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  1. I'm sure you can afford either the money for tennogen or the wait for a few more months for a semblance of a skin to appear. Seems thicc bricc women aren't your appeal.
  2. Get him rest/rage and give him a Skiajati and he would be a more engaging Octavia.
  3. You shouldn't be able to die even when those shock traps pass through your skin, with how it works you are always left with 2 health no matter what happens.
  4. This is quite the subjective view, considering the nature of Mesmer Skin you can just do away with health/shields and their regen values entirely and save multiple slots on your loadout that would have been used for armor and vitality. Arcanes like Aegis and Grace would have been totally redundant in this case either way and danse macabre is a trap that is actually a helminth subsume slot,
  5. No, Mind control to make an obedient invincible slave, then cast enthrall to have an obedient invincible thrall that gives you more thralls no matter how many of them dies.
  6. He does not require rework so much as many other frames do, he is perfect for what he is as an unkillable bastard. As for his deficiencies, most of them can be covered through the use of the helminth system. Through it there are so many variations of builds that you can make out of him. One key example is the use of Nyx's Mind Control, replacing his 4 in order to create an unintentional synergy which effectively makes one invincible thrall, this also allows your Reave to build up your mesmer skin and one shots the thralls whilst to keep your slave army topped up at the same time. This al
  7. Scythes are faster and are more comfortable to use now than before. And this is ignoring their stat changes so that they become god-like bleeding tools.
  8. Atlas, punching things in the face is my fantasy. Also he gets the most badass Grineer accessories and gets to look like a space marine when fully kitted out. He has a heavy bolter, now all he needs is a proper power fist.
  9. Man, Atlas getting slept on when he has the fastest roll as a boulder, deals nuclear damage and can farm resources... Okay he is basically Khora 0.5 but theres always this appeal of punching people in the face that really gets me going. He also happens to be a really good candidate for helminth, buffs and blinds, he can work with most of them.
  10. I did not expect baruuk being this low in usage, considering his relatively decent CC and #*!% off exalted damage/crowd clear potential is as potent as Khora in some cases.
  11. Yes, but I have never seen such a difference in opinion as palpable as the topic that is Revenant. Even Ember deluxe and Zephyr evangelion are barely noticed compared to him.
  12. The era of space ninjas are over, now it is time for the space wizards to commit genocide. On the topic of Embers deluxe skin, and by extension Revenant, it has some sort of high fantasy appeal with those glowing cloth pieces and spiky pauldrons which makes them stand out from the techno-organic themes that Warframe mostly presents itself on. Even Orokin creations like the primed warframes aren't that spiky despite their lavish use of golden metals. That said, this deluxe doesn't seem to have a mohawk, so im definitely planning on buying the deluxe package after i build my space elf
  13. I mean, they could just copypaste normal Nukors microwave beam on the kuva variant, keeping the same stats and then call it a day. Neutering its capability as a weapon of mass genocide, whilst being still a weapon of destruction without touching other beam weapons.
  14. Revenants deluxe skin is basically marmite, some people love it, many others hate it. I myself for one would actually do away with the sentient/eidolon themes and embrace my inner space wizard/drow.
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