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  1. Making these changes was not the mistake, the mistake was not doing it every month since they released rivens.
  2. And this is why I never spent hundreds of plat on rivens. Glad to see this is being done, need to happens a lot more often though. And do you really need to nerf every sniper at the same time? Not that I think it'll change much, just feels bad.
  3. Is kuva survival staying at 200 per harvester? You said it was subject to change, but nothing's happened with it yet. Any kuva siphon mission type except survival is still better reward for less time.
  4. The affinity gained from this mode took a real hit when you fixed the scaling, raising the focus cap doesn't help much if we can't reach that far anyway. Although being able to get to later zones might help with that, so I won't say it needs increased until I've tried the next version.
  5. There is literally 10 pages of people asking you not to do this in the "Sanctuary Onslaught: Difficulty Changes!" thread and you just fire it through anyway? I guess what we think doesn't matter at all. I haven't tried it myself yet, so I won't be too harsh yet, but seems like you just killed a fun game mode. Gonna go test this and see how it feels, I'll be back.
  6. Still no changes to Kuva Fortress rewards, despite all the complaining. You know if I spend 40 minutes there with a booster I can roll my riven 3 times... not worth it at all
  7. Most groups are already doing 8 and out, why are you so against anything going for a long time? Really been enjoying this gamemode so far and really hope you're not going to ruin it. Please don't touch the efficiency drain, will make going public absolutely impossible, not all of us have friends who play this game to make coordinated teams with...
  8. What's the deal with zone 1 being full of drudge units and nothing else? Either it's a joke or a bug, not sure what one :P Host migration problem is still as bad as ever, and seems to happen even more often since the hotfixes. Spawns in week 2 are kinda bad compared to in week 1, more enemies please. Great job on the gamemode and rewards though, very fun and the radiant relics were an amazing idea.
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