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  1. Had this bug twice today during the Sortie (Defeat Phorid's Forces), mission 1 (Titan, Saturn). First time it happened after destroying the reactor, one person (host?) got through, the rest of the group (including myself) was stuck. Enemies could pass through the door as if it was open. Shooting through the door also killed enemies on the other side. Only the player who got through could extract, everybody else had to abort. Second time I was hosting, two players got stuck right at the start. Because another player and myself got through we could at least finish the mission for everyone. Analyze Network says "All systems nominal. No UPnp or NAT-PMP detected".
  2. Tiberon/Stradavar (Prime) - switch firing modes Arca Plasmor - radiation based plasma shotgun (status chance is not spread out between pellets, so status <100% is ok) Corinth - secondary fire airburst grenade Tenora - full auto primary, secondary single shot that consumes 10 ammo Syndicate Weapons all have a proc
  3. The mission for the dex excalibur skin is bugged. Had it end in a failure twice now, once solo and once in a random group. Solo: NPC got stuck in a corner in the starter room, disappeared, and a few seconds later - mission over Group: normal gameplay, npc near full health, 4 or 5 waves left - mission over.
  4. BUG: Rare mods picked up in archwing don't count for the weekly
  5. OK, floof tracks are back. No idea what happened there.
  6. Since this patch (or maybe the last one? can't remember if i checked then) floof tracks no longer appear for me. None at all. Even the circles marking the target areas are missing.
  7. I just noticed a number of enemy abilities now hit through operator void mode. It seems that this affects all (or most) enemy AoE abilities. There also seems to be something wrong with the amount of damage that hits the operator through void mode - my operator has >1000 health, but gets one-shotted frequently even in void mode (a single corpus mine or grineer rocket going off nearby is enough).
  8. DE, unfortunately this update killed the ventkids for me. I was finishing up the rep grind for the last promotion (Primo->Logical) when redtext appeared. Foolishly I decided to finish up, grab the promotion and then download the patch. When I got the promotion I had to pick a mod. Except the game wouldn't let me pick a mod, because I did not have the latest version of the client. So I tried to hit Escape to abort the promotion/mod selection, but the game didn't let me do so. It said I had to pick a mod. Execpt the game wouldn't let me pick a mod. So I tried to hit ESC. But the game wouldn't let me hit ESC, because I hadn't picked a mod. But the game wouldn't let me pick a mod.... (repeat ad nauseam) To get out of this vicious circle I hit ALT-F4. I downloaded the patch. I logged back in. I went to Fortuna to check on my standing, and hopefully grab the mod I should have gotten. And this is where I can no longer access the ventkids - as soon as I activate the vent I get a crash (black sceen, game closes, error reporting pops up).
  9. Yay missed the stream because I didn't pay attention to the date in the timezone converter.
  10. I meant both. What would happen if I had (for example) 50 Slots, but they are filled? You answered that question (I didn't know you could actually go over the cap). But what happens if you have the maximum number of slots? Does the database actually allow for more than 90 rivens? What if I am a hoarder with 90 rivens, get 3 more, and the next time the reward comes around I am still at 93 rivens (and so on...)? And if (in that scenario) it was possible to go to 100 rivens (or even 150 with enough patience), why can't we buy those slots?
  11. Would you consider compressing the timeline? I feel that almost 3 years of logins for the "final" unique reward is really a lot. Maybe add a "bronze veteran", "silver veteran" and "gold veteran" badge/status that can be displayed ingame in in the forums for everybody who is already above the new max. But reduce the timeline down to something like 700 days (that's still 2 years playing with a one week vacation per year). Some thoughts on Evergreen Choices A: I don't know how useful 4 weapon slots are going to be for somebody already playing for more than 3 years. Forma are somewhat in the "always useful" category, however the veteran players I know all have 50+ Forma banked, which pushes 3x Forma into the "consolation prize" category. 3x Exilus Adapters might be useful, on the other hand new warframes are released a lot slower than that. Evergreen Choices B: this seems to be the "always useful, even if you have tons of it" category. Evergreen Choices C - sounds good on paper, maybe not so good in reality. Again, we are talking about players who have been playing for 3+ years. So they probably have all the rivens they can use. OK, they can just sell them for plat. But what about riven slots - what if you don't pay attention before you reach the Milestone and you don't have enough open slots? Do you loose your login reward? Do you get additional slots? What if you are at the cap for riven slots?
  12. When the last enemy of a defense wave is one of revenant's thralls the game doesn't progress, even after you kill that thrall. How to reproduce: Start defense (happened on Hydron, but I suspect any defense works) Play normally until wave 5 (or 10,15,20...) Enthrall a couple of enemies Kill everything else Kill your thralls THE END??? ps: in my case that last thrall was a Nox, in case that makes a difference...
  13. Well, there you have it. I used my constantly regenerating Oberon instead, not as easy as Octavia, but workable. Khora might be another option, her 2 can chain a LOT of things you woudn't think possible (though I have not used her for the Sacrifice, so this is just a theory). Plus Venari might work as a distraction. Nidus or Rhino might also be good options (casting iron skin just before Umbra first hits you should send your armor through the roof). Wukong or Valkyr or Nyx might also be good frames for those missions. What I don't understand is how not being able to use Octavia in the Sacrifice is not fixed after 5 hotfixes. In fact this doesn't seem to be on the list of "known bugs". Whenever I see someone who "cannot finish the Sacrifice" my first question is "Are you using Octavia?". So far the answer has been "YES" in 10/10 cases...
  14. Are you using Octavia for the mission by any chance? Because she broke the Sacrifice for me (and serveral other people). As soon as I switched to another frame I could finish the quest.
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