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  1. I want to buy an unrolled Battacor riven.
  2. (XB1)DragonHunter540

    Vaal’s Abyssal Alliance is Recruiting

    Vaal Abyssal is currently recruiting clans who are looking for a mellow environment. We are a mix of Tenno just beginning their journey and Veterans alike. About us: We are a growing alliance with dedicated Xbox clubs for guidance on Warframe and weapon builds. We welcome trade in our alliance. Most of the time getting help is relatively easy given if someone is free. We have a Discord server. We do not tolerate negativity, or bullying of any kind. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask them on this post or privately. You can reach me on the forums or on Xbox. GT DragonHunter540. Thank you for your time
  3. (XB1)DragonHunter540

    WTB Battacor & Tiberon rivens

    WTB Battacor & Tiberon god roll rivens. Would be great if they’re from 1 seller but if not also fine. Cc, ms a must. But open to anything that’s “godly”. Please. No elemental stat on the rivens. Pm link, stats etc and price. Thank you and Happy New Year
  4. (XB1)DragonHunter540

    Octavia’s Los on Vallis

    I was wondering if anyone’s noticed the big bug with Octavia’s Los’ on Vallis? The line of sight doesn't follow the same rules as enemies on mallet for things such as the beacons and containers and damages through walls even with zero line of sight from mallet on said objects. Which is why artic eximus can block its damage, due to being able to stay out of its line of sight by functioning as a wall. While nully shields are damaged from mallet because of it not counting as a wall thus mallet can see the nully inside the bubbles and thus can damage the nully bubble. Basically my complaint is that Los’ shouldn’t be able to break things through walls, I’ve tested this on other nodes and on the Plains of Eidolon. This issue only exist on Vallis and at the moment it’s making it very complicated and frustrating to use Octavia. I know people will say “well don’t use her.” However I rather this issue be fixed as soon as possible. For further explanation, the beams(waves?) can hit the wall on any map. But on Vallis, it’s as if the walls are imaginary, allowing the ability to annihilate 2hrs and 35mins(any amount really) worth of grinding in a matter of seconds. As the beams themselves can hit a wall yet on vallis the damage will go through and damage containers and beacons. While doing 0 damage to any enemies. No proc, no affinity numbers. Nothing at all. Also the beacons placements are very poor which causes certain frames to avoid certain areas of each base (Temple of Profit, Space Port and Enrichment Labs.) I hope that this is also changed so that they beacons are deployed at a further distance and maybe remove the functionality of having warframe abilities affect them all together. Such as Mesa being unable to lock into them etc. Thank you for reading and I hope this is resolved soon.
  5. (XB1)DragonHunter540

    Wtb Tiberon God roll

    I have tiberon saticron and am looking for something better. Stats are 157.7% multishot, 222.6 critical chance , - 29.3 dmg to grineer. (It’s not for sale. I want better than this. That’s all.) thank you for reading. Please contact me here or on Xbox. With stats of your riven with a price range you’re looking for.
  6. (XB1)DragonHunter540

    rivens for sale

    Selling Redeemer(sold), Zylok, Nikana, plague kripath, skiajati(sold), glaive, galatine Prime rivens. Bo prime set with riven. - WTB CatchMoon & Staticor rivens
  7. (XB1)DragonHunter540

    Companions should gain stat scaling vs enemies lvl

    I also think the attack mods on your pet/sentinels are a waste of slots. It should be implemented into it already.
  8. (XB1)DragonHunter540

    Companions should gain stat scaling vs enemies lvl

    I think there should be an accessory similar to the Kubrow Kavasa prime collar but for all companions. I know it doesn’t offer much but it would be beneficial nonetheless. But I agree sentinels die rather easily. More so on Endurance survival missions. Not really anywhere else though.
  9. (XB1)DragonHunter540

    Trinity Prime For Loki

    Unfortunately you can only trade Primed parts that aren’t yet built. And sadly Trinity isn’t valued as highly as Loki is. Trinity goes for 60-100 the most which is rare. While Loki can range from 180-250. Hope this helps.
  10. (XB1)DragonHunter540

    Wts everything

    Unfortunately I don’t sell prime sets. I only sell rivens , arcanes and harder to obtain mods such as growing power, condition overload , etc
  11. (XB1)DragonHunter540

    WTB specific prime parts

    Looking for Latron Prime stock, Bo prime ornament (1), Chroma systems and chassis. - lots of prime junk as well.
  12. (XB1)DragonHunter540

    Wts everything

    Arcane Barrier, Arcane Guardian has been sold ; side note. I have multiples of the arcanes get them while supplies last. Amprex, Stradavar rivens are gone.
  13. (XB1)DragonHunter540

    Wts everything

    Wts 80 rivens , [primed continuity] r9, rare arcanes like [arcane rage] [arcane avenger] [arcane barrier] [arcane guardian][arcane fury]and more. - Rivens are for Aklex, Amprex, Bo, Boar, Cernos, Dual Keres, Euphona Prime, Pox, Scourge, Stradavar, Torid, Volnus, War & Zakti- Message me on the forums, on Xbox or comment. Thank you for your time
  14. (XB1)DragonHunter540

    WTS Rivens&Prime sets, Supra Vandal

    Selling Ember, Frost, Silva & Aegis Prime sets. Mantis Ship/Orbiter. Supra & Gorgon Wraith. Rivens- Afuris (works with Dex) -crit dmg, reload speed and fire rate, no negative. Aklex - 204.7 dmg, 42.3 dmg to grineer, 48.4 reload speed / - negative 64.4 zoom Galatine- electric , slash, status chance riven. 1 roll Pyrana- 76.5 cold, 2.2 punch thru, 193 dmg. Supra (works with vandal)- cc & heat Synapse- 137.7 cold, 237.7 cc, /- 37.9 fire rate Tiberon Visicron- 249.9 dmg, 203.5 cc Please message me an offer via forums > messages or on Xbox via my Gamertag DragonHunter540