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  1. Yeah i got this bug alot this weekend. I didnt use lockdown cuz people said that it might cause bugs and stuff but still had the same issue. One thing i did notice is that i got it more often when i ran solo and also when i destroyed 3/4 clouds to then do the objective and then come back to do the last one (waiting for kavat buff).
  2. Yeah haha guess i need to practice. Yeah i get that sometimes to, dont know why.
  3. Have the same issue. But i have a macro for the command unstuck for one of my buttons on the keyboard so it often fixes the problem. But yeah its not fun when it happens.
  4. I accually would like to remove the toggle from the ability. Often times i hold it a bit to long and keep running when i want to stop. So maybe make it a option in the in game menu or something to make every one happy?
  5. I have thought of this ever since they added the heavy attack key. It makes no sense that u can use the secondary fire on ur guns when u have ur melee out but not do a heavy attack when u have ur gun out.
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