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  1. exactly, it would give no impediment to people actually playing the game but would remove their fear of people staying there and just turretting every enemy while not playing
  2. Note on Grasp of Lohk’s ‘Target Range: you don't want to increase range as it will lead to people staying still and shooting at everything ? easy fix. Only shoots when you are moving. if you are 100% still for more than 2 seconds they stop shooting. There.
  3. Ok on everything but the damage part. That damage is per SINGLE bullet. meaning you have to x2,x3,x4,x5 on burst weapons. in that case, if you check they are ALL way higher. For full auto yes, generally the damage per bullet is lower but the amount of bullets is insanely superior, this also means a x amount of procs and status, not a coin flip.
  4. 1) the damage per bullet is actually not above auto or burst. Perfect example of this is the tiberon prime. They only have a slightly higher crit chance and crit damage ( no always, the tiberon prime does ), this is inherently a problem. 2)DMR ( ?). What are we talking off again ? it's as i said before... and you kinda are confirming it... crit chance and status chance are low for a semi. You are saying you can apply them reliably enough... but with the 30% status chance my Veldt has it needs at least 3 shots to apply 1 status. And this may be IPS. You won't be able to apply status reliab
  5. Well with that crit chance it is almost guaranteed to crit at every shot, so of course, you are going right, can you tell me the damage you have ? the different ones ( just do a screen way faster, like I did mine in the first page ). Aside from the small details though, I understand that you are dealing that much, you have such a high crit chance and hunter munition works with it. Do you realize though that without that riven you would deal NOWHERE NEAR that much damage? Rivens do not really count when talking about how good a weapon works, this only shows how bad the actual weapon is.
  6. can you post your build and your stats ? also with that crit chance it means you always crit and maybe also orange crits, that helps a LOT i assume.
  7. Well, this is, of course, a viable way, but it would require a MASSIVE rework, not likely to happen sadly.
  8. Thank you for the replies ! So, well thank you Azamagon for the " support" About Gwyndolin comment : That's an interesting proposal too, and someone above also suggested innate punch through. It seems like it is a wanded thing, and i understand it, since it shoots only 1 bullet it would help a ton on hordes. You are talking about low mag count, but what about the reload? If too slow the weapon will be crippled, as someone said the veldt has a nice reload, but it would not need to be slower. How much punch through? Personally if the punch through was big it would be really cool, s
  9. Ok... so we have someone who is just saying: " Nah you are wrong " without any argument. Neat. Well, have a good day then.
  10. And there it is, the guy that did not even read the whole topic and simply because I posted Brozime video went immediately " NOPE ". Most of Brozime points have been discussed by me, you don't have to watch it, but you could at least provide some suggestions or so, you know " Find something more constructive to do, please."
  11. this could also be an idea indeed personally though i would leave that to snipers, to leave them with a specific thing, otherwise they will be confused with each other. A special bonus only belonging to Semi though could be nice.
  12. Thank you a lot for your reply! I appreciate you feel the same on a lot of points, about the last 2 points i also understand you, the reason for my No punch through was explained by the insane damage, the oneshot level 90 enemies aside the beefier units where you 2/3 shot them. Of course if you think that's too much and you would tone that down then punch through is perfectly reasonable, honestly i'm up to your change as well, i just want an improvement of the semi XD
  13. Hello everyone, in this topic I will talk about semi rifles; their issues and how to fix them, all while keeping the game fun. I apologize in advance for my potato English, I will probably butcher this language from time to time. Let's start from the beginning while being bored and not knowing what to do I realized that the Veldt looks INCREDIBLE( and the reload animation is pure joy) and even though I knew it is just bad I wanted to make it viable for sortie. After 6 forma and a 160% damage 90% electric riven I come to have my final product: As you can see the stats ar
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