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  1. i only got back into the game during the final days of Season 2, and then it went into this intermission, last time i signed in before season 2 was actually before the whole nightwave system was implemented.
  2. This is So untrue its actually quite painful to even read, Consoles do not hold PC games back, the only thing that hold PC gaming back are developers themselves. there are alot of games out there that have features and amazing graphics only for PC while Consoles dont have it because they wouldnt be able to run it, and thats because the developers dont Copy n Paste their work from console to PC. they instead dedicate time and resources to making the PC the Best it can be, if your PC version of the Game isnt as great as you think it can be or its just the same as the console, you need to point the finger at the Game Developers for being Lazy instead of ignorantly Blaming Consoles and its Player base. because if what you said was true, Battlefield games Pre-Current Gen wouldnt would never have had 64 player servers because the old gen consoles wouldnt be able to handle them, its up to the develoeper, the ones who make the games to be the ones who put love and care into making the PC version stand out from consoles. if it doesnt its not the consoles fault.
  3. as someone who hasnt gotten to Rank 30 yet because ive been focused on other things and am close to rank 30, since im doing this at my own pace, i was curious if their was anything after rank 30, so are their any rewards after Rank 30 to go after or is it just for bragging rights?
  4. Your post i replied to was about people undercutting you in price, something you said you did not like, i told you thats how competition in a free market works, which this game works off of. i simply told you get used to it. i dont need to bring any points up because you cant see that is how these systems work then theres nothing that will help you understand, i personnally dont care if a AH is implemented or not, preferably if it means the community benefits from it with being able to put their items up for sale in game and not on 3rd party sites im all for it. even if im having to fight people's Prices to sell my Goods,
  5. Thats how Competition Works Pal, get used to it. it happens in the real world thats how it works in games, You want to sell something you see someone selling it at 200 Plat, do you price it at 300p and ensuring your item isnt bought for awhile or do you sell at 190p making it so your item is cheaper and more likely to sell and might even cause the 200 seller to not want to dip below his price. get used to how things work, sure it might suck not selling it instantly and getting a fat wadd of cash but atleast you will sell it.
  6. HAHAHAHAAHHA Sweet mother frigging KARMA. i bet he was FURIOUS with you after that happened. probably screaming his lungs out that he finnally got a part only to immediately lose it because he was too selfish by screwing you out of getting the part as well. i was actually thinking of buying the Shedu set yesterday for 1000p but then i looked at how much i had (1065) and i decided against it. not sure when ill get the weapon myself but its not that big of a priority for me. but getting a part would be nice.
  7. Yes i actually think it NEEDs to be locked until you complete all other tasks. you want that sweet new weapon or its parts just to sell for high prices? then you help the rest of us actually complete the mission instead of joining our pub games rushing it then dipping if no parts drop. ive been reporting everyone who drops out after they rush the ship. hopefully yall get a temp ban. and increasing duration each time you do that garbage, its disrespectufl and rude to join the mission only for 1 thing and leave if you dont get it, leaving everyone else who to struggle to complete the mission and reap their rewards all because your too impatient or greedy. your hurting other players who just want to run the mission. so yes i think its perfectly fair. you want to screw over players wanting to do the mission normally risking them losing all their loot just because you want to make a ton of platinum or are too impatient to get the weapon, then have fun not being able to actually play the game for 3 days. maybe then itl TEACH you some patience. you know what IS being mean to the community? joining pubs, rushing the ship and then quitting because you didnt get what you wanted leaving the rest to fend for themselves.
  8. do try to read before you make a asinine comment like this. never in my post did i say i was going to quit because i cant beat it. also their is no "being good" for this test. you can be the best player in the game but fail because of dumb reasons.
