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  1. I'd randomly distribute all my platinum, then uninstall the game. No way in hell will I start playing this grindfest from ground zero, ever again.
  2. If I run it with a full squad, that's 9% of 46,000 (4,140 per run). I'll sit back and see how this pans out before I decide what/when to run.
  3. Except, defending the rails is hurting the rails instead of.. well.. defending them.
  4. From what I understand, it is irrelevant whether you choose to defend or attack a rail. Whatever the outcome, the damage is being applied to the defenders, and not the attackers. I've been monitoring this site for 2 days now: http://deathsnacks.com/wf/ Every single conflict on there had the defender rail health going down, but the attacking rails are all at 100% health. I assumed the site was broken, but it's not. The system is broken. Attackers simply need to deploy a rail, and any missions played for/against will always damage the defenders. Basically, a serious and a game breaking bug
  5. Has been a problem since U14 and a bunch of patches later, this extremely annoying (and game breaking) bug has yet to be fixed.
  6. PM me here if I'm not online in-game. IGN is actually 'iseeu2' (don't know why the forums haven't updated it yet). Offering 150 Plat for it.
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