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  1. I mean, the concept of Luck is a very nice gimmick, props to you for thinking of that since you could get very creative with how it works. But the abilities are in desperate need of change, since this frame just looks A) too troll-able, and B) Not even fun to play. The abilities seem like theyre too much of a risk since the negative effects are WAY too detrimental to the player and the positive effects are so mediocre, why even risk using the ability? We’ll work our way through the abilities one by one. Passive- Uhh, what? This is barely even a passive and just a detriment, frames barely go down due to the modding system having incredible additions, so a sole passive centred around going down is just daft, also it has the potential to just screw you over , what is the point? I get that he is based around luck but from a realistic standpoint, who would even want this? Ability 1- Just why? Why would you do that? Why not just equip the superior weapon in the first place? Ability 2- Okay now let me paint you a scenario. You’re 60 minutes into a Mot survival (somehow with this frame) and your allies become downed by a nullifier x bombard combo, you’re the only one left, you activate your second to mitigate the damage and revive them but instead get one shotted. How infuriating would that be? The effect of this ability is so crucial to the frame’s survivability (given that he only has 75hp) that it should be active 90% of the time, sort of like Mesa’s shatter shield, so the negative effect would trigger a hell of a lot, making this ability not even remotely fun to use. Ability 3- This is waaaay to troll-able, imagine taking this frame into a squad that wants to farm, yeah looks like that squad is having 0 fun. Not only is this not fun to use at all, it is also a massive detriment to the team and utterly useless. Why not just bring Khora, Nekros, or Hydroid? Ability 4- Honestly, not bad. Don’t get me wrong it could use some changes like the ability to cancel and switch back and maybe switch this ability to his 3rd to reduce the cost, but in general this is sort of a nice idea for a luck based ability. There are some massive issues of course, like what if you switched to a frame that requires time to demonstrate their worth (e.g. Nidus’ stacks) or what if you switched to a frame who’s main benefit was based around duration abilities lasting longer that Copycat (e.g. Chroma’s vex armour). Would they use the same energy pool? Like when the random frame used an ability to reduce their energy by 75, would ‘Mr Dice’ have 75 less energy when he switched back? Like I said, there are many glaring issues with his 4 that desperately need tweaking but, in general, well done on this ability, seems like a lot of fun to use if it’s altered a little here and there. The rest of the abilities are self explanatory. While the theme of luck is a very nice idea, the issue with an RNG based frame is that it severely limits the actual usability of the frame, since everything is so random there is no uniform to their kit, its one of many reasons why people hate Titania’s tribute buffs, if I were you, I would completely scrap the RNG concept and somehow work luck into the frame’s abilities in a different way.
  2. Is this a serious suggestion? Because the abilities aren’t even complete, and the ones that are complete are straight up garbage. I mean, the ability to sabotage teammates? That is ridiculous, and the benefit isn’t even justifiable, the first is essentially a powerful Sol Gate, but with ally damage, and the 4th just seems stupidly mundane. Everything about this terrible concept screams satire so I’m a little skeptical as to whether this guy is serious.
  3. You really need to finish a concept before posting it, since people have no way of analysing the synergy between the frame’s abilities. Also, ‘his total stats increase by 1%’? Is this including efficiency? Since that would be broken OP and is unheard of in warframe. It also completely limits a player’s ability to play around with builds, what if someone wants to use negative range or negative duration? They couldn’t, because the fragments would completely nullify this option. However, I do like the idea of a unique ‘fragment’ system, but it desperately needs a different function since increasing stats would just make the frame way too inconsistent and completely negate any freedom with builds. Maybe once its finished, there could be some potential here, but as it stands there is very little here that is usable I’m afraid.
