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  1. ^this Because players bring badly modded or squishy warframes to Arbitration, and they keep dying, thinking no worries, others can revive me. Resurgence burdens RIP the health from warframes that carry them and i don't want to help players who are not willing to help themselves and improve their builds so they don't keep dying. I had to work at my builds so i would be able to survive Arbitration, and then DE decided to make revives possible. Yes, more players can now do Arbitration but that doesn't mean they are ready for it. IMO Arbitration will get better when revives are removed from it or we can drop resurgence burdens when they are picked up instead of ONLY being able to get rid of them when 5 are taken to downed player. "Dont revive them. Simple. " Which would be fine but for not being able to drop resurgence burdens. Yeah, remove Arbitration revives please or LET PLAYERS DROP RESURGENCE BURDENS when they are picked up by accident. Now that Drones have a small chance to drop Vitus Essence, can see more squishy warframes will be playing Arbitration expecting to be revived every time they die and they are going to keep dying. This change does nothing but promote leeching. No thanks. I don't mind working with other players in the mission but that's co-op, its not supporting someone that's unprepared for Arbitration. I don't mind the drones, what i do mind is the resurgence burdens we can't drop unless its to revive a player. Bring back no revives for Arbitration. Also DE stop try to make ALL game modes accessible to new (and relatively new) players. (Someone else also mentioned this) Don't dumb game modes to include new players while removing any bit of challenge the experience players are looking for..... New players should NOT have access to EVERYTHING! They should have game modes to aim at and get better prepared for! I had to work on my builds to be able to survive Arbitration or I died in 2nd rotation, and next thing DE make revives possible in Arbitration. Arbitration as it was first introduced with no revives meant players had the challenge to step up to. That's now gone. In its place is now the 'need' for going to other side of map, when someone dies, avoiding killing drones because of resurgence burdens we can't drop if they are picked up. Players who die in Arbitration are taxing on players who don't die. Bringing back no revives in Arbitration would still allow players who can't survive more than one rotation access to Vitus Essence, but they will only get one per hour unless and until they work on their builds. Those who don't survive Arbitration 1st rotation would also then have something to aim for with improving their builds. becoming better players. Looks like will be soloing Arbitration from now on, IF i keep doing Arbitration. Way to go on keeping players in group activities. (and yes i do realise i repeat myself here - its a small failing of mine)
  2. Tonkor has fire rate of 3.17 Warframe Builder has it auto-set at 0.588 or 1.7 Have tried to manually adjust this but without success on getting right values. Regardless of which mods i use (Critical Delay, Shred or Speed Trigger), the Fire Rate remains 0.588 or 1.7 https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Tonkor http://warframe-builder.com/Primary_Weapons/Builder/Tonkor
  3. In Hydron, Sedna, with full group. My syndicate enemies spawn > eximus infested. Kill them all, then no more enemies appear on screen for me. Others in group can see enemies. My wyrm prime is continuing to shoot at nothing (as far as i can see). Then I get host migration > I am solo in Hydron. Enemies appear again and i end up soloing waves 6-10. No extraction screen appeared for me at end of wave 5.
  4. Making rez burdens a manual pick up is great idea. then they can easily be avoided but it leaves the option open. Removing ability to revive players is also a good idea > take it back to when it was first deployed in game. I worked my posterior off to get to where i can survive arbitration and then DE changed the rules allowing revives. Now the challenge of completing arbitration is avoiding grouping with players who bring squishy warframes (kinda not possible in PUGs), who don't know/care that when other players in group collect revive burdens that this can strip 5k out of 7k health from warframe like Inaros, putting their lives (& rewards) at risk for a total stranger. An immortal inaros can be killed by a room full of infested ancients when this happens. And, when a downed player is revived because this is the only way to get rid of revive burdens, the player who died, dies again. Today i was in Arbitration Survival. MR22 player in group used Frosbut kept dying. Someone in group suggested Frost player was AFK. So i was forced because of inability to avoid all rez burdens to continue to help revive a player who was going to continue to die as long as they were revived, because reviving players is only way to get rid of collected rez burdens. As for avoiding picking up revive burdens, its possible to avoid killing drones. Its a nuisance but its possible. But, other players will kill drones and the burdens get picked up by accident. I have had someone say should then do Arbitrations solo > I don't want to solo them all the time, and that stops us from helping each other wipe out the enemy forces together. I don't mind the 10min rotations. I would expect if they were put at 5min intervals that the price of buying anything with Vitus Essence would be doubled as compensation for difficulty/effort of attaining reward. Players are meant to be able to survive for 10min to get reward. I don't think that challenge should be made easier by halving reward drop period.
  5. Avoiding revive pips is a problem. Can not kill drones but other players do and revive burdens get collected by accident.