  9. .............. i cant believe it. your method actually worked. did it in practice passed first try, then tried the real deal and passed IT first try. didnt help my heart was racing during the real thing with each orb i successfully destroyed. and one 1 occasion even more so when i accidently did a ground slam, worried it would proc the detection. but things went smoothly. THANK YOU. tbh if you were on xbox id actually want to give you some plat as a thank you for the amazing advise. i do find it rather stupid tho that due to the difficulty it pretty much needs to be cheesed in this manner, when i heard your advice the first time i doubted its legitimacy because "no way the hostage could just run by without causing a detection and failure. but im glad and apoligise that i was wrong.
  10. ive been trying to complete this MR19 test ever since the other day. each time i try the test i fail because of something stupid. and it only ends up making me even more stressed. for those who might have forgotten, its the one where you have to kill the targets undetected, hit orbs, rescue a target, all while only being allowed to use a melee weapon, also no abilites. the problem with this is. its all down to sheer luck. because the enemies apparently detect the enemy corpses across the map and the corpses take forever to dissapear so everytime i kill a enemy i begin to feel my heart race everytime they dont disintegrate on kill because i then become worried that a enemy will see it and instantly fail the attempt. and i have absolutely no control over that. ive been practising alot but no matter what even when i manage to somehow beat it in practice i completely fail the actual test. ive been trying the arch gun method, but somehow im also being detected from the platform, and i know this because i kill a enemy, they disentegrate but then im instantly spotted. tried the skiajati method but everytime i go in for the finisher it does a normal strike even tho im getting the button prompt so i only slash them and not go invisible. and on top of that the body still remains, i then thought of the idea for melee channeling since that would disentegrate the enemy on kill removing them from the field instantly, but then i found out you completely removed channeling from the game. Redeemer and Glaive face the same problem as everything else, if the enemy doesnt desintegrate i risk them being spotted since it appears they take 10 secs to poof. Please DE do something about this test, im not the only one who find its frustrating to do and even stress inducing. i think 1 of 2 things should happen. 1.) when you kill a enemy, their body dissapears immediately, preventing the problem of having the corprse stickign around too long and failing the attempt possibly the run because they dont desintegrate quick enough. 2.) enemies just simply dont detect corpses, and only can detect your or the freed hostage. or a possible 3rd option. 3.) when you killa enemy the body stays behind unless you actually end up desintegrating him. but if a enemy sees it they become alert and you have 10 secs to kill them before they alert the rest and fail your run, instead of just failing instantly because they happened to spot the body. a test should be completed through skill, not RNG, and for those who are goign say "Take your time" i have been and my most recent attempt i was in their for like 20 maybe 30 minutes watching their patterns and when i do kill a enemy whos isolated, they dont desintegrate in time and their colleague just comes back and spots it, failing my run. Edit: i passed it using the method provided by @Butterfly85 they wrote " I just did this. I used Wisp and Skiajati. Only mod of note is use motus signal. You'll stay in the air longer and Wisp is invisible while airborne. You don't even need to kill the guards. Just go round, smash the orbs, float over to the prisoner and float to the safe zone. If you're quick the prisoner will get there before being downed." without their suggested method i honestly dont know if i would have passed it that easily.
  11. it Worked. Thanks Aton Danielle. Btw was curious, is it a bug or intended for the Name you give your railjack to not appear in mission on the side of the ship or in the health bar? and if its not a bug would it be possible for the Team to enable it? kinda feel let down that you can name it but its never actually seen unless in the drydock.
  12. i was 100% certain that empyrean wouldnt release for us til january but nope, we just got it today. BEST christmas gift from DE ever. and i guess ill give them a gift of $50 or more. plus i could get the Amesha for when im on the away Team.
  13. RIGHT? i had just woken up earlier and asked my girlfriend if she had got her railjack started after building cy. at which she said "no the game is updating" at which point i started having question and immediately rushed here to see and low and behold i found otu empyrean released for us and i instantly freaked out into hype mode and immediately started updating ym game to play, and then went to see episode 7 of the mandalorian while i waited for the game to update and now im ffreaking loving the railjack missions Honestly DE i has said that if they actually drop empyrean before chirstmas somehow ill throw $50+ dollors their way for the hard work they put in to get it out to us. and well ya see what happened 😄
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