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  1. Does anyone know how much faster Gauss’ Mach Rush is than his sprint speed? I’m trying to figure out exactly how fast my Gauss runs when using Mach Rush.
  2. The main problem with this is the need to rely on other frames to unlock its actual potential. This should never be a thing. First of all, it really discourages solo play, which is favourable for many people. Secondly, with the details you provided, you could only use this frame to its full potential if the team consisted of Ivara, Banshee, and Nekros; why would this be a thing? Not only are you massively limiting yourself, you’re also limiting other people with what they can play just to maximise this frame’s potential (which is not even that strong to begin with). Now let’s discuss the abilities: The passive is the worst part, you mentioned increased damage on a single shot when invisible; okay, but there’s no way this frame can turn itself invisible, so this is just pointless. There isn’t really an issue with the first ability, very simple but plausible (other than the need for Banshee to make it good). The second ability confuses me, you’ve essentially made a worse version of Nekros’ desecrate which is buffed by Nekros. But why would you use this worse version if you already have a Nekros on the team?? Utterly pointless. The third ability has some potential, the idea of crowd control void vines is very interesting, but the siphoning of ammo is a little useless, it’s very rare that you run low enough to warrant using this ability for ammo replen. Also, again with relying on another frame for full potential, this is bad design. The fourth ability is the best of a bad bunch, it does have some potential. But I feel as though you got confused in the statistics. You mentioned that the weapon has high crit-damage but low crit-chance. Why? This is VERY poor design for an exalted weapon. An exalted weapon should be powerful given that it is an ultimate ability, whereas this weapon’s power is completely diminished by the low crit chance, it wouldn’t be able to utilise its strength as the frequency of its availability is too low. Edit: The purpose of this reply isn’t to belittle your concept, just to highlight the issues so you can change it, and it’ll have a higher chance of being selected. Hope I wasn’t too harsh.
  3. I don’t think you understand the theme of this warframe, my guy.
  4. This just wouldn’t work in the game, for so many reasons.
  5. Passive: -Damage to health restores ammunition -Allies receive an armour buff for a short period after reviving you/being revived by you. Ability 1- Scrap Heap: The void energy connecting your parts fades, turning you into a loose configuration of parts. You dash towards an enemy, slashing them with the edges of your jagged construction, before the void energy reconnects you. The dash deals prolonged slash damage. Ability 2- Failsafe: Release an emergency shockwave, knocking down any enemies in the area. Enemies receiving damage from Scrap Heap when knocked down will have their armour stripped. Ability 3- Configuration: The frame can choose between 3 configurations for multiple effects. These are: -Rebuild- The frame restores health to itself and its companion upon dealing a finishing blow. -Serrate- The void energy binding the frame together shifts to create protruding pieces of scrap. Enemies within X meters receive damage and are slowed. -Fervor- The void energy brightens and pulses. Killing an enemy with a melee attack will release a small radial blind. Ability 4- Chaos Rig: Lash out in a fury. Disassemble the frame’s parts and flail them around, bound only by void energy. Energy tendrils violently swing the parts around, dealing massive damage to any enemy caught in its wake. You can move while this ability is active, just much slower. Casting Failsafe while this ability is active will strip the armour of all enemies affected. Upon reassembly, Scrap Heap has its area of effect doubled for a short period.
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