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  1. using his desert wind and right clicking to pull enimes sometimes equips your primary and this is what causes the bug for me and is repeatable 7/10 times once that happens you lose all action controls like reported above
  2. I love khora D: if people found some kinda exploit they're gana nerf her into the ground T^T
  3. chocolate burritos and watermellon waffles batman it's a hotfix page I wonder what kind of lore they're hiding in it. now now robin don't go losing your mind or I'll have to use the anti-insanity pills again and you know how those make you realize warframe is just canadian japaness doctor who. yo bman yall really gon mess up ma meme lyke dat boooiii *dabz* gtfo. oh god.... we just got modernized... *robin throwing batarang* YEET *batman sobs into hands*
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