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  1. (XB1)DragonHunter540

    Whats a good frame for solo defense in void?

    Mesa, Nova, Volt, Saryn, Gara, Frost, Equinox , Mirage, Revenant, Oberon , Mag & lastly Ivara. For frames with a decent armor I recommend using unairu focus tree for Stone Skin or Madurai for Phoenix Gaze & Phoenix Talons. If you use Ivara you’ll be making your build around her sleep arrow. Just make sure you have a well thought out weapon load out for whichever frame you’re using. Hope this helps.
  2. (XB1)DragonHunter540

    Selling Great Kohm & Synapse riven

    Not sure how to link picture via phone so stats are - Kohm: +Fire rate 97.9%, + multishot 133.3% , + electric 85.9% Synapse: + critical chance 239.5% , +damage 261.4% , - Status Chance 54.6%. Synapse has a status of 13.0% with riven only applied its reduced to 5.9%. If you’re wondering if it’ll hurt a viral build. It will not. Please offer if interested.
  3. (XB1)DragonHunter540

    "Some update data couldn't be pulled from our servers."

    https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/sections/200020710-Technical-Support you can send a support ticket here
  4. (XB1)DragonHunter540

    Entering Dojo causes game to stop working.

    Today was an update for the unvaulting and stuff. Still no luck lol
  5. (XB1)DragonHunter540

    Entering Dojo causes game to stop working.

    I’ve never had any issues updating since I’ve played Warframe (year and 8 months.) this is actually the only bug I’ve had and it’s been very persistent
  6. (XB1)DragonHunter540

    Entering Dojo causes game to stop working.

    Fortuna isn’t on consoles yet 😐 we get in maybe 3weeks or so. But I have done every fix possible. Sent a support ticket too. Hoping the issue is resolved permanently.
  7. (XB1)DragonHunter540

    Entering Dojo causes game to stop working.

    Issue is happening again today. Some issues with dojo but not as bad as before. Now I can enter sometimes without the notification of restarting. But currently had the issue 2x today.
  8. (XB1)DragonHunter540

    Entering Dojo causes game to stop working.

    Sent a support ticket but I’m able to play as of yesterday. Really want to test going to dojo again but don’t want to get locked out for a day or two >> by the way. No one in my clan is having this issue. Just me
  9. (XB1)DragonHunter540

    Death being Permanent

    Yesterday someone I was playing with was stuck inside the gate to enter the plains. He couldn’t do anything other then talk in chat but after the mission he had to fast travel to a npc on Cetus. After that is game worked fine. So in other words. There is no way to fix other than waiting for mission to finish or just restart game and hope you can rejoin squad
  10. (XB1)DragonHunter540

    Twitch Prime Drops

    I’ve gotten a few drops but didn’t get as many as I watched the streams for. I watched from the time they started - finish. Over 12 hours and only got 5 or 6 drops. Watched again yesterday and got nothing.
  11. (XB1)DragonHunter540

    Entering Dojo causes game to stop working.

    So for a few days now I’ve been having the login failed. Check your info prompt. When I got back on after 2 days of trying with no success. I was able to login. Upon going to my dojo again. (This has happened 3x) once when the first issue occurred and 2x after. One being now. I get this prompt that there’s an updated version of the game. Which. There’s not. I restart the game. And get “login failed. Check your info”. Only entering dojo causes this. Please fix this. I would like to actually trade and continue doing Plague Star before it’s gone. Thanks.
  12. (XB1)DragonHunter540

    WTB good Kohm Riven

    Willing to trade decent Euphona Prime riven for a decent Kohm riven as well. Stats for Euphona are 113.3% multishot , 87.7 Cold, - 15.4% dmg to Grineer. 5 rolls, Naramon Polarity.
  13. (XB1)DragonHunter540

    Wts everything

    Arcane Barrier, Arcane Guardian has been sold ; side note. I have multiples of the arcanes get them while supplies last. Amprex, Stradavar rivens are gone.
  14. (XB1)DragonHunter540

    Wts everything

    Wts 80 rivens , [primed continuity] r9, rare arcanes like [arcane rage] [arcane avenger] [arcane barrier] [arcane guardian][arcane fury]and more. - Rivens are for Aklex, Amprex, Bo, Boar, Cernos, Dual Keres, Euphona Prime, Pox, Scourge, Stradavar, Torid, Volnus, War & Zakti- Message me on the forums, on Xbox or comment. Thank you for your time
  15. (XB1)DragonHunter540

    Login Failed. Check your info.

    Send a support ticket