  4. Name: Spriggan (pronounced ‘Sprid-jan’) Theme: Manipulation of Nature and its elements. (Plants, basically) Gender: Female Role: CC/Tank Stats at rank 30: Health- 375 Shields- 200 Armour- 100 Energy- 188 Sprint Speed- 1.0 Abilities: Passive- Gain 2 additional mod slots that can only occupy resistance mods at 0 cost. (e.g. Antitoxin). Applying a duplicate mod to each slot (i.e. 2 of the same resistance mod) grants total immunity to said status effect, whereas applying 2 different mods will grant resistance to the secondary status effect (e.g. Antitoxin + Insulation = 60% Viral resistance. Or Antitoxin + Antitoxin = 100% Toxin resistance). If Spriggan is inflicted with the status effect protected against by these mod slots, she recovers 15 energy per second for the duration of the effect. (Passive does not protect against IPS damage). Ability 1- Root Whisper: Spriggan lets out a faint whisper, heard only by nature, tree roots emerge from the ground in front of her, trapping any enemy within their grasp and preventing them from moving or firing their weapons. Cone of effect- 45° Range- 15m Trap duration- 10s Ability 2- Swarm: Spriggan releases a swarm of vile torchbugs in the direction she is facing, this swarm blinds enemies and damages them over time. Swarming enemies trapped by Root Whisper siphons health from affected enemies, restoring it to Spriggan. Dmg- 200 corrosive dmg per tick, ticks every 2s Health return- TBD Swarm Duration- 10s Ability 3- Uproot: Spriggan summons ethereal branches from the ground that cover her body, reducing incoming damage by 50% (maxes at 80% with mods). Enemies that venture too close to Spriggan with this ability active are afflicted with the Root Whisper effect. Duration- 22s Range- 5m Ability 4- Breath of Autumn: Spriggan releases a deafening screech, calling nature and its elements to the aid of Spriggan and her allies. Spriggan’s weapons gain +25% additive status chance. Enemies afflicted with the status effect that Spriggan is protected against (passive) are automatically afflicted with the Root Whisper effect. Spriggan’s allies become immune to status procs when standing completely still. Duration- 12s
  5. It’s very clear that Ember is not in a good place right now, and I feel that part of this is due to the fact that heat damage is so weak and her kit entirely focuses on dealing heat damage, thus I have proposed some ideas to remedy this (apologies in advance, this may be a long post, and I often have difficulty explaining my ideas in text, but here goes). Heat Rework: One reason heat damage pails in comparison to dmg types such as slash is because, unlike slash, heat does not have the ability to stack its instances per tick, my suggestion is; -Allow heat damage to stack up to 3 times per tick, doubling its damage each time. i.e. 1 heat proc deals X dmg over Y duration, 2 heat procs deals 2X dmg over Y duration with bonus effects (more on this in a moment), 3 heat procs deals 4X dmg over Y duration. The reason this caps at 3 is so that it can resemble 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree burns, applying heat procs also grants additional debuffs, as follows; applying 2nd and 3rd degree burns to an enemy will massively reduce their accuracy (2nd degree) and movement speed (3rd degree) for a duration of 8s after being set on fire due to their sustained injuries. In short, heat could be stacked up to 3 times, dealing 4x the damage of a single proc and applying additional effects, as it stands, heat damage cannot be stacked in the same way as gas and slash, so these changes would bring its effectiveness up. The benefit of this is to grant lingering CC effects and progressively increased damage to enemies when dealing fire damage, therefore enhancing Ember’s kit by default. Now, onto the changes for Ember herself... Ember rework: Ability 1- Fireblast: Her current 3rd, Inflicts enemies with 1st degree burns (1 guaranteed heat proc) & spawns a ring of fire that adds heat damage to weapons. Casting this after accelerant will instantly inflict enemies with 2nd degree burns and deal the increased heat damage per tick granted by the accelerant ability itself. Ability 2- Accelerant: Current 2nd. Increases damage dealt by heat ticks and automatically increases the burn degree of heat dmg by 1. (Increases 1st degree burns to 2nd, and 2nd to 3rd, allowing for quicker and heavier damage infliction). Ability 3- Overheat: Ember superheats the air around her, igniting projectiles that approach her, granting 50% damage reduction at base (maxes at 80% with mods), enemies that come within melee range of overheated Ember will instantly be inflicted with 3rd degree burns. Damage stat TBD. Ability 4- World on Fire: Convert from a drain ability to a duration ability. The reason this has been changed is because the cost for an effective world on fire build is way too high, especially given that the high cost is supposedly to prevent Ember from nuking early game missions, when plenty of other frames can do exactly that only much easier (e.g. Equinox, Gara). Casting World on fire with overheat active makes the flame eruptions closest to Ember (any eruptions within 10m of Ember) knock enemies down. That pretty much concludes my proposal for an Ember & heat rework, thanks for taking the time to read it. Any feedback is appreciated!
