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  1. it would 100% suck. and that's why eidolon night gating sucks xD
  2. that's again assuming you have friends and don't play with randos XD The whole system is unnecessary. For eidolon it's like that and wethever, just please DE don't make the same mistake, especially since it's not hardgated to be only fass vaults or so, if you are well organized and have all day free you can spam them pretty much all day, it's just people with irl stuff to do that gets the short end of the stick.
  3. because if you happen to get there at the wrong time you have to wait. And some of us work. having to wait there is annoying. And yes. like day night cicle it was GODDAMN ANNOYING with eidolons this is annoying too. Ok for fishes. ok for resources. But stuff like this that requires time is annoying. And in general bad for the game. All that only night eidolons has brought for the game is bad squadsand elitism in the matchmaking for eidolons. Where if you are low MR or with bad gear people just quit the squad and try again to find randomly a good squad. Because time is limited and people don't
  4. On another note, please DE, PLEASE, remove the thing where fass and vome resets vaults. They are already buggy enough without that mechanic, especially since: 1) there is no timer in nekralisk 2) the timer is often bugged when in the cambion 3) it seriously is annoying, and honestly ? it does not even slow us down. i mean during fass you can do 2 runs of the vaults easily, and during vome same. It's just annoying because if you want to start a 3 vault run and it's like vome in 20 then you have to wait. It's plain stupid and annoying. EDIT: also please add a bounty for all
  5. HYLDRIN ABILITY COST ! WTF ?!?!?!? Seriosuly who thought a x10 price in energy to shield was fair ? first of all pillage goes from 230 shields to 50 energy. so it stands reason that energy to shield should be the same ratio, almost 5:1. Instead we have a random x10 when the energy max:shield does not even compare !. - Chroma with a single mod for energy, primed flow has 850 energy. And with 45% EFF elemental ward is 77 energy. That's not even 1/10th of the total energy of chroma. -Hyldrin with a single shield mod, redirection has 3500 shield, and with 45% EFF elemental ward w
  6. OK, this is my BIG NECRAMECH REVIEW: The necramecs feel really good i have to say, i can fully see me investing a ton of forma to make this as fit as possible and play a lot with him in missions ( once we can ). A few complains though: BUGS: - the exp resetting thing, it's annoying - when using his 4 for some reason you also shoot with your archgun. it's annoying and wastes ammo. QOL: - please give us vacuum. seriously it's already bad for a wf with high mobility to have to find the energy etc. for a HUGE mech to manually have to go and fetch up that small small b
  7. I reached MR 7 in 1 week. MR 8 is not experienced players. MR 15 was more sensible. Why do i care ? because if people get access to this system too early we see this kind of stupid nerf.
  8. Can confirm, the same happens to me
  9. STILL NOT FIXED. i mean it's an easy fix
  10. No changes to steel essense drop chance. SERIOUSLY DE ?
  11. what i showed in the picture i posted, if you do " surface snapping " it is perpendicular to the surface in question
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