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  1. Jordas Golem with legs. I mean, use his engines for the legs and you got yourself an organic/corpus hybrid gauss.
  2. Default helmet looks super clean compared to his alt helmet IMO. Maybe it's because it has eyes that they prefer second hat to his default.
  3. His three one shots level 100+ corpus in arbitration and he can now casually strip armor more efficiently than Ash, and that's without an augment. His uptime on his 4 is ludicrous and now its actually advised to keep his 4 up forever.
  4. Revenants reave feels good now without suddenly stopping per cast, thanks DE
  5. I mean, despite the objections these would make for really profitable deluxe skins.
  6. Gauss and his weapons admittedly look bad in paper, but out on the field his set might not be the most viable but you sure as heck will enjoy using him and his tools. The only downside for me is the forced use of carrier to just keep the ammo pools up and running, and on high end survival you will struggle to get more ammunition compared to the amount of damage dealt with the weapons. As for suggestions for the 3rd ability, id turn it into an aura on which he absorbs/releases ambient energy from the atmosphere rather than a stationary AoE. It has already low range and it gets even smaller overtime as well as the short duration, which lends it to not be very effective in locking down areas... So it might as well be dragged along with Gauss, making full use of it with his speed and vast area coverage.
  7. Volt is literal lightning, Gauss is Lightning Mcqueen.
  8. Smite infusion Oberon just became nutty, thanks DE.
  9. I haven't received the lotus ephemera despite having watched the entirety of the art section and the game show. My account is properly linked with twitch aswell and its been seven days. What happened?
  10. For more changes with wukong and his interactions with quick thinking. Will there be a day where quick thinking activates first before his passives do? I mean, you have to use up all of your three lives of the passive first before activation [Quick Thinking]
  11. Wukong does not live to serve others, but lives to serve himself and have others do other miscellaneous stuff for him.
  12. Defy seems to get invincibility on cast and an amour buff on cast, hopefully as much armour scaling or even moreso than chroma. Its not as if you would want to use primal fury all of the time.
  13. Wet Wisp on the plains eh... Runs off to Eidolon
  14. But people wanted the increased spawnrates since the beginning. Pros for all basically.
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