thing for us tennos?
  5. "two-handed". what i meant here is twin nikanas similar to swords such as dual skana how is that dumb? dual swords work isn;t it? what are you talking about?
  6. this update is feckin' yuck. not even appealing nor fun to dwell in
  7. we got dual swords and dual daggers, i think its just fair to make dual nikanas now
  8. "Resource boost" wow really? when I checked on the relay, its "RESOURCE DROP CHANCE", what kind of fraud is this?? here take a look at Brozime's vid at 19:57
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