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  1. Smite infusion Oberon just became nutty, thanks DE.
  2. He is selfish, and I love him the way he is.
  3. What? Your not meant to focus on doing it, but instead your meant to complete it coincidentally.
  4. I haven't received the lotus ephemera despite having watched the entirety of the art section and the game show. My account is properly linked with twitch aswell and its been seven days. What happened?
  5. For more changes with wukong and his interactions with quick thinking. Will there be a day where quick thinking activates first before his passives do? I mean, you have to use up all of your three lives of the passive first before activation [Quick Thinking]
  6. Disregarding [Quick Thinking] and how it functioned with wuclone since the update... Can [Quick Thinking] be set so that it activates before it uses the three revives? Currently Wukong has to use up all of his lives before [Quick Thinking] actually does its job of taking energy before dying. Now that the interaction with it and wuclone has garnered some attention in regards to it, now is as good time as any to make people alert of this.
  7. The only gripe I have with the rework is that he still doesn't have a heavy attack on his iron staff, which would easily have been iron jab. Quite uncomfortable to not be able to chain combos and end with a satisfying finishing blow. Oh yes and Wukong is surprisingly good now, like a toolbox of frames that you can use anywhere.
  8. Its not a bug, that's a feature. Hold 1 to stop that from happening.
  9. Im just dumping them at Wukong for now.
  10. Maybe its to take advantage of the passive bonus it has, which seemingly reduces the reload time it has on an empty clip.
  11. Wait, you can use tennogen skins on his prime?
  12. Wukong came out first before Atlas... Well, in China at least. And for now, Wukong is at least a lot more usable than Atlas as it is.
  13. mesa, nova Not as effective as a Saryn or a Volt but they are usable for 8 rounds.
  14. I think people who cant be asked to farm rare resources to build or buy operator gear will be happy in this.
  15. -Excalibur- Only through the virtue that he is used by everyone everywhere, not really hateful of him but im quite bored of seeing him. -Loki, Ivara, etc- My personal gripe, any form of invisibility is dishonourable, your enemies should see who killed them and you should personally savour their faces in their final moments instead of hiding in the shadows.
  16. This just in, I just noticed that Wukong does not have a charge attack whatsoever? How about having iron jab as a charge attack on his primed fury? Its a fun way to bring it back to him as well as iron vault.
  17. That or change the augment to have it truly blind enemies for a bit of duration (e.g pocket sand/radial blind) when it passes through them, rather than just stunning them for a bit and only opening them up for finishers when going out of cloudwalker.
  18. After using it on a primal umbral build, I can say that his mere presence would melt anyone within the range of 20 meters and he is more than enough durable to last everywhere. Only problem that I face with the new rework is the extensive FPS 20 drop when using cloudwalker, though its quite a minor issue.
  19. Only within this recent rework and after extensive use, I notice that whenever I hop on his cloud form my fps would drop from 30 to 12 at its worst. it kinda makes him hard to steer or pull of some maneuvers with cloudwalker.
  20. Wukong does not live to serve others, but lives to serve himself and have others do other miscellaneous stuff for him.
  21. Defy seems to get invincibility on cast and an amour buff on cast, hopefully as much armour scaling or even moreso than chroma. Its not as if you would want to use primal fury all of the time.
  22. Wet Wisp on the plains eh... Runs off to Eidolon
  23. But people wanted the increased spawnrates since the beginning. Pros for all basically.
  24. So... Lethal Nightmare Alerts when? I mean they are good now, but we still haven't to need to *git gud* yet.
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