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  1. video proof is here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fMF7NrnHx8p1gdnBrE878kEZhzvvT5pp/view sadly i missed to capture the host migration but it happend just before i started the recordings...
  2. TYVM for the new patch but PLEASE
  3. official loottable: https://n8k6e2y6.ssl.hwcdn.net/repos/hnfvc0o3jnfvc873njb03enrf56.html hit Ctrl + H search for your mod/item TL:DR its still there
  4. It seems like it is the new meta as a host to leave the group after killing the hemocyte. I did MULTIPLE runs where i left with +0 Standing after fnishing. Specialy when u do 3-4-5 runs without leaving the PoE (reaccepting the Bounty from the PoE) The added Operational Supplies are shown on the Missionreport -> Syndicate Standings but checking at Nakak you have gained nothing. This VERY dissapointing especialy the Bounty becomes more and more to a LEECH contest where no one wants to add their Eidolon Phylaxis and/or Infested Catalysts and you or in this case i am the only one who adds 2x4 Pods multiple times and gets 0 reward out of it. DE please FIX it FAST
  5. disabeling the High dynamic range option worked for me, its a loss in quality but in my opinion at the moment it is necessary else the game is barly unplayable by the way, same problem since v 25.0
  6. a HUGE QoL upgrade would be by "just" expand the starmap loadout option from "loadout name" to "Loadout name" on klick add a submenu to select "configname"
  7. In fact that there has nothing been changed there is no need to re-forma her, right! Dont know what you are reading but you must been just woke up to write such stuff.
  8. . Saryn before Hotfix: use her 1, spread the spores (how ever u like), use her 4, repeat Saryn after Hotfix: use her 1, spread the spores (how ever u like), use her 4, repeat so no playstyle changes (if u played her "right" berfor patch) I did not. you did not but you replied me from a post im replying to someone who did Saryn before Hotfix = Saryn after Hotfix So no new grind needed. Eexcept! Players Forma'd her wrong before
  9. Central EU Sice 23.10.2 Update failed! The content servers are temporarily unavailable. The update will be restarted shortly.. Reinstalled Steam and Standalone Version
  10. Call it what you want to but dont call it a nerv. The ablilty "synergy" was broken before, now its fixed, its not a nerv it is a fix of an ability that did not work as intended. You can see it from this side. The ability did more damage then intended before so it was "overpowerd" not in helarious numbers but still overpowerd due to a BUG! It was not a damage tweeking thing it was a BUG u could play with for some time, but still a BUG you get used to! The damage tweeking thing was the reduction by 0.5x of the base damage and the damage increase by 4x of the synergiesed damage and thats 100% a BUFF! TL:DR if the miasma was not bugged, you got recived a buff!
  11. 1st post ever must be come from a spin2win'er sorry this had to be
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