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  1. I don't think a jarring model like that is intentional, its probably all loading the same broken model
  2. The head of the Arlo isn't centered on the body it looks like he doesn't have a neck. I guess he really did die :^)
  3. I really love how they won't change more than one blip in an update but they continue to nerf the same riven over and over
  4. I'm surprised it hasn't been mentioned, but I think the phantasma is a really strong shotgun. Not as powerful as tigris but you don't have to constantly reload making it better for clearing stuff.
  5. I think the main stream that will be streaming the main panel will be running all tennocon and will also show off the other panels like cosplay stuff and such and that would count as the 30 minutes needed. (don't quote me on that though)
  6. I really wish they reverted the change with the enemy marker for the eidolons because the marker would be right under where the wisps spawned.
  7. Since you only have 1 million focus I would say get the 2 passives for melee (Affinity spike and Power spike) and max them. Then I would unlock Mind step and Mind sprint and dump all the extra focus in mind sprint. I think you'll find operator dash with max Mind sprint a real nice way to get around the maps.
  8. Random colors is so not viable as it does not take random colors from all colors you own but only a random set of colors from one set you own. This is really annoying for people who aren't color coordinated and like to hit random until it looks pretty
  9. I love how things won't change more than one pip at a time; but I know in the next 3 updates all the rivens I wasted plat and time on are going to be sh*t because DE likes to just nerf things into oblivion
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