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  1. Another unfortunate bug to add to the list of UI bugs caused by the Lich system. But that'd be pretty cool if a Lich could board your Orbiter out of nowhere and fight you there. Except to be a fair situation, it'd be on a very short timer and you don't actually need to defeat or be defeated by it, just survive long enough for the Man in The Wall to show up and banish them after having their fun watching you struggle with the help of your companions and Helminth.
  2. To add to this, I got the problem for every single Lich I encountered. The "requiem UI" disappears correctly at the first attempt but bugs when the second attempt happens weither you succeed or not. I got something that fixed it by sheer luck in my last mission, though. Someone else got a Lich and attempted to kill them, after my encounter. They failed and the UI fixed itself, showing my second mod and restoring the rest of the UI. Note that it happened when I was the host this time so it's not a client-only issue.
  3. Also, got my first Lich. I like him already. "You tore me to pieces Tenno. That wasn't very nice." "Death... It's overrated, really." "You know, as I watched you hack my limbs off, I thought to myself... "I really don't like this person.""
  4. We have it now. But you need to hold (not just press) the switch weapon button to activate the manual melee mode where you can block manually.
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