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  1. THIS. It's a totally useless fight. All the rewards can be obtained though the other bounties ( aside the mods ). It's hard, long, complex, a MESS( check the subreddit for info ). And as the others.... it rewards you with standing... not little duck standing, the other one... like wtf, we have fishing, mining, trade bonds and bounties to raise that standing!!! give these new bounties the new standing !!!
  2. Jeancly

    Fortuna: The Profit-Taker - Update 24.2

    honestly i have some points to make: 1) profit taker boss battle is way too messy. The shields recharge way too fats, with a fully pimped archgun i can kill the 4 legs, remove a bit of health and the shield recharges, way too fast. 2)ONLY toroids to level up standing ?!!? comn ! toroids are needed to craft stuff, lervel up standing, as payment to get to the next standing level, they drop BADLY with a farming setup and they are uncommon from the bounties, and the new bounties give us NORMAL STANDING !?!? com'n, replace that normal standing with actual little duck standing. we got tons of way to get normal standing, 3) the last bounty ( the actual boss battle ) is totally useless once you get those 2 mods. it does not give more standing, it is the useless normal standing and not the little duck standing, the reward pool is the same as the other bounties. Easy fix ? remove those relics and the components and place staks of 6 toroids.
  3. I approve of the riven changes, a bit sad for my god rivens but it's fair... that insane dispo on sicarus was ludicrous, a bit said for marelok and soma, was hoping for a bit more of a buff to make them more usable.
  4. ADAPTATION IS NOT WORKING PROPERLY OK so, Adaptation after the " fix " to make it so that people are not invincible is bugged, I'm not sure how it works but after some testing with inaros in the simulacrum I've come to the conclusion that the mod work properly until it hits 90%, then at some point for a reason not identified, glitched icons of resistance starts appearing, at that point I'm really not sure what happens but I noticed a STEEP increase in damage with my inaros health plummeting. This is the visual glitch I'm talking about. ( Of course, I did the test with and without Adaptation, and it looks to me that while under the effect of the glitched icons my health goes down faster than without adaptation at all. ) EDIT: Ok so we did some more advanced testing in the simulacrum, I'm not sure anymore about my previous statement but we have numerical confirmation that ADAPTATION IS NOT WORKING AS INTENDED. We used the staticor as a test since it is pure radiation to see if the damage we would receive a 90% reduction with the mod ( it should be a flat 90% reduction as it is the only type of the weapon ). What we found out was that with my inaros with only health mods ( and base armor of 200 which is 40% reduction ) I received a flat damage of 85 health ( initial health 5610, final health 5525). WITH adaptation charged to 90% DR we received 29 health damage. ( 5610 initial health, final health 5581). As we can see the expected result should have been 8.5 health damage, but we got 29. This pretty much proves that adaptation is not working properly. EDIT 2: Done some more calculations, according to my calculations Damage reduction is not 90% but 65,86%. This unless when the mod is present it has some effects and it reduces armor. The calculation is as follow: let's calculate what the 29 damage without armor would be: 29 is 60% of the damage that passed, so (29/60)x100=48,3. This 48,3 is the damage I get AFTER THE DR but BEFORE the armor. We calculated before with the same method that the 85 I got is 60% of the damage from the staticor. (85/60)x100=141.6( this is the damage that a single shot of the staticor would deal with NO armor and NO DR). Since 141,6 is 100% of the damage from the staticor and 48,3 is the reduced damage we can calculate how much it has been reduced through DR. 48,3:x= 141.6:100 this gives us 34.13%. This is the actual damage that passed through DR. Meaning that 100%- 34,12% = 65,86% DR. This is the real Damage resistance we get from a fully charged Adaptation. ( again, unless by some strange interaction we loose armor ) did a topic for this as it is becoming a too long of a message
  5. Jeancly

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.6

    There is a issue with Adaptation and glitched resistance icons appearing, no clue if they do something, but i was in eso right now and i died with ym valkyr in an instand with 3300 armor. That's either a eso problem or a Mod problem, it may add damage instead of reducing it.
  6. ehm... sorry but... what's this ? XD it may be that english is not my main language but i've no clue what this is all about XD
  7. Jeancly

    Mask of the Revenant: Hotfix 23.8.1

    Not fixed the targeting issues of nezha 2 mmmm i have suggestions and stuff here if anyone is interested, also video incoming in a few hours to show the problem with the targeting
  8. Jeancly

    Coming Soon: Devstream #113!

    1) when will new umbra warframe be released? 2) can we expect a small non-cinematic quest for them? something like ordis saying " oh i've deciphered the Vitruvian a bit! go here and here " 3) Can we expect at least 4 before TAU? it would be quite bad to have all excal umbra teams.
  9. Jeancly

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    I'm really afraid about the melee changes: 1) While it is NICE to have the option on how to attack, most of us just find the best combo that suits us and keeps on spamming it, we won't stop comboing to use the heavy attack on a NOX or so. 2) While it is nice that combo grows faster the idea of using it for heavy attack and as such reduce the efficacy of blood rush is kinda of a deterrent itself against the use of the heavy attack, what I suggest here is a separate value to charge the heavy attack, maybe like the syndicate weapons effect; you use the light attack and the value goes up, then if you stop attacking the value slowly goes down, or if you use the heavy attack the value goes down. DO NOT make the heavy attack use the combo counter. 3) DO NOT nerf in any way or form the actual Blood rush and similar mods. We love them. 4) About the nerf in range mods it all depends on how it ends up, honestly remember that primed reach is 40k endo and 2 M credits to max. IMO the change to walls and environmental objects blocking the strike ( 100% agree on this change ) is more than enough to limit the crazy reach rush. No need to directly change how the actual range works. 5) if blocking is channeling, what will happen to the current bock combos ? will they count as channeling and consume energy ? will they remove the block combo ( OH GOD NO )? 6) Pls, as McGamer said, remember this is Warframe. You may even do a perfect combat system with dodge timed strike ecc ecc, like dark souls.... but would it fit here in Warframe ? We have hordes here, we want to sweep across the battlefield with huge swings killing everything, not really use elaborate combos, timed dodges and strikes. 7) ( edit ) Don't force heavy attacks. Like making them a necessity to increase the combo counter or something, INCENTIVISE on using them by giving a bonus or something.