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  1. Used revealing spores, surprisingly convenient for the use of spreading disease like a plague rat, especially when you deliberately seek out non-infected behind corridors or walls.
  2. The Jade Light is basically just something in a chamber that would be able to thanos snap you to non existence, and if it were such a convenient thing as a mobile weapon we would have seen the Orokin deploy it towards the Sentients long ago, on which they didn't.
  3. Okay, you can just stand there and get one shot somehow past your shield gating, whilst the rest of us can move and bop the bombards forehead. Sounds like a feasible plan.
  4. Volt for sheer utility in his tools.
  5. I know, people and me are just finding it weird that it can still bypass limbos world despite that.
  6. Sentient laser party seems to be interplanar. Doesn't go past volts shield and atlases barrier fortunately.
  7. The last content drought happened because Of Melee 3.0, proposed status changes to be brought with Khora and fortuna being planned out and built. At least now we have the arbitration, liches and nightwave to keep us busy, even though they are in a sort of stasis.
  8. Small steps, but indeed a welcome change.
  9. If you want a challenging multiplayer experience there are the grendel farms.
  10. Volt, makes trekking towards the next condrix faster, pocket CC and his damage boost is good for making it a faster process.
  11. Seeing the recent strings of updates, they need to consolidate on what they already have. The open worlds just feel like giant reusable tilesets, the liches only have two personalities are are basically bulkier heavy grineers with gatekeeping and not proper nemesises that would actually scare/threaten us and railjack is still so very broken, only grineer are a fightable faction and it is very disconnected to the main game. And seeing what they are planning to have in store this game we could make an allusion. Such a heavy weight without consolidating on the foundations that are still made wood, it will eventually collapse on itself. Please, delay whatever new ideas you have. Fix and expand our forgotten content that we might have.
  12. This mod is only usable on sniper bows like cernos, daikyu... so on and so forth. 2 seconds is way too short to like up a charged shot to the dome, unless you want us to do uncharted shots or just use bots to not break our fingers.
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