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  1. Value is fixed as @Hierarch777 pointed out Max Shields (with overshields) I am able to get with Hildryn is 4755, and Max Shields (with overshields) for Harrow is 4110. I thought it was 4500 for Harrow, but I was wrong, guess we will have to wait for Hildryn Prime before we break 5k Shields.
  2. As a max strength Wisp user, I approve of this ridiculously strong over powered build.
  3. Both frames I only broken I think 4500 for Harrow and 4700 for Hildryn.
  4. I want Harrow Prime, more shields, we need to break at least 5k shields now that Inaros Prime broke 10k Health without even trying.
  5. I tried out this Build for the Bonewidow Mech, and I am Loving it. Thank you @Xaero for the Build guide.
  6. My blood altar Nekros would disagree with you on that. I am able to cancel it when I Want too...
  7. We need the Necramechs to be able to use Archwing Melee Weapons, before they go giving us a 3rd mech, let alone a 4th or 5th mech. they need to keep what they said when it comes to the Necramechs being able to use the Archwing Arsenal of Weapons.
  8. Looks like you ran in to the bug, I did with my wisp, I had 35k health... I reported it in the bug forums so there is a screenshot of it somewhere.
  9. Here the spoiler, they are jettisoned out the airlock.
  10. I am having this Issue, Claimed it yesterday, I have yet to get it today.
  11. I claimed it yesterday, I Know my account is linked to twitch, I have yet to get it also.
  12. Edited the info I gave, and here is a link to where I got my info
  13. with Hundreds of Millions Billions of Stars, the Milky Way Galaxy will not be running out of Stars any time soon... if the Tech that was powerful than he would be seeing Stars going Supernova all the time.
  14. "Ordis has been counting stars, Operator. All accounted for." Question is how would Ordis know that all the Stars are counted for? since we were asleep and he was nothing short of a ship wreak before we fix him up. How long were we asleep and would Ordis take this into count when he counts the Stars? Or if all Stars are counted for, did us Tenno not sleep at all, and this is all like the Matrix and the Tenno are yet to wake up? Fun Fact: On average, a supernova will occur about once every 50 years in a galaxy the size of the Milky Way.
  15. Your comparing a stealth frame (Loki) to a DPS nuke frame (Saryn) Yes Loki needs some love to his frame, but comparing bananas to pineapples is not the way to go, they are made for two different roles.
  16. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: Was Playing with a Friend, doing the iso vaults, we were on the 2nd vault, Vome just went away as we started the 2nd vault, he got Disconnected, I became the host, and than when I went over my wisp buff, I saw my Health was really low, than when I saw it go over 3k, I knew something was wrong, waited for it to hit full, took the screen shot. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: no idea how to reproduce it. EXPECTED RESULT: my health should of been just shy of 2k OBSERVED RESULT: my health was over 15k. REPRODUCTION RATE: First time this has ever h
  17. I am calling BS on this, I been in nothing but pub games, and each and every one people were always repairing, after you get your butt (aka @**) handed to you in your first Archwing mission, you will learn really fast to repair the ship as Cy calls them out. Out of 50 games so far only the first one did we fail, and that was the very first day, when we were still learning.
  18. Never had this issue even with 20-30 people around her. it would not solve the issue of people still going to her, even if you moved her up the top floor or the far back of her station.
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