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  1. Looking forward to the Monkey boi rework! It looks extremely fun, thanks for getting it to us so quickly.
  2. Plague Star just came back so this weapon is obtainable. Also it may be helpful for you to advertise the stats of the riven so people know what kind of offer to make you.
  3. Something with a good disposition like the Jaw Sword or Mire. Looking for something with a nice roll on it already, I dislike farming Kuva. I'll check this thread a couple times a day or you can always message me in game or via Xbox Live. Thanks
  4. You very well could be right. This was just my best guess as to why they are focused on syncing things up now. They have never seemed to be concerned with this in the past from my experience.
  5. In the last Devstream (or maybe the one before that) Steve said cross progression was on their radar. Maybe it has something to do all platforms being more in sync so that they can work on cross progression.
  6. I didn't read the 14 pages of comments before mine , I just wanted to leave my thoughts though. Why on earth would I ever lower my health to help someone whom I never met nor played game with? There is zero benefit to me to revive some random player. This feature will never be used. *Disclaimer: I would probably use it as I mostly play Inaros but, I bet $10 that in off chance I go down.... and that would be the last time I go out of my way.
  7. Switch Tenno should rejoice! I know this undercover Nintenno is.
  8. I just wanted to voice how poorly I feel you handled this Prime Unvault on the Nintendo Switch. First lets start with the opening and closing dates for this Prime Unvaulting. The Vault opened on November 13, 2018. The Switch version of the game did not release until November 20, 2018. This means that Switch players will have had 1 less week to farm the relics for these Primes. On January 15th this Unvaulting will close on the Switch. Other Platforms have until the 29th of January. Shouldn't this be the other way around? Essentially Switch players are being given 3 less weeks to farm these relics than people on other platforms. To make matters worse, other platforms were given not just one but two places that these relics could be farmed specifically. On other platforms these relics are offered in not only the Plains of Eidolon bounties but, also the Fortuna bounties. On Switch these relics are not offered in the Plains of Eidolon bounties and Fortuna does not yet exist. This makes acquiring these relics and subsequently the Prime parts within them infinitly easier on other platforms. I play on both platforms, so I know first hand what the in game experience has been like to farm these Primes and I assure you that Switch players got the short end of the stick when it came to this Unvaulting. @[DE]Helen
  9. Thanks for this amazing game! I wish every member of the DE staff Happy Holidays! See you in 2019!
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