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  1. It works now without crashes. Finally can enjoy deimos and mining again
  2. Thanks for the info. I set all setings to default. Deleted warframe and download it again. When i started warframe i notice that it download some data like it always did at the launcher. Before i did this it instant hit 100% without download (I read somewhere that this was the same for somebody). Maybe it was time after so many years and updates to delete it. No issue after that. Hope i dont write this to early and stay till they fix this. Wish i did this before i bought that mining stuff with plat.
  3. For me it was first the same Plains and Cetus: No issue (also not offten there at the moment, was mining) Orb Vallis: Same issue was there for mining and game crashes. Xbox went off. General freeroam, fishing or bounty works till i start mining (just tested it once ) Fortuna: No issue Necralisk: This startet with crashes no matter what as soon i land i had a few seconds till crashes. Everytime i try to talk to somebody audio get stuck at random point. The dialouge continue without audio till game crashes and xbox turn off (It was the dialouge like you had on your first vi
  4. Same issue for daughter and grandmother. Sure it will be same for son. Not in the mood to try it for son or others again. Sad day. Hope for a quick fix.
  5. Also xbox one x game chrash everytime i try to talk somebody for example otak he starts talking then audio stops playing and before he finish without audio xbox shutdown same for mother and father. Try daughter and son now but belive that the same happen
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