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  1. when can we have the option to continue upgrading an incomplete upgraded arcane?
  2. limbo limina skin still bugged: the energy colors i use is purple for primary and black for secondary, but the sentient energy patterns of the skin's robes are green/blue, teal
  3. LIMBO LIMINA skin is bugged my primary and secondary energy colors for my limbo is purple and black respectively, but the sentient energy patterns are cyan teal color i wish i had a screen shot to show but I don't know how to post screenshots on the forums
  4. I also have to mention exodia contagion isn't working either, i check if my zaws equipped for exodia contagion none of them fires exodia contagion
  5. how to do melee block combo? kinda can't do melee block combos anymore, blocking is auto while melee is equipped, but cannot execute block melee combos, can someone explain this? edit: ok i reset my key bindings to default and block combos work again, but exodia contagion still doesn't work
  6. I wish it would only take 1000 hp dmg total to activate the bloodshed sigil
  7. Bloodshed sigil still doesn't work in missions edit: never mind it works but only if you went on a constant killing spree or taking damage all the time
  8. nooooo my tiberon riven 😭 no more perfect recoil Edit: oh wait.. I tested it out and the - recoil is still pretty much the same as it was before
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