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  1. Desired stats- Cc, Sc, Ms, - impact or Sc, Ms, electric/toxin - impact
  2. Boar, Guandao, & Sicarus have been sold. Contacting me via Xbox will usually receive a faster response, I apologize to those who missed out on the boar & Sicarus
  3. For some reason every time I gain standing from completing a challenges, my standing resets to 0. I have 2 challenges completed but am trying to avoid getting more done until this is fixed.
  4. Selling plenty of rivens for a fair price. Not really looking for trades but depending what is offered, it may be considered. Akbolto Acrican: 97% Crit dmg, 107.3% MS, - 18% dmg to infested Akmagnus Satitis: 200.4% Ms, 140.3% Crit dmg, - 29.5% Mag cap Akzani Lexi-Visican: 3.1% punch thru, 130.7% MS, 252.5 % Dmg Battacor Feva-toxicron: 102% Crit chance, 61.7% Toxin, 37.3% reload speed Battacor Visi-Cronidex: 42.1% FR, 119.4% dmg, 60.8% SC Boar Hexacan: 147% Ms, 125.6% SC Bane of Castanas/Castanas Hexa-Puracon: 54.6% dmg to grineer, 120.7% SC, 58.8% dmg to grineer, - 110.5% impact Dark Split-Sword Locti-Hexatox: 81.3% Sc, 78.2% Toxin, 111.9% range Galatine Acri-tempiata: 72.8% Melee dmg, 45.2% Crit dmg, 3.6sec combo duration, - 35.4% Crit hit chance on slide attack Galvacord Visitis: 221.1% Melee dmg, 116.6 Crit dmg, - 21.7% dmg to grineer Glaive Deci-visitio: 187.3% Melee dmg, 93.8% electricity, 118.9% Status Duration- 43.7% dmg to infested Grinlok Critatin: 188.7% Crit Chance, 55.6% mag cap Guandao Critanent: 116.7% Crit Chance, 103.2% Crit hit chance on slide attack, - 52.6% status duration Kronen Acritor: 211.2 Range, 167.8 Crit dmg - 65.1%crit on hit on slide attack Nukor Croni-acriata: 96.5% Crit dmg, 86.1% fr, 222.3% dmg Ooltha Critadra: 62.9% atk speed, 121.6% Crit Chance, - 21.5% dmg to infested Plague Keewar Ignitor: 143.5% range, 112.3% heat, - 49% status duration Plague Keewar Locti-acritron: 97.2% range, 70% Crit dmg, 33.3% dmg to corpus Quanta Acri-lexican: 67.3% Ms, 103% Crit dmg, 2.0 punch thru Sicarus Critatis: 115.5% Crit dmg, 202.9% crit chance , - 54.8% ammo max Sobek Crita-Toxitak: 93% toxin, 94.2% Crit Chance, 50.1% reload Staticor Crita-Gelican: 76.8 Crit Chance, 46% cold, 59.8% Ms, - 38% ammo max Synapse Arciata (unrolled): 222.4 % dmg, 163.1%Crit dmg Tombfinger Acri-Lexicron: 61.2% Crit dmg, 1.8 punch thru, 87.6% crit chance Twin gremlins visi-satitak: 45.3% reload speed, 126.5% ms, 233.5% dmg Vulkar Critacan: 118.2% Ms, 213.7% Crit Chance Sets for sale: Ember Prime , Boar Prime, Tigris prime, Ballistica Prime, Galatine Prime, Venka Prime, Scimitar(ship/Orbiter) Mods: Rage, Proton Snap, Dual Rounds, Amalgam Argonak Metal Augur, Four riders (claw stance), Whirlwind, Crimson Dervish, Target Acquired, Rolling Guard, Sharpshooter, Vigorous swap, Brutal tide, Puncture/slash/impact mod sets(all of them) & lastly Magma Chamber. Open to trades on Rivens ONLY. Feel free to contact me here on the Forums or on Xbox via direct message.
  5. For years you will release new content. We love it. Yes. But when will you find the time to fix your horrible servers ? You can blame it on a update yes. But what about people who can’t login because “Login Failed. Check your info” there’s nothing wrong with our info. It’s YOUR servers. We send you Support tickets. Issues go unfixed. So yeah. Thanks for wasting 6 days of my Boosters. Much appreciated.
  6. Looking for a few people or at least 1 other person who has a few Axi V7 Relics radiant. I have 18 Axi V7’s Rad, hoping to find others with at least 10 each of possible. Message me here or on Xbox if you’re interested.
  7. Stats Tatsu 111.1% cc 102.8% cd - 24.3 dmg to infested Vulkar 118.2% Ms 213.7% Cc taking offers here or on Xbox
  8. Greetings Tenno, The Grand Illusion Shadow Clan is currently recruiting. The clan is relatively new however most of the weapon research is already completed. What you can expect to find here: Honestly everything is bare. It’s boring. I would like to have a dojo decorator. I don’t want them spending resources on any weapons research (unless they choose to.) I will be contributing to all of the projects this person will be doing. Occasionally assisting in farming for materials (1-2x a week? Whatever works best for you but isn’t going to delay progress too greatly.) We also need Tenno to fill up our ranks. Mastery Rank 5/+ is the requirement. I don’t have a ton of free time so I can’t always be here to help with everything, however that doesn’t mean I won’t try my best to find a means to work around someone else’s schedule, per say if they live in a different time zone. Note, we aren’t asking for any donations to unfinished research but any donations will be greatly appreciated by the clan as a whole. About me & my clan: I’ve recently made this clan after a major falling out with a close friend. The clan I was in prior , had been the clan I had been with since starting warframe, there I was Warlord & Moderator of our Alliance. I handled everything but eventually things became massively one sided. After many disagreements with the owner, I decided to leave and start anew. I’ve played the game for 3 years, am MR26. Have knowledge on all weapons and warframes in game. - Side note: Our clan is allied with The Warframe Tenno Relay! They are the 2nd Largest Warframe club on Xbox, &have a discord. This is also an invitation to not only join my clan but if your are a clan leader in search for an alliance, look no further. Check us out on Xbox if you’re interested or simply contact me here. Thank you for your time & apologies for the long message.
  9. Wtb [sabot rounds] 2x & [quartakk] riven Cc, Ms, Dmg/toxin with negative. Selling Tiberon Acrican riven Cd, ms, - sc 20.3 status with just Riven applied. 53.3% with only 1 dual stat , split chamber and riven. 11.9 cd with vital sense. / Stats are 119% MS, 175.3% Crit dmg, -50.7% Sc Tiberon Hexacan riven Ms, sc, - dmg to grineer. 126.5% ms, 126.5% sc, -25.6% dmg to grineer. 74.5 status with just riven applied. 93.2 with 1 dual stat & Split chamber. Open to offers
  10. Message me on Xbox when available & if you still have Nikana for sale , thanks in advance- GT DragonHunter540
  11. WTS ember prime, frost prime, hydroid prime, boar prime, latron prime, tigris prime ballistica prime, sicarus prime, glaive prime, galatine prime, venka prime Also selling Dual Rounds, Magma Chamber, System Reroute (Maxed), Primed Continuity (unranked or maxed) Feel free to contact me here or on Xbox
  12. I have systems and chassis if you’re interested
  13. Ferrox riven has been purchased
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