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  1. This is situational. Short answer: yes. Long answer: so long as you are on a specific node that your Kuva Lich is controlling, any thrall will count. If you are NOT on a Kuva Lich-Controlled node, then the thrall will simply give murmur and will not piss off your Lich. This is useful if you don't want to have RNG send your lich after you one too many times. There is a set number of thrall per mission (this number is usually 10). If this number is not reached, the node will remain under your Kuva Lich's power. Super-quick missions like Capture, Spy, and even Exterminate (if y
  2. Profit-Taker is a very difficult fight when doing it solo. Allow me to break down what you said... Preparation: Guns with many elements is crucial. Chroma, while he's QoL for damage, is not a true requirement. There are still other ways to deal significant damage to Profit-Taker. In reality, he's only there to make the shield phase very quick. In terms of damage to the legs and main body, Chroma is actually overkill. A decently modded Corvas or Velocitus makes quick work on the physical body, no matter what frame you use. Have you tried mods like (Primed) Sure Footed or Handspring to deal wit
  3. There's your problem. The Acceltra and Saryn are taking all the affinity. Even if they are maxed, they will still take the affinity. You'll need to either have someone else kill so that at least some of the 75% that doesn't go into Saryn will be granted to the melee, or use the melee itself. For example, assuming you have nothing but Saryn, the Acceltra, and the melee: If Saryn's Abilities kill the enemy, Saryn will receive 100% of the affinity. If the Acceltra kills the enemy, it's a 50-50 split. Your melee will be left out. If your melee kills, it's a 50-50 between the melee and
  4. Affinity is split in different ways. If the Warframe's Ability killed the enemy, ALL of the affinity is given to the Warframe. If the weapon dealt the killing blow, then 75% of the affinity goes to the killing weapon and 25% to the Warframe. In Multiplayer, if someone else got the kill, then the affinity is split with 25% going straight to the Warframe, and the remaining 75% being split between everything else. My guess is that your Spores and/or Miasma is dealing the final blow before your Acceltra could, resulting in Saryn hoarding all the affinity.
  5. It's community reputation. If someone reacts to one of your posts, you gain one reputation "point" so to speak. Say for example I "Liked" your post. That would then add one reputation to you.
  6. No, having multiple Liches will not increase the odds. Warframe first pulls from a flat rate, increased by the amount of times you die. Once a Lich has been queued, only then will the game randomly pick a Lich to spawn in.
  7. I just got the Kuva Drakgoon today, and I had an idea on what to name it. I go to Zuud with the platinum in hand. For some reason, the Kuva Drakgoon will not show up as an option to be renamed. At first, I thought it was because it wasn't leveled, so I did that. Still wouldn't appear. I was wondering if it was because I never added a Forma to it, but I ruled that out when I could rename my Kuva Brakk, which had no Forma in it. I've even tried rebooting Warframe, but it still won't register my Kuva Drakgoon's existence, alongside the Kuva Kohm, Quartakk, Tonkor, and Twin Stubbas. Zuud sa
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