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  1. It seems like there's a bug with the kill xyz enemies with *elemental* damage - challange where the kills you accumulated in the first mission you do don't save. I just did an extermination mission and got around 80 kills, I even checked during the mission multiple times to be sure since I had the suspicion that it is buggy for some time now, and after I completed the mission (Extermination Fissure Mission) the progress was down to zero again. I did the same mission again right after - same gear and all - and got another 85 kills, and the progress is now at 85 kills. Weird.
  2. That catch-up mechanic still sounds really weird. We have to complete ALL weeklies and elite weeklies of a week to get access to three prior challenges? Why? Why make this kind of restriction? Why not just release all challanges at once and let the players do it on their own pace throughout the season?
  3. I like the changes but there are still things I'd like to see. - The players should be rewarded (wolf)creds with ever new rank. This would make this system a little more friendly for newer players, who can't do most of the challanges. Getting Creds shouldn't be something the player has to worry about for most of the time, especially newer ones. - Reduce the max rank and get rid of some of the more filler rewards. 15 or 20 ranks should be enough for most of the new items and outsource those "filler rewards" to prestige. (More on that later) - Have missed - or how I'd like to call them - legacy challanges be on a list completely seperate to the active challanges, accessible through a button press or something. This way it's much more organized and makes catching up much more easy and not dependable on wether or not you can do the current challanges. - Make prestige a bigger focus of the season. Each time you prestige (reach rank 20 and start over) you should get a reward compareable to sortie rewads (no ayatan statue!). Each rank within a prestige still gives you creds, but every second rank you get a random reward on top of the creds, like a bunch of rare ressources, endo, forma, potato, nitain etc. - Have special alerts in the last week of the season with exclusive items. - At the end of the season, give out a special, multi choice customization reward for all players who prestiged at least once. Like an emote, a sigil or a skin. - Increase the rewards for fugitives from 50 standing per capture to 200. Have Wolf reward you 1000 per kill. - Get rid of ressource-wasting challanges, like socking ayatan statues, guilding etc. I really like Nightwave, there is potential to make it special and I hope DE continues to work on it.
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