  6. As a Nyx main, it goes without saying that I LOVE the much needed changes to Nyx that came a couple of months back, however I still think Nyx needs a few alterations to bring her up to the godly standard of some of the other reworks we’ve seen as of late (e.g. Wukong). These are my proposals: -Fix Mind control target AI since they seem to have the IQ of a pencil. Whereas the AI for Wukong’s clone seems to be much more intelligent. -Reduce the conversion rate of damage bonus granted to a mind control target by Nyx’s damage in those first 4 seconds, BUT allow the target to gain the damage boost when Nyx damages any any enemy within 10m of the target, granting her more freedom in those 4 seconds, and meaning that she doesnt have to stand still and pump damage into a single target and can actually kill other enemies while priming her MC (mind control) target for a damage boost. -Change her passive, since 20% reduced enemy accuracy does not really have too much of an effect on Nyx’s survivability or effectiveness in missions above trivial difficulty, I think this should be changed to ‘Cognitive Rewire’; Enemies that deal status procs to Nyx become much more susceptible to their own damage type. (Synergises extremely well with her new 4, as detailed below). -Change Absorb but maintain the tank potential. IMO Absorb desperately needs a makeover, since its only major use is assimilate tanking, which is not the primary function of the ability but rather a byproduct. Hence, my suggestion ‘Psionic rally’, Nyx establishes a psychic link between herself and her allies, granting her a 20% damage resistance for each ally within range (mind control target included for a maximum of 80%dmg reduction when connected to all 3 allies + MC target). Whenever Nyx receives a status proc with this ability active, the proc is negated and applied to each connected ally’s weapons for a short period for return fire. These are my thoughts on Nyx’s potential, any feedback is appreciated!
  7. You’re a godsend. That’s perfect!
  8. I did originally want to call her Artemis, but thought people would throw a hissy fit since Artemis bow is a thing. Artemis is a much better name I agree.
  9. Role: Tank/damage dealer with some support capabilities. This frame could be compared to an amalgamation of Khora, Baruuk, and trinity. She is designed to be a summoner frame with high status output, enjoy! Stats at rank 30- Health- 375 Shields- 200 Armour- 200 Energy- 190 Sprint speed- 1.0 Abilities: Passive- Apex synergy: Atlanta regains a small percentage of health when her pet companion inflicts status procs. Atlanta also has a unique ‘hunt’ meter similar to Baruuk’s restraint, the more her meter builds up, the more status chance she gains to her weapons, +1% additive status chance for every 2% of hunt meter filled. Ability 1- Summon familiar: Atlanta cycles between 4 modes, each of which summon a ghostly apparition of a kubrow dealing either fire, toxin, electricity, or cold damage as well as slash. Enemies damaged by her summons contribute towards her hunt meter. Familiar stats are yet to be determined. Duration- 30s Cost- 30 Ability 2- Beast rally: Atlanta rallies her companions, healing any pets in the game (including familiars) by 30% of their max health, if the pet reaches max health from this heal (or if a pet is not equipped), the owner is granted a 25% boost to weapon damage and reload speed. Player boosts provided by this ability contribute to the hunt meter. Buff duration- 12/14/16/18s Range- 30/33/36/40m Cost- 50 Ability 3- Ethereal bond: Atlanta forms a link between herself and her pets (familiar + kavat/kubrow if one is equipped), redirecting 50% of incoming damage towards the pets and reducing said damage by 75%, damaged redirected to the pets builds up Atlanta’s hunt meter. (75% damage nullification is not changeable, but 50% redirection is and maxes out at 80%). Range- 20/22/23/24m Duration- 14/16/18/20s Cost- 75 Ability 4- The hunt: Atlanta summons all 4 of her elemental familiars simultaneously, each dealing their respective damage types to enemies as well as slash, damage types can be combined if multiple familiars attack the same target, when two familiars proc status on the same target a small explosion occurs dealing the status effect that was inflicted, these familiars also deal double the damage of the initial familiar (her 1st ability). Enemies damaged by these familiars do not boost the hunt meter, but the meter is consumed the longer the familiars are active. Can be cancelled at any time. If Ethereal bond is cast, the damage is redirected to whichever familiar is closest. These familiars can only be killed when the ability is cancelled or run out, resulting in phenomenal synergy between this, her 3rd, and her 2nd. The build-up mechanic of this ability is designed to make it feel like a real ‘ultimate’ ability with devastating effect. Cost- 1.5% of hunt meter per second (not affected by power efficiency)
  10. Repair matrix does not remove debuffs and would heal through the toxin and slash procs, i’m not sure how long it would last, this is to be determined. Either way, this is a poor justification for changes since many frames have less than 300 health and have little issue with toxin and slash procs.
