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  1. update on 3rd party company you brought in to help with the chat?
  2. getting an issue with fish in caves and the luminos dye only working on some of them. can't seem to work out what it is, but fish that spawn from certain points don't get marked until they move and you drop another dye in. also catchmoon kitgun not hitting a lot of targets due to collosion with environment - not getting the same issue on other weapons - like arca plasma.
  3. DE I truely do love this game. Finish the patch. Then announce that it will come the week after. Don't say we're aiming for a wednesday release and then push it back to friday evening. Try this instead - get it to the point you would have got it after the crunch up till the friday night, then tell us it is coming tuesday or wednesday the following week. We're all excited to play it, you're excited for us to play it. Go slow and get it right so there's less fires to put out and less broken expectations on our part. big hugs!
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