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  1. Today is my birthday @[DE]Rebecca (turned 28 today) Can i ask you if i can have an unformal response vague about raids comin back?
  2. I hope DE will do something about it I really hope.. those days will comeback
  3. They were special missions where 8 tennos have to complete 3 stages for complete it ( or sub missions because at the end of each one it gives you a " mission complete " ). They were beautiful because team play is a must and was nice, as said also @Anduvriel, to meet together at a certain time and talk about the plus and minus 🙂
  4. Thats so nice to hear!! Finally they are thinking to put them back! 😄 Aaaww man, im with you. The same happened with my clan and it feels so bad. Raids were a such cool thing where it was a must do teamwork and stick togheter. Hope DE will listen our prays someday
  5. (Sorry in advance for my english) Hi guys I'll writing to you what for me was the experience of raids in warframe. When these modalities were released for DE it was the answer to those who loudly asked for a form of endgame. Nobody had any idea how to do them, much less the DE decided to implement an in-game guide on purpose of the nature of these. Everyone looked at them from afar. Often failing the mission, few understood how to complete them and especially how to speed them up. Of these some especially dictated the prices of the raids rewards, monopolizing this small market highly sought after by those who wanted to do min-max in game. This was getting out of hand and the DE was busy with other problems. Therefore what was going on was known to DE but they did nothing. Except for a small circle of people who decided that it was time to take the situation in hand and fight all of this. Hence it was born WFRSB The idea behind it was simple: building a community where anyone who needed to learn how to complete them would always find someone available to help them. And those ready to help everybody were us. The BusDrivers. People dedicated to helping others and who were always available to answer any questions to ensure that new players can enjoy that content that few, for market reasons, wanted to keep it secret and enrich themselves. In doing this, various objectives were achieved: - More and more people would begin to recognize this content that was entering into oblivion. -That circle of people who tried to keep this content for only a few to monopolize the market would gradually disappear, having a drastic drop in prices allowing a more free and accessible to all and more alive market. After a few months the community began to grow. After a year it became something bigger than us. It was amazing to see how all these people united by a noble motive group together to make things change for the better. Meetings were held and efforts were made to maintain a healthy and well-educated community. Always punishing those who behaved badly or in an inappropriate way. It was my first real experience in a community and still the most I have ever experienced. I will never forget it. But the dream ended with the update 22.14, 1 March 2018. DE decided that there was no longer any intention of keeping content alive where only 1% of users played it. From here WFRSB began to fall apart and that magic that fueled that sense of union between all users began to wane. Every time I go back there, it is as if I imagined myself going into an abandoned bus and as i walk there the memories come back, reliving for a moment those beautiful moments where many people help each other and try to do good. I hope that when the DE will take into consideration to bring back the raids, which will also remember the community that was born behind. A lively and active community where we encourage teamwork and have fun together.
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