  11. He has Repair Matrix to deal with those, Hildryn has the same issue with being prone to those procs but she’s fine.
  12. The shields will effectively be turned into health due to the armour buff from his 3, making him very tanky, but I see that the diminishing returns is an issue so i’ll have to fix that.
  13. I completely forgot about that rule, thank you! I’ll change his values.
  14. Thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate it! The thing with Vauban is he is incredibly squishy for such a beefy looking frame, and with the theme of an engineer i fogured he could construct defences to make himself able to sustain himself, this synergises incredibly well with his 3rd, allowing him to tank heavier hits. I do like your idea of having 3 choices for an ability so I’ll change his 2nd to have this feature. I also forgot about sentinels having very limited ways to heal up (besides Repair kit), so I’ll remedy this.
  15. It’s very clear that Vauban is not in a good place, which is a shame given how cool his concept is. I have some suggestions as to how DE could rework his kit to make him more playable. In my opinion, the most well designed frames are frames whose kits and playstyle stem from their first ability (Garuda, Nidus, Saryn, Atlas, etc.), this has influenced my suggestions for the rework. Since Vauban is such a squishy frame given how beefy his aesthetic is, this rework would change Vauban from a pure CC frame to a shield & armour tank (hear me out) with strong CC capabilities and a degree of utility while still maintaining an engineer theme. Stats for regular Vauban (Prime stats TBD) -Increase armour from 50 to 200 -Increase shields from 225 to 420 -Vauban also gains a ‘reinforcement’ meter, similar to Wukong & Atlas’ meters, which provides armour for Vauban with a maximum of 1500. Abilities: Passive- Robotic rewire: Sentinels replenish 5 energy to Vauban for every kill they contribute towards (only applies to Vauban’s sentinel, not other players’). Vauban also gains 10% ability strength for each sentinel in the game. Ability 1- Arc Pylon: Vauban throws a grenade that transforms into a tesla pylon upon landing, the pylon zaps enemies that come within range, stripping and ‘storing’ a percentage of their armour, enemies can be zapped multiple times but cannot be zapped while in stun animation. Upon detonation (either manual or when ability runs out), all armour stored is applied to Vauban’s reinforcement meter, granting him a bonus of up to 1500 armour. The armour built up by this ability begins to decay once the Tech Plating duration runs out, placing another arc pylon will remedy the decay. Ability 2- Arsenal: Vauban cycles between 4 grenades, each providing a different effect when thrown, these are as follows: -Cluster Tesla- Throw a grenade explodes into 4 child grenades upon impact that stun enemies within a short radius when they explode, dealing electric damage, if this is thrown at an arc pylon, the pylon is supercharged and the amount of armour stripped per zap is increased. -Repair Matrix- Throw a grenade that deploys a grid on the ground, replenishing health to any allies inside it. If Vauban is at full health, he is provided overshields. -Analysis- Throw a grenade on the ground that releases pulses every few seconds, these pulses reveal enemy weak spots (similar to Sonar) and scan them into the codex. This has limited range so it does not negate Banshee’s Sonar. -Vortex- Current 4th but with 50% shorter range (due to cheaper cast cost) Ability 3- Tech Plating: Vauban applies the damage reduction bonus from armour onto shields, granting him massively increased survivability for a duration of X seconds (does not stack, so cannot gain 3000 armour from using this twice). Ability 4- Bastille: Repelling Bastille augment is implemented into the ability by default and its range is increased slightly. Placing an arc pylon inside a bastille doubles its fire rate. The numerical values on these abilities are just rough estimates and are therefore open for alteration, any feedback is appreciated.
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