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  1. Ivara Prime is a jellyfish because Jellyfish are transparent and use that to camouflage themselves and Ivara has, not 1, not 2, but 3 different forms of invisibility with her cloak arrow, prowl, and turning invisible during navigator. Jellyfish also are pretty slow and Ivara moves rather slowly in prowl.
  2. I personally use a Zephyr with Umbral Intensify Umbral Vitality Fleeting Expertise Primed Continuity Stretch Constitution Augur Message Target Fixation Plus either Corrosive Projection or Aerodynamic for Aura and either Lightning dash or Aviator for Exilus. You get alot of power from the infinite scaling of Target Fixation and can still use the rest of her kit well. Duration is lower than I'd like for her 3 and 4, but I couldn't put it much higher without severely limiting my maneuverability with tailwind.
  3. I prefer 1 large tornado tethered to a specific area over 4 smaller tornadoes tethered to an area for the sole reason that Tornadoes are very large and incredibly dangerous. With the suggestions above for Tornado, the tracking speed would need to be greatly increased, but otherwise seems fine. The hope I had in the ability's utility is an ability that can be used in more mobile missions as well. By making Tornado a directional power that then stops at a point both CC for missions like interception and mobile defense can be utilized with a use for missions such as capture and exterminate.
  4. Birdframe_Prime's suggestions are very similar to my suggestions from a few weeks ago. I've updated my notes for my Zephyr rework idea based on the feedback from there and have changed a few parts of the abilities to better fit in with other warframes. My notes now read. Passive: Her passive is fine, it's the most unique part of her kit and no other warframe can replicate it well. Only change that should be considered is maybe adding additional Aim-Glide duration. Tailwind: Her 1 is difficult to control and building it is unintuitive. Trying to balance duration so that her 1 is usable in most tilesets and so she can better use out of her 3 and 4 limits her potential and reduces ability synergy. It principly needs better maneuverability. Change Hover Jump into a channeled fly with 1/2th the movement speed of Tailwind, add synergy to other abilities while in this mode. Cast Divebomb or melee slam to leave this mode. Base Energy per second cost 2. Channeled this way causes no damage to enemies. Fix maneuverability by allowing players to stop their mid-air momentum. Giving players an easy way to maintain or lose the momentum from Tailwind is all that is needed for added agility with the ability. I'd suggest having forward movement maintain your momentum and backwards movement slow your momentum, similar to how it currently works in aimglide, but much more quickly. Keep Divebomb as is. It's range and power for it's casting cost of 12.5 energy at base is sufficient for CC or damage with its augment. Augment: Target Fixation is fine, only change it needs is for the buff timer to pause while reviving allies and hacking consoles. Currently helping teammates can easily lose you the buff, discouraging team play. Range, Strength, and Duration are appropriate currently. 25 energy cast with 50% discount if airborne is fine. Might need to change airspeed calculation to encourage better build synergy with her other abilities. Airburst: Her 2 provides a knockdown CC in a good range and can increase the height of her tornadoes. It provides little utility outside of giving Zephyr some breathing room when cornered. My suggestions are to maintain and improve current functionality by adding more utility to the ability. New Ability: Draft- Create a zone at a target location of either an updraft or a downdraft Updraft: tap key to launch enemies into the air, granting them the lifted status for the duration. Downdraft: hold key to knock enemies to the ground and slow them for the duration. 250 base damage, knockdown, and 25% base slow. Enemies hit with downdraft after being lifted take damage and have their defenses stripped. 1500 base damage and enemies gain 75% damage vulnerability. Base range at 10m, base duration at 5s for updraft lift and 15s for downdraft slow. Damage, slow, and vulnerability affected by power strength. Base energy to cast at 50 with 50% discount if airborne Potential Augment: Vortex- Updraft pulls enemies towards the cast point and downdraft pushes enemies away from the cast point. Can be used for grouping enemies and then launching them. More of a meme augment than anything. Turbulence: Ability is fine, some QOL changes would be appreciated. Add a Knockdown burst around her when the ability duration ends so she can more safely recast it. Range and duration are fine, Jet Stream buffs can be affected by strength. 75 base energy cast Augment: Jet Stream- base 40% movement speed and 100% projectile velocity bonus affected by power strength. If allies are in radius of turbulence when cast, then they will retain Jet Stream Buffs for duration, can backflip to remove speed buffs. Allies entering turbulence's radius no longer gain Jet Stream buffs. Tornadoes: Her 4 is unreliable. She has very little control over where the tornadoes spawn and where they wander to. It's too unreliable for CC and it's damage is too low for damage. It can be useful for spreading damage and status from your weapons, but that functionality can be maintained while increasing the utility and reliability of the tornadoes. Cast 1 Tornado with a base pull radius of 10m. Let pull range be affected by mods. Upon Casting it spawns at your position from which it moves towards your reticle position at 10m/s. Once it reaches its destination, it stays for the duration Change Damage ticks to increase with a portion of damage dealt to the tornado. Base damage is slash with 50% base status chance. Status Proc variety is dependent upon the damage done to the tornado. If you deal 500 corrosive damage then the available damage pool for determining status procs in the tornado is 100 slash and 500 corrosive. Enemies in the tornado take damage done to the tornado plus 200% critical damage. Casting Updraft on the tornado increases its range and duration (range only applied once) Pull Radius increases by 50%. (affects smaller tornadoes created by Funnel Clouds augment) Casting Downdraft on the tornado causes it to deal all remaining damage in one burst. Base Pull Range 10m, Base Duration 15s, Base tick damage 100, Damage Converted to tick damage 1%, base energy to cast 100 Augment: Funnel Clouds- Allows recasting to split tornado up to 2 times at no energy cost. 1st split turns into 4 tornadoes, 2nd into 12. The 4 tornadoes have a base pull radius of 6m and a movement speed of 5m/s. The 12 tornadoes no longer pick up enemies but pull them, have a base damage radius of 4m, and move at 7m/s. Split tornadoes retain the damage ticks of the original tornado, but stop building more damage and travel around the map pathing towards the nearest enemy not in its grasp. Hover Jump Synergy Suggestion- change hover jump to be a way to channel into a flight mode using the same control scheme as Wukong's Cloudwalker and animations of aimglide. While in this mode, casting Tornado forms it around Zephyr, allowing her to control its movement. (Ability FX would need to be updated to make this feasible) While in this mode, turbulence gains 50% increased range. Jet Stream's movement buff applies to movement speed in this mode. No Change to Draft. Casting tailwind in this mode adds the airspeed of tailwind to the 50% base movement speed, allowing for a faster dash. (Plains movement)
  5. Her passive is her best feature. It's feel is what most people who play Zephyr regularly like best about her. Her fall is the only part of it that is slowed and divebomb/melee slams can easily compensate should you need to fall faster. I don't mind your proposed changes as currently to have decent maneuverability with tailwind requires a build with lower power duration, hurting turbulence and tornadoes. If duration is to be how her tailwind air speed is calculated in the future, then the base duration of turbulence and tornadoes should be buffed to compensate. That would be unnecessary with Air brakes on her tailwind, but the implementation of such an idea would be difficult. Her momentum allows her to travel much further per cast of tailwind than she otherwise should, allowing a hold to cast would alleviate this issue so long as the energy drain remains similar to chaining tailwinds currently.
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