  6. How do i save the song from the clipboard? When i click on Load Song to Memory > it says: !Song String Isn't Valid!
  7. No Leverian button in codex or market. > Leverian is button only available when click on Gauss in market.
  8. Captura tab in Arsenal > Appearance is no longer there. Are we meant to access Captura by a different method now?
  9. Thank-you very much, Stoi84. I think the fix works.
  10. Quick Return and Power Throw mods are not yet available to use on Orvius in Warframe Builder. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Orvius http://warframe-builder.com/Melee_Weapons/Builder/Orvius https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Quick_Return https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Power_Throw
  11. Found problem when i update riven stats to have negative crit. chance on slide attack. Loaded Scoliac in Warframe Builder. Added Scoliac riven and other mods. I update riven stats, then when i made any changes, such as setting mod polarity or swapping mods around with those from warframe builder mod list, the stats on damage (total damage, burst damage, sustained dps), go increasingly negative with every change made on build, including clicking between 'normal' and 'slide' combat states repeatedly. I then saved the build and all stats on riven disappeared. All stats on riven disappear when loading build from saved list regardless of riven having neg. stat or not. Exporting build also removes all stats from riven. Scoliac build from saved private list on Warframe Builder (riven stats didn't save): http://warframe-builder.com/Melee_Weapons/Builder/Scoliac/t_30_230030221_226-5-5-240-3-3-251-2-5-314-8-3-729-7-10-733-0-10-829-4-0-855-6-5-865-1-10_733-7-865-8-251-11-240-7-829-9-226-9-855-5-729-7-314-10/en/4-0-50/226810/ Scoliac build https://ibb.co/KVBF6s1 Scoliac riven https://ibb.co/M6GZW5w Same Scoliac build with neg stat riven, note the listed damage. This is when mods were first equipped in builder. https://ibb.co/Tchz87J Scoliac damage when clicking from 'normal' combat state then back to 'slide' once, https://ibb.co/wgGTw62 Twice: https://ibb.co/CsSTDBv 3 times: https://ibb.co/rHgxFfS Negative damage continues to increase every time click from slide to normal and back to slide again. Problem does not occur when all riven stats are positive.
  12. Wukong in Warframe Builder needs to have his skills updated. The old skillset is still in place. Old skillset: Iron Jab, Defy, Cloud Walker, Primal Fury. New Skillset: Celestial Twin, Cloud Walker, Defy, Primal Fury. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Wukong/Abilities And Wukong Prime is now available: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Wukong/Prime
  13. Drop table link provided at start of thread https://n8k6e2y6.ssl.hwcdn.net/repos/hnfvc0o3jnfvc873njb03enrf56.html that's meant to have Wukong Prime relics listed, is incomplete & out-of-date. I went looking for Wukong Prime relics, Zhuge Prime and Ninkondi Prime relics which are listed in Codex, but they are not in the drop tables yet.
  14. Its really annoying when doing Ropalolyst mission how Natah takes up a large part of the screen while am trying to move across the map to the Boss chamber. This makes parkour more difficult, because it interferes with depth perception, so have to wait until her dialogue finishes and she disappears before moving from spawn point.. https://ibb.co/7v8TpZs Natah in the next pic as she appears later is much better size... https://ibb.co/jLfr3f8 Would be great if she was always this smaller size for the mission.
  15. Disappointed that during Disruption mission, one of the 'rewards' was 'Tenno speed boost'. Thanks DE for making the experience unpleasant for someone that gets simulator sickness from this (aka, its no different to Volt's speed), and no way to avoid it. Its not like i can wait for the reward to out-distance me on the map to get out of the AoE, or back-flip to get out of the effect.
  16. In-game can use Vigilante mods when modding Prime Laser Rifle, but they don't appear in warframe builder for Laser Rifle or Prime Laser Rifle builds. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Vigilante_Mods
  17. Link Health, Link Armor, Link Shields (companion mod) cannot be used on sentinels but is available in Warframe Builder for Wyrm & Wyrm Prime sentinel. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Link_Health Hunter Recovery is also available to sentinel builds when its only for Kubrow or Kavata companions. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Hunter_Recovery
  18. Can still get through Nightwave without doing Forma's and Gilding. Its not required to do every Nightwave act to be able to progress.Just as with the old Alerts, newer players were not able to do all of them, and again, didn't have to. It just takes a bit longer to gain the currency for the acts to be able to buy the offerings. Having said that, it is nice to be able to work through all the acts instead of having to leave some undone. I'm not a fan of doing missions with friends/clan mates, as they (the players) are often not available.
  19. What does that mean to someone who doesn't understand what you've just said? Reloading doesn't fix the issue as still can't create a build with the strain mods when warframe builder is reloaded. So, can't use Strain mods in warframe builder until the issue is repaired?
  20. Enhance Vitality: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Enhanced_Vitality Primed Animal Instinct: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Primed_Animal_Instinct Both of these^ mods are now available in game to use on Helminth Charger but are missing from list of available mods in Warframe Builder. In Warframe Builder, when i move Strain Eruption https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Strain_Eruption or Strain Fever https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Strain_Fever onto Helminth Charger build http://warframe-builder.com/Sentinels/Builder/Helminth_Charger, I am unable to pull any other mods from the list of available mods onto the build after this. I can refresh the page and start again but problem continues as soon as i place either of the Strain mods on the Helminth Charger build. If i remove either of the Strain mod that have been placed on the build (at this point i can only use one or the other), i can still not pull any other mods from the available list onto the build, which stops further use unless page is refreshed and i start again.
  21. I'm Prestige Tier 13 (13 ranks past getting the Wolf of Saturn armor at Tier 30 (so that makes it Tier 43?) with Wolf of Saturn 6 Nightwave thing and have killed wolf only a handful of times (he doesn't spawn much), and the only thing he ever drops are mods i don't need and have plenty of. At this rate it looks like I will be done farming everything in warframe and I don't expect to have anything to do while waiting for the Wolf to spawn, hoping to get his weapon parts for MR exp.
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