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  1. yeah it happened to me today also. thought it was just me
  2. eh, i don't think MR really means experience, that's just me. either it means someone's just been ONLY grinding for MR or they've been playing for a really long time. i don't actively grind for more weapons and frames but i do like the occasional MR tests but yeah
  3. this was just an example. there are only a few ways to level up efficiently: SO, grineer defense or dark sector. i sit there with my lvl 0 nyx while an ability spammer carries me. i mean, what are my options when I choose to play solo? spy's fun, but it's not really good enough if you trigger alarms, which is likely if you have a rank 0 frame
  4. [mastery rank 15 rn btw. please hear me out at the very least] Yooo lets goo i just got Volt p, Rhino p, and Ivara! Wait... oh. gotta sit in a boring defense mission for 30-120mins straight to level up each. what's that? gotta forma 2 times or more? even better! You get the point, right? I'm all hyped when i just finished building a warframe or weapon, but later realize that I actually have to work even more to make the item better after already having to grind for its parts. Warframe's a looter shooter grinding collection game. you don't need to get more warframes, weapons, and mods to progress thru the star chart, they just make it more dynamic and fun. But that's the only real dynamic to warframe. There's no dynamic to leveling warframes/weapons up, as the example said above. I like the grind, repeating missions and stuff. Ask yourself, what is there to look forward to in a mission? The reward of the mission and the end of the mission. Is this what DE really wants? No fun during the mission whatsoever, just fun in anticipating the random reward? I watch a lot of devstreams, too. All I see DE doing is adding more content and new things to the game instead of listening to people and fixing things. If they keep this up, the new content will completely overwhelm the basic content and change the whole game. Eidolon Hunting: When I first did an eidolon hunt, i was amazed by the diversity of the boss and how fun and thrilling it was. After a while, i became surprised how people could defeat tridolon in 10mins. i shouldn't have been surprised, because people just want to do things as fast and efficiently as possible. why? because doin g the mission over and over again gets too bland and you start to just want the reward, not the gameplay. I don't want to spam abilities and and bore myself to death. Give me a twist. i dont know, like maybe randomly, instead of a wave of enemies in defense, it can be just one tanky boss so dps frames can do something. kinda like that corrupted vor in the Void. it'll be like killing an easier stalker, grustrag 3 or zanuka. that's why Disruption's actually kinda fun. you don't kill mass enemies, you kill 1 tanky enemy. There's even more dynamic to it: if you don't kill it fast enough, there are consequences. I haven't talked about the community yet, though. The community is absolutely amazing. The quests/storyline is amazing. the diverse warframes and abilities that are designed for specific things like stealth and survivability are amazing. the movement is so fluid and amazing. the open world part of this game is amazing, you roam around collecting resources and killing enemies with free will and no objective. And we get interactive characters and modular items which are also amazing. I just want to go over the flaws that stand out to me, and that I try to avoid it but it's really hard to do because it's they're essential and a main part of the game. I'm honestly glad that they're changing the tutorial(as people say) and making the Codex more useful instead of just looking things up on the Warframe Wiki. I'm too dependent on the wiki, otherwise I'd be lost. I know a lot of people do this, they just rant on and on about the flaws of the game and no one cares. I'm not asking for for a complete rework of the game (maybe i am idk), just a game i can play over and over without getting bored. It's hard for me to make a complete statement on why I play Warframe and what's so fun about it. After all, this is my opinion. So, what's fun for you in warframe?
  5. update, i fell through the floor again, this time from the other side of the door from inside Fortuna. i started a bounty and slide to the door and fall to my death...? the bounty started before i went through the door, which means i could open my my gear wheel while falling to my death. that's weird. i click revive and warframe crashes lol
  6. (spoilers regarding second dream and up) K, so i was waiting for one more person to extract after finishing a bounty and got a little too bored(i do this all the time when extracting in PoE and OV). Since you can't use abilities when waiting in the extraction door, including operator, you can go into operator mode before you go into the door and play around with your abilities. i happen to be low hp for some reason. then i shoot myself with the shraksun scaffold on my amp and kill myself JUST when the last person arrives to extract. so since my Ivara was standing outside the door, i teleported there and fall under the map while extraction occurs. couldn't do anything, not even open the menu. but as you can tell on the right, i could see that someone has left the squad. then I got multiplayer connection lost screen. so... yeah. i got my rewards from the bounty and resources/mods founds and all, but what's even weirder is that the mission summary showed me the mission summary of the PREVIOUS game. yikes. interesting tho. maybe someone can recreate this.
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