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  1. With something like frames, you have to observe trade chat and determine prices based on that. Frost Prime is 120-150 based on what I see from Trade Chat right now, the only real expensive ones being like Loki and Volt. You've essentially over-priced the frame. Plus 150p for spending 60 would've been your plat back and 90 more. I understand you wanted to make upwards of 230-300, but right now the market simply isn't facilitating that due to current price ranges.
  2. I already referenced WM as a good resource anyway, but not a pricing resource. Also, I mean that's just their own fault. If you know it's way too much or overpriced for what it is, then why engage in the first place. Let the seller complain because it's their fault for overpricing, and they won't learn anything unless they use strategies to identify what a decent price is. (Plus if they really wanted to get better sales, they'd look up guides or use a method, people who run to the forums to complain are people who either submit to the riven trade so much that they hate it, or just don't k
  3. The one problem I have with this is to check Warframe Market Prices. Warframe Market in my honest opinion has more averaged and unified pricing than trade chat. Looking at it, a newer player would think that there is an average price for something when there really isn't, potentially prompting arguments and going against the whole point I made both here and in the Free Market section. While it may be an excellent resource to buy and sell for people who don't want to sit in trade chat for 5 hours, it's not accurate enough for pricing as say trade chat filters like you suggested (which I neglect
  4. I agree with you there. I updated it to make it more friendly, but I kept the third party warning for sake of no fault falling upon anyone else if something were to happen. I also added one of the methods I used to better increase sales.
  5. Yeah, I think I also need to revise that, mainly because some of my sections revolve around how third party sites arent exactly accurate. My point wasn't to make it an advertisement for WM, rather just a reference. I could definitely add more to give the site a better rep tho.
  6. Ah yeah my word choice was pretty poor there, I admit. I should probably add an inventory diversificaiton part to my first section as well.
  7. currently his Blueprint is in the Axi W1 Relic. Sometimes you might miss it or you might already have the relic, so it won't show up in the missing table.
  8. Unsure if these have been said: Nova makes Lua Spy a breeze. Just mod her for efficiency and range and you've basically got the best spy mission frame in existence next to Loki due to her portals. Another thing about modding for range is her second ability, which can easily smash cameras in a radius and stun enemies for a short time. Rhino makes solo interception rivens easy. Just do Pluto's interception (modding for strength because Iron Skin go brrrrr), and just smack the enemies around. (This also generally works for any (do solo while) missions because Rhino can kinda just
  9. Unless they meant via gift this is also correct. Base warframe parts or completed warframes cannot be traded, only prime blueprints can be traded. (Also the correct MR to even trade the items in the first place)
  10. The likely answer is you're trying to gift a Tennogen skin to someone, which is not allowed, nor is up for discussion as to why it isn't allowed. See this forum post, which generally goes over the issue. However it would help more if I knew which skin it was. Hope this helps!
  11. Codes are either packaged in the box along with the statue or delivered at a later date via email depending on certain factors. If you do not receive your code within a few days I suggest you contact support by opening a support ticket so that they can handle it further.
  12. 2 of the three types, but yeah. You'll normally hear from the news console or from the forums when and what frame is getting vaulted, along with their subsequent weapons. Then you just have to wait until they're unvaulted again to start farming for them again, or buy from other players (which I don't suggest to newer players)
  13. Seeing as normally you cannot bind the same key to 2 different bindings, I would assume it isn't possible. Might be something I'm missing but I've never heard of this before.
  14. Relics rotate in and out of the Prime Vault constantly. Any Prime that is vaulted has its subsequent relics vaulted until the Prime Vault opens again. Once the Prime Vault is open, select frames and items will become available again through either newer relics or reused older ones. There's no real "balancing" as far as loot is concerned, rather it's just two frames and their subsequent weapons. (meaning all parts to the frames and weapons, of course) There is no set schedule as to when a Prime is unvaulted, however it's not hard to make predictions. Also there is no need to worry, si
  15. Now that you mention it I should probably include that, seeing as relics are sold quite frequently.
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