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  1. Tell me this - have the quality of the game changed becouse of letting go some 1 random guy that was doing volunteer work? Reviews are supposed to help to judge the quality of the game. Review bombing serves only as an anger venting machine and is usually an immature way of dealing with any situation. Up to this point your posts were sound and reasonable. But trying to defend petty reviewbombing...sorry but you lost me here m8.
  2. When I was starting out, about 2.5 years ago the starter frame choice was so confusing to me. The descriptions of the frames were so vague that I had to look up to yt to really understand what frame I am really choosing. So why not keep it simple? Lets make starter frames based on something that everybody knows and understands - elements: Ember - fire damage, dps frame Frost - cold damage, defensive frame Volt - electric damage, support frame(cc, speed) I know theres more to the game and frames, but i think when you are starting out you need to keep things as simple as possible.
  3. maybe ppl dont use it because its a founders exclusive and only few do actually have it...that might be it, just maybe...eventually. also i think there are alternatives even amongst less popular ones. Whoosh
  4. The point of Overextended is not only range for your strangledome but also for your whip. Your build sacrifices range and duration for more strenght. Imho strenght is least important stat for Khora. But if it fits your playstyle then fair enough. For the OP, if you dont want to go for Umbral build I would propose: Aura forma: Corrosive projection Exilus: Vigilante Pursuit Overextended, Stretch, Primed Flow, Primed Continuity, Pilfering Strangledome, Streamline, Vitality, Transient Fortitude. If you would be interested in investing in Umbral build I would go for: Aura Forma: Corrosive Projection Exilus: Vigilante Pursuit Overextended, Stretch, Primed Flow, Primed Continuity, Pilfering Strangledome, Streamline, Umbral Vitality, Umbral Intensify. If you want to go full umbral then: exchange Corrosive projection with Steel Charge, skip exilus mod and exchange Streamline with Umbral Steel Fiber. All in all I think Khora is in great state and can do everything: cc, defence, healing, dps. Mind you that there are frames that are better in one specific thing, but that versality of Khora is what makes her great for me.
  5. My sarcastic jaded mind wouldn't allow me to construct such a sensible response. So all I can say-what the guy above me said.
  6. And I thought that this topic would be about sharing war stories, ptsd and showing pictures of combat scars. But you have opened my eyes to the true pain and suffering of warframe vet: having everything that there is to farm, sneezing and killing everything in sight...the boredom that must be eating you from inside. The love is gone and now you stare in the face of reality. My deepest condolonces to you and all your fellow vet comrades. Sometimes life is just not fair.
  7. HydroidTube please tell me thats a thing?! Pirates, water, adventure and tentacles! Wait...you mean...ohhh...nevermind...bookmarked for future examination. Carry on lads.
  8. I think we all want moar damage. Raise your hand who wants to deal less? 😀 Question is do we want upfront damage or damage with more ramp up. This is also a matter of playstyle(do you play mostly melee or also mix it up with pew pew) and content that we are playing. On right weapon riven that opens up 3 mods slots gives us many options to build the weapon. All I can say to OP-you have a great riven and you were given ideas how to further mod your kripath. Now its your time to experiment what suits you best and most importantly have fun.
  9. I agree with you that for most of the content pure crit slide is more then enough to melt everything on our way. I dont think OP is planning fighting + lvls 200 but if he were then I would advise to make use of disgusting damage multipliers from condition overload. And maybe thats my bias speaking but I dislike with passion meme striking so blood rush+condition overload is my obvious route. Imho if weapon is crit and status viable and deals also slash damage then viral is prefered choice. But if weapon is purely status(even slash based) then corrosive usually is better choice. For status pure elemental weapons I usually end up with corrosive+blast or gas+cold combo. Simply cause blast and gas double proc for condition overload. But viral+radiation has also its uses. Especialy on a weapon like Dark Split-Sword that is crit viable, has forced slash procs and deals radiation damage. Concerning forced slash procs carving mantis for dual swords and cyclone kraken are worth mentioning. With those status chance around 30% is enough and can be used with condition overload for disgusting damage. But once again if we are talking very high lvls then at some point crit and viral are just not enough and corrosive takes over. Unless you are running full team of 4xCP but not all have a luxury of finding a team of 4 players wanting to go that far. And in PUBs...20min is the endgame! Thank you for this insightful conversation. I stopped using maiming strike ages ago so maybe my calculations for pure crit build were off. I wish you a nice day
  10. I have to sligthly disagree with you here. What you are proposing here is pure slide crit build. What I have previosuly proposed is hybrid build using maiming strike and condition overload. Sure maiming is on its own a monster, bur OP asked for best build and for that you cant disregard status and corrosive. primed fever strike vs virulent scurge - if you are going pure crit go for 165% toxin+90% electricity, but if you are going for condition overload then I would lean to 2x 60/60 mods. If you are going hybrid melee build then the point of the riven is to free the mod slots-minimum 2, 3 is the dream. Luckily OP has a very good riven that lets him to free up 3 mod slots. I think you overvalue stacking damage mods in melee. And you can only afford that in pure crit builds. One thing that you have pointed out and somehow I missed it(for that I'm sorry)-original build has no attack speed mod. Attack speed is crucial here and lets you build up that combo counter much faster. And I agree that range on rivens is usually lackluster and I always prefer any other useful stat. But those are rivens with random stats, we cant pick and choose what we get. Either way the riven is very good, so theres really no reason to complain. At this point I'm just nitpicking. Becouse of that I would propose replacing all 3 mods: primed pressure point, primed reach, maiming strike and replace them with voltaic strike(for corrosive), organ shatter and berserker.
  11. Its just rude and ucalled for. Who would do such a
  12. Neg puncture might be one of the best negatives that you can get for kripath. You are right kripath is puncture based and puncture as status effect sucks. With this riven the weapon becomes slash based. You still want at least 1 puncture procs for Condition Overload. Think of this that way: you lose some overall damage but with much frequent slash procs you will overall kill faster. Also you increase chances of elemental procs which are much more powerful then puncture. Concerning the build, take out two of these three mods: primed pressure point, primed reach, maiming strike and replace them with voltaic strike(for corrosive) and organ shatter. Imho I would take out ppp and ms and leave primed reach. Especialy if you are planning sliding with kripath. Can't really go wrong with more range and you already have all the damage in the world.
  13. Don't you hate when someone starts the conversation and doesnt finish the se
  14. Its hard to find value, healing or cc when you dont use abbilties. This encourages laziness or even afk situations. But I'm not on any quest against this frame, its just Inaros somehow became meta for arbitrations. All im trying to say-even if you dont want to die....there are still other options that you might want to consider. Why not try something new? He really doesnt have to be the go to frame for this mode. And with changes to instant death i think its ok to maybe even take a risk and pick a squishier frame. Who knows maybe you will have a time of your life? Playing sonar/silence Banshee still gives me this rush of adrenaline like almost no other frame.But thats just me. We all have our preferences. But if you really like Inaros then more power to you. Good luck in farming, killing or whatever you are doing.
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