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  1. Bump yet again. K-drive Jet's do not inherit color customization for more than one open world mission before reverting.
  2. I disagree, and I'm glad people that are much better at communicating than I have spoken up about this. I don't enjoy the competition or am even in a position to compete in the first place, but I need to again point out that this "One bad egg, time to toss out the years entire harvest, and cancel all future harvests" mentality could be applied to the bad apples that absolutely destroy the squad play at early and late MR levels. As an example, I and a few others would honestly benefit from squad play being removed from the game entirely, but I wouldn't dare suggest it's a good idea, or an ethos to follow like Gabbynaru's post, especially when I can just CHOOSE to play Solo, just as many can CHOOSE not to compete. If the idea here is that creating a breeding ground for a competitive attitude is a bad thing (simultaneously saying that a competitive attitude itself is a bad thing) then I hate to break it to anyone, but the Internet is a breeding ground for all sorts of negative attitudes, and it'll need to go in the trashcan too. We can't set that kind of precedent. And now here I am, worked up over nothing, eating a bag of snap-peas out of frustration. I'd like to thank DE for meting out justice in this particular case and for making even the slightest movement to protect the integrity of a leader-board event.
  3. Ran the Galatea Neo Fissure Capture on Neptune at 5:40PM MST (10 minutes before this post is posted) and all four of us cracked open our relics. Right before the relic reward selection screen came up, we heard the ticking sound that plays when the timer goes (5...4...3...2...1) and then the screen popped up with the usual timer and the selection screen. After all four of us selected our rewards and the count-down finished, we were left with this screen, The mission kept going, no enemies spawned, but we were just left wandering around with no UI and a light tint on our screens matching each of our UI Customizations. I have no idea how to reproduce it, as other Fissure runs didn't create this. If it helps, three of us were waiting on the extraction pad for nearly the full timer before our late-joiner could get there, but the extraction was triggered by our fourth stepping into the extraction zone. Thanks for all your hard work DE!
  4. Hmm. Buff00n, long time viewer & listener here. Think you could try your hand at a mandy loop of the main portion of Jasper Kyd's Corruption Melody? If not, that's fine. I've tried it myself and failed miserably, but perhaps you can weave some magic! I think you'll understand the portion I mean just from listening. There are many variations, but a good sample starts at 1:20 here: PS, your work is incredible, and I really think your channel functions as this beautiful archive of one person pulling out the core of each piece of music, and your efforts are awesome.
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