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  1. me too. once you get into it you are good to go
  2. either is fine for me. also honestly it took me few runs for have enough animals for buy all the tokens. they are easy to spot and fast to do. i don't see the issue until somebody is very lazy about it Edit: typo
  3. I like to hunt animals. im ok with it 🙂
  4. that tenno acted sooooo selfish. thats a bad behavior to have with everybody. hopes will be better for you 🙂 also, im in for mesa farm
  5. indeed. we have to wait their feedbacks and work around from these!
  6. I refuse. Until the mode of Solar Rails will not be reintroduced, there is no a valid reason to join an alliance. Thanks for the offer 🙂
  7. up to you if leave it or not 😛
  8. You are already in a clan! let me know in case
  9. Hello everybody, i made this clan for have a nice spot where to chill and meet new people! 😄 overall encourage to help eachother on the day2day stuff. if you are new, i'll be happy to help you out! just started making the labs and the dry dock! players with a mean attitude and loves to make fun of others, can stay away thank you leave a reply here for get an invite EDIT: - drydock up! started the projects of every bp 😄 - navigation is close to the trading post, for who loves doin fissures and sell something in the between - everybody is welcome to join! no
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