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  1. When I completed sorties, I got Rifle Riven Mod, however it was stolen by a lich. On the other day, after completing sorties I got another Rifle Riven Mod, but it was stolen as well. Some other day I finally killed a lich. On the rewards screen I recovered 2 Rifle Riven Mods. While checking my mods, I noticed having only 1 Veilded Rifle Riven Mod. The second one is missing. Warframe support helped me out with the problem, but I was asked to report it here. Nov 12 2019 - Stolen Rifle Riven mod from Sortie reward Nov 16 2019 - Stolen second Rifle Riven mod from Sortie reward Nov 17 2019 - Killed the lich and got only one mod in my inventory
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