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  1. Toko

    Hotfix 9.3

    Great update and I am enjoying the new interface and UI changes. The above happend to me once which was annoying but good to see it fixed now. Now I am going to try out the new event before its too late.
  2. The Lotus will be watching.
  3. Toko

    Hotfix 9.2.0

    These are all good changes. The Vampire mode tweak is good because now you can at least finish a level if you can avoid damage. I like that we can now admire Captain Vor more because whats the point putting all that effort into the new animations for a boss if players are killing him too fast.
  4. Toko

    Hotfix 9.1.5

    I need my hot-fix.
  5. Toko

    Thank You For Watching Livestream #10!

    Currently watching the recording on Twitch but It seems pretty good so far and also thanks for the 75 Platinum and Forma Blueprint #SaveSheldon.
  6. Toko

    Hotfix 9.1.4

    Now everyone can bathe in Lotus sweet voice.
  7. Toko

    Hotfix 9.1.2

    Thats good I did one of them before the hotfix and I didn't last very long, I had to fail the mission.
  8. Toko

    Livestream #10: July 17Th @ 2 Pm Edt

    I have questions: 1) Is lore giving universally or will it require actually finding it or aquiring it? For example you only get a lore about a boss after beating it. 2) I feel market prices are still a bit too as my thread here shows: I feel they should be cut by at least 25% or more. Are prices still being worked or are they final? 3) Will you eventually add more functionality to the Warframe Nexus and your website? For example add a inventory and profile viewer on both. Make clan and friend chat available on Warframe Nexus. 4) Will the "Nightmare" levels ever be customisable? In a similar way Halo uses skulls to mess with the core gameplay, I feel you should do something similiar. 5) Can you add a auto match system? Make it filterable by levels, resources, mission type etc. Thanks for reading.
  9. Toko

    Hotfix 9.1.1

    All the above is welcomed.
  10. Toko

    Update 9: Vor's Revenge

    Just a heads up I have updated my thread here: with all the new items. I will do more with it later on.
  11. Toko

    Update 9: Vor's Revenge

    I am just wondering what does this entail?
  12. Toko

    Update 9: Vor's Revenge

    I am looking forward to trying out the new things and I like how the patch notes are getting more presentable as the months go by.
  13. Toko

    Spy Drone Community Event: Leaderboards

    I didn't do this event but are the drones still about for fun like the Moa ones?
  14. Toko

    70,000 Facebook Fans, Thanks!

    100,000 likes = Temporary Affinity and Credit Boost?
  15. Toko

    Artifact Defense Event Weekend!

    I don't know if I will have time to try it out but it sounds like It might be fun and its good that another event is out there.