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  1. I don’t believe anyone, even new players, are automatically entitled to the best position. Getting the best price for something takes effort. No individual player can control the collective market value of an item, but everyone can certainly control what they are willing to pay. The value of virtual items is merely opinion that fluctuates with supply and demand. Simply asking for more than the market value of something, or even a group of people working together to increase the market value of a rare item, doesn’t constitute as a dupe/cheat in my opinion. A simple internet search is all it takes to get an idea of current market values. Even a new player can do that much. I don’t have sympathy for those that feel cheated because they made the choice to buy something without bothering to look it up, even if they are new. Feeling cheated and being cheated are very different things, and feeling cheated is a personal problem. However, that is my opinion on the issue, and I will leave it at that.
  2. Sorry, but I think feelings of being cheated is a personal problem, rather then an issue with trade. Feeling cheated, in this case, means there is a disconnect between what you believe something is worth, and what you actually paid. Whether or not you sell/buy something at market value is completely up to you. Whether or not something is a good value is a decision you must make for yourself. If I can’t get the price I want for something, I won’t sell it. If I can’t buy for the price I want, I don’t buy it. If an item is selling for more plat than I think my time is worth, I will grind it out and obtain the item myself. Even if a group was able to corner the market for a specific item, they won’t be able to sell it for more than what people are willing to pay. For example, I don’t consider Legendary Fusion Cores a good value at the current price. Like every item on the market in this game, they aren’t a necessity. So, I don’t buy them. But if someone else did, then had buyer’s remorse, that is all on them. I don’t ever feel cheated because I don’t pay more than what I think something is worth. Right… So, this is a free to play game. The entire business model is built around obtaining new customers and creating a desire to spend money. Mastery Rank, planet locks, Foundry timers, blueprint resources, and standing limits are all artificial barriers created by DE that they charge money to bypass. New customers spend money on things that save time or are hard to obtain unless you are experienced. End game customers are enticed to buy status and vanity items. So yes, making money on new customers is literally the whole point and the game is heavily skewed that way. $20 for a starter pack and $140 for prime access. That 2K Riven mod for sale in the market does nothing but feed the system that generates income for DE. I am not saying this is a bad thing, since it is what allows the game to be free. But DE is more than happy to sell a $140 prime access package to you every time a new prime comes out. I think it is fair to say, higher market prices just create more demand and more opportunity for DE to generate income. The system works as intended, and I am fine with it as it is. However, if you want DE to consider a change, then you would have more luck if it benefited both the players and DE.
  3. As I see it, the current trade system is working as intended. If I choose to trade, I may pay high if I want something immediately. If I want a deal, I will hang around and wait for it. And if I need “cash” quickly I might sell something cheap to come up with funds. Because of these things, there is also room for players to flip items to fund their game. Truth is, some people have more time than cash, while others have more cash than time. And some people are simply frugal and like high end items for the game, without having to spend a lot of real money. Nobody is forced to play this game, buy items, sell items, or participate in the economy at all. If I sell low, and someone else takes that same item and makes a killing off of it, good for them. I chose not to spend the time to find the highest buyer. The system allows more frugal or less fortunate individuals to exchange time for plat. Whether that is grinding or working to flip items, the currency is time. And this makes plat items accessible to a wider player base than simply selling everything for a set amount of real currency. And while some people use the market to generate plat, others will be enticed to buy plat to obtain items that they don’t want to grind for, which helps fund the game. I know perfectly well that if I want to move something instantly, selling it below market value is the way to do it. And if someone else buys that item, and takes the time to find someone willing to pay a premium, why would that upset me? And if I want to buy something without waiting, putting out or accepting an offer above market value is the way to do it. I don’t feel bad about people’s laziness. People that don’t research, want instant gratification, or don’t know how to haggle is not my concern. I am willing to accept the consequences of instant gratification, but sadly others blame the system rather than accept responsibility.
  4. Well, you see the current trading system and alts as issues. I see them as a non-issues. I, and obviously many others, don’t agree with your “solution”. Your solution is more inconvenient to me than your perceived issues. I am not emotionally invested in the items that I buy/sell or the people that buy/sell them. It is a game and the items sold are not necessities in life. I have played since 2013 and I have met my fair share of various types of players. The difference is that people and situations you fret about as being “poison” or “toxic”, I simply disregard because I don’t allow them to impact my fun or spill over into real life. The people and situations in this game are just that, a game. I would like to believe that the majority of players don’t consider any part of this game as a “mire”. If I need fresh air, I go outside. If I had issues with poison or toxicity, I wouldn’t be here. Quite frankly, if I didn’t thoroughly enjoy the game, I wouldn’t play it. Simple as that. I have supported DE through a reasonable number of purchases over the years. I haven’t spent a ton of money, but it is certainly more than I have paid for other games I have purchased outright. That is where my “part” ends. It isn’t my job to “help”, especially in areas that I don’t even consider a problem.
  5. Talk about a solution that is much worse than the supposed “problem”. No, thank you. I only use one account and think this idea is terrible. I couldn’t care less if someone has multiple accounts. It is a trivial issue. It in no way keeps me from enjoying the game. I like being able to resell items for plat as well. And love or hate it, DE chose to go with an open player-based economy, and everything that entails. If it wasn’t what they wanted, they would simply put everything on the market with a set price tag and be done with it. As for the ethical debate and toxicity… lol You need to get some perspective. It’s not like we are talking about reselling food/water rations to the starving or the cure to cancer with a price tag only the elite few can afford. If DE closed the door on Warframe tomorrow, these items would vanish. Poof! This is a market for virtual items. These things are so far from a necessity that it isn’t even funny. So, what if someone pays more than market value for a virtual toy? The ONLY value these luxury items have is in what people are WILLING to pay. And DE charges up to $140 for a mere handful of their virtual toys. Ethos? Toxicity? RL? This is a game. It is meant to be entertainment.
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