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  1. Personally i want to be able to grab a hold of Chromas deluxe accessories.
  2. Any Ogris variant, kuva or not, they all can produce miniature suns that are surprisingly effective against steel path grineer.
  3. I found the gloom change to be a good change, as always saw it as a supplement/support for melee combat. So long as you dont use it like a set and forget ability like Nova you should find that your energy overall drains less when weaving and breaking through enemies, since less enemies=less energy costs.
  4. Revenant, you become a semi-sentient flesh puppet that wants to die.
  5. They are actually rather simple to obtain with some market knowledge, only ever costs around 6-10 platinum for either mod and selling a lith relic to obtain the funds beforehand.
  6. Wait, what happened to the small argument thread before doggie?
  7. Space Pirates will become a thing it seems. Also could we NOT have more normal missions within railjack content? I have big boy toys on it and im not able to use them.
  8. He is not terrible in the slightest, just incredibly misguided and misunderstood by many. That said I agree his theme and augments are a mess, hopefully his skins would rectify and cover up that ugly abomination that is his default.
  9. Might actually motivate me to attempt at defecting towards multiple syndicates, rather than stay in the same one for years.
  10. I'm surprised noone has tried Revenants reave with his danse active, you can spam that and go really fast in short bursts.
  11. Seeker Volley is still a viable mod to clear out ads, even in the veil.
  12. You can use the same build on a catchmoon and potentially have those heavy gunners die to 1-3 shots, depending on body parts hit.
  13. Selecting a mission within the railjack in your clans drydock should still work.
  14. Athodai parts drop in derelict caches, which are a control panel somewhere. A white marker is shown when theres a derelict nearby. All parts drop in every venus mission in railjack. Not sure about rotations of parts.
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