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  1. Was wondering what are some of the best guns for the Railjack? As well as what bonus should I be looking for on each weapon (so that I’m not building random junk) Currently I have these built from when I had just started messing with RJ Zetki Apoc Mk3 46.6% Fire Rate. Zetki Carcinnox MK3 57.2% Fire Rate. Zetki Photor Mk3 54.9% Incendiary damage. Zetki Pulsar MK3 32.7% Fire Rate. & was wonder how I can improve on this, I have lots of unrepaired guns with much better percentages. I already completed all the nodes a while back so I’m just trying to beef
  2. Ideally you want Critical Chance & critical damage, Multishot and Damage as well as toxin are all worth noting. Status Chance is okay but the extra crit will be better in my opinion.
  3. Looking for ceramic dagger riven , desired stats: Initial combo, atk speed with negative
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