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  1. That's exactly where mine fails too. 9.1mbs. Nothing I've tried has fixed it. I was playing fine before the update.
  2. But you're a Kubrow Tamer... What are you planning with those Kavats? *eyes suspiciously*
  3. Keep up the good work DE. Most of us here have faith. Don't over stress about the kids in here being rude and expectant.
  4. What? lol Dislike the team so much then quit Warframe.
  5. How much are Baro's Goods going to cost? Same prices as they were before? Better Lower Prices? Free?! More expensive than we can Imagine?
  6. So are the Projections just Engrams? Just give us Engrams for our keys that we "identify" into a Prime Part. Let us roll for parts with our keys.
  7. Please remove the constant replay of every goal. It really breaks gameplay for me
  8. So I got a crash that crashed me whole comp... Now The Evolution Engine wont even run when I click play on the launcher. The launcher just disappears... Am I the only one experiencing this? HELP?!
  9. Any Ideas on the Next Male Prime Frame? I'm a Prime collector so they are all I care about. Can't Wait for Saryn! :P
  10. Welp, the Power Menu Bug is back. I can't play Warframe now. Once again. I'm already holding back my disgust for Nezha Sortie, but now I can't even do the sorties. Come on DE. Y'all were on the path to greatness with Second Dream.
  11. I wish I could down-vote all you nay-sayers and cry babies. Be patient. Let DE work and quit stressing them the F*** out.
  12. So am I the only one that notices a new combo? We getting a new stance for dual blades? Can Kama Prime look good?!
  13. Everyone complaining about Mesa will miss the $#!T out of her when/if they nerf her. You'll be whining when you don't have her for those tough missions she can carry you in.
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