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  1. A little detail I really like is how at first the Mechs were said to probably going to be a problem to use on normal map because of the doors and may need to be regularly summoned. And what did DE eventually settle with? Have them able to pass the doors, but add a special FX to indicate their head just passed right through the top like it was nothing, Juggernaut ("B*TCH!")-style. I can't help but love this simple but effective addition to solve the problem and help show those things are heavy and ramming always works.
  2. The Operators can, and thankfully, the enemies don't require a lot of scans. Only the Orphix require about 20, but not only are they huge and stationary so easy to scan, but I don't know if it's on purpose or a bug, but you can scan each twice, the second time after they deploy the second wave of resonators.
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