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  1. I understand that you want to make Baruuk unique in some way, but this is the complete wrong way to do it. Completely restricting half the game’s content for purpose of idiosyncrasy is not feasible at all, and just plain pointless.
  2. Before we get started, I am fully aware that the idea of a time frame is incredibly saturated at this point and one will probably never get made, given that the abilities would just be too difficult to balance (amongst other reasons) which is why I have taken a slightly different approach, also, I was very bored so here we go. Stats at rank 30: Health- 240 Shields- 450 Armour- 50 Power- 240 Sprint speed- 1.05 Abilities: Passive- Taking shield damage fills up Epoch’s hourglass (passive meter) with sand, the sand in this hourglass dictates how much passive damage reduction Epoch gains (maximum of 90%). However, this hourglass sand must be spent in order to cast abilities. Ability 1- Reversal: Reverse Epoch’s own continuum to a stage mere seconds before, replenishing any damage dealt to his shields. Enemies within range are frozen in time for a short period. Shield replen %- 50/65/80/100 Radius (m)- 5/6/7/8 Freeze duration (s)- 8/9/10/12 Cost- 25 Ability 2- Of Gold and Glass: The weapons of Epoch and his allies perform as if brand new, buff affected allies’ critical damage, fire rate, and guarantee slash procs on melee attacks. (Also affects ability 3) Crit dmg buff %- 30/40/50/60 Fire rate buff %- 40/50/60/70 Range (m)- 15/25/30/35 Duration (s)-14/16/18/20 Cost- 30 + 15% of hourglass sand Ability 3- Sands of Time: Unlock Epoch’s hourglass, releasing remnants of himself from alternate times. Create multiple clones of Epoch to assist in the battlefield at the cost of hourglass sand, these clones last until deactivated or until hourglass runs out. Casting ‘Of Gold and Glass’ will increase the damage of these clones. Clones created- 2/3/4/5 (not affected by mods) Initial cost- 0 Hourglass drain- 4% per second Ability 4- Timestream: The timeline is malleable. Epoch enters the ‘Timestream’ and glows with foreign energy, Epoch’s abilities are enhanced by the timestream. Epoch reduces his max shields down to 50, every time his shields are depleted, he releases a shockwave, enemies caught in the shockwave are paused. While the ability is active, Epoch’s hourglass cannot drain below 75%. If ‘Of Gold and Glass’ is active while in the timestream, enemies paused by Timestream have their armour stripped. Casting Reversal whilst in the timestream will no longer pause enemies within an 8m radius, but will instead initiate the Timestream shockwave. Duration- 14/16/18/20 Shockwave radius- 14m Cost- 100 (must also have at least 75% hourglass full)
  3. Right, so your way of making Baruuk ‘unique’ is completely alienating anyone who plays him, restricting them of the majority of the game’s content? Okay...
  4. Very true. I’ll have to reconsider the effect of her fourth.
  5. Garuda’s mechanics based on enemy HP only apply to her first, her fourth ability inflicts bleed and is incredibly strong.
  6. Thanks so much! I’ve tried to implement a web weaving mechanic in the playstyle with the ribbon snares and her fourth, (if she throws ribbon strands in different areas from one spot with her fourth active, she kind of casts a web). I agree that not every frame should be able to solo tank endgame, but with the right synergies and team I think this frame could do some serious damage and provide support for those teammates that like to be in the thick of battle. 😁
  7. I agree with the stat comment and have changed them accordingly. However, since there are many frames that have useless kits without the use of their first ability, I feel as though this is adequate. In my opinion, frames that focus around their first ability in their function have the best designs (e.g. Nidus, Harrow, etc.) I have also changed Walk the wire since I agree that the previous version was incredibly weak. In terms of the falloff of the ultimate, I disagree, slash damage on armour stripped enemies is incredibly powerful, especially if a viral weapon is equipped, also this ability is similar in nature to Garuda’s kit, which works just fine.
  8. Thanks for the feedback! Yeah i was a bit skeptical about her third as my previous idea seemed a bit OP, so I sort of rushed some last minute changes, I’ll have to rethink it and come up with something new. I have also remedied the high stats.
  9. Yuga, the Silk Strider (Yúga - Japanese translation of ‘Elegance’) Description: ‘Delicately balancing lethality and finesse, don’t let her frail constitution deceive you, there is no saving the poor souls who stumble into her path.’ Appearance: This appearance fits the concept perfectly, the artwork is not mine, it belongs to the incredibly talented Matias Tapia, who’s artstation is linked here - https://www.artstation.com/matias_tapia The frame would also possess ethereal ribbon strands attached to her skirt and her wrists. Stats at rank 30: Health- 225 Shields- 150 Armour- 65 Energy- 225 Sprint speed- 1.05 Abilities: Passive- Sliding, rolling, bullet jumping, or aim-gliding past enemies within 6m will trip them up and cause knockdowns. (Bonus/joke passive: Increased affinity range if a shawzin is being played) Ability 1- Ribbon snare: Yuga lassos an ethereal ribbon at an enemy, it then begins circling them with a radius of 12m, the initial target is slept and any target within the ribbon’s radius will have their armour stripped. Yuga can cast 3 Ribbon snares at once, casting a fourth will consume the first. If the initial target is killed, the ribbon will chain to another enemy inside its radius, causing them to become the ‘initial target’. Duration (s)- 12/14/16/18 Armour Strip- 34% for each Ribbon snare active. (Incentivises active playstyle with this ability for max armour strip) Cost- 25 Ability 2- Saviour Strand: Yuga twirls her strands around her, and she gains a 25% damage reduction for every Ribbon snare that is active (for a max of 75%). Dmg reduction per snare- 25% (not affected by mods) Duration (s)- 16/18/20/22 Cost- 50 Ability 3- Walk the wire: Yuga expands her ethereal ribbons and the razor sharp tips of her skirt glow with energy, for as long as the ability is active, Yuga will leave a trail of energy wherever she steps, allies regain a portion of their max health for as long as they stand on the wire (can stand within 2m of it to prevent any clunky behaviour) Max health regen per second %- 2/3/4/5 Cost- 50 Duration (s)- 14/16/18/20 Ability 4- Silk Spire: Yuga’s ethereal ribbons glow bright and the razor tips of her skirt twirl and dance at her waist, almost as if sentient. Every kill that Yuga gets within a Ribbon snare will create an AoE bleed proc afflicting nearby enemies, enemies if an enemy affected by the bleed is killed with a melee attack, Yuga gains a 100% bonus to crit damage for 10s, killing multiple enemies does not stack the bonus but refreshes the 10s counter. Ribbon snares cost 50% less energy to cast while silk spire is active. Cost- 100 AoE Range- 5/6/6.5/7m Duration (s)- 10/11/13/14 Bleed damage- 100 per tick (700 total), bleed procs can overlap (i.e. if 2 enemies within Ribbon snare are killed by Yuga’s weapons, other enemies can be struck with the bleed effect from both kills if they are close enough). This ability is meant to be synergised with all other abilities to maximise its efficiency. Exemplary playstyle would involve; Casting Saviour Strand, casting Walk the wire, then casting Ribbon snares to gain damage reduction & cast viral wires to multiple locations, then cast Silk Spire to deal massive damage to affected enemies and rotate Ribbon snares to cover the battlefield, which of course will then expand more wires. (Of course this is not the only way to play her, just an example). Thanks for taking the time to read this, I understand that some of her kit may seem a bit OP at first glance, but given the incredibly active playstyle and frequent use of all abilities required, I feel as though her power is justified. Any feedback is greatly appreciated 😁
  10. More of a reference to the incredibly famous astronomer Galileo Galilei, but hey, that works too.
  11. Stats at rank 30: Health- 375 Shields- 150 Armour- 100 Energy- 300 Sprint speed- 1.1 Abilities: Passive: The area surrounding Galileo burns bright with star energy, enemies within 6m of Galileo are afflicted with radiation damage and have a 5% chance to drop an energy orb when killed. (Radiation dmg caused by this passive contributes to Galileo’s 1st ability meter). Ability 1- White Dwarf: (Tap) Galileo manifests a small star-like orb in his hands and tosses it in the air, the orb circulates close above Galileo’s head. The orb grants 60% dmg reduction at the beginning of its life and possesses a unique meter (name pending), the meter fills a little whenever Galileo receives damage of any kind or deals radiation damage with the ability active, every time the meter fills, it gains a stack and resets for up to a maximum of 5 stacks. Each stack generated grants an additional 5% dmg reduction and increases the damage dealt with the ‘hold’ action. (Hold) Galileo grasps the star from above his head and tears it apart in his hands, creating a supernova explosion, dealing radiation & blast dmg, the damage increases exponentially with the amount of stacks gained. -Max dmg reduction with stacks- 85% (5 stacks) -Damage on explosion- 500 (0 stacks), 650, (1 stack), 800 (2 stacks), 950 (3 stacks), 1100 (4 stacks), 1250 (5/max stacks). Dmg is split 50/50 between blast & radiation. -Speed at which the meter fills is affected positively by power duration- -Cost- (tap) 35, (hold) 65 (note: the star is white by default, but can be changed with energy colour for fashion frame purposes) Ability 2- Starfire: Cast a burning ring on the ground, allies inside the ring gain a bonus to damage. Enemies that enter the ring are afflicted with minor radiation damage and have their armour stripped by a percentage. The closer the subject is to the centre of the ring, the more intense the effect. (First stat is at edge of ring, second stat is at the centre) -Armour strip- 40%-100% -Damage increase- 30%-100% -Duration- 22s -Radius- 12m -Cost- 50 Ability 3- Star Magnanimity: Galileo dims his star to provide benefits to his allies, at the cost of a stack, Galileo replenishes 50% max health himself and any allies within 10m (not affected by mods). If this ability is cast inside Starfire, the range of the Magnanimity is doubled and the effects granted in the centre of Starfire are applied to the entire ring. -Cost- 50 + 1 star stack Ability 4- Constellation: Galileo casts a ring comprised of small star-like orbs, any enemy that the ring passes through will be affected by radiation and heat, the ring will ignite 50% of projectiles that enter from the outside, nullifying their effects (affected by power strength), re-casting the ability or letting its timer run out will rapidly collapse the stars, creating a massive blast area of effect from the epicentre. If Constellation collapses into a Starfire, 50% of ability cost is refunded -Ring radius- 12m -Duration- 22s -Radiation + heat dmg upon contact- 300 -Blast damage upon collapse- 2000 -Blast radius- 20m Cost- 100
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