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  1. Yet I hope for the big PoE fix that you can finally play in squads as low end dude
  2. The Codex works fine lol. Don't scan. Hunt!
  3. Hope we get it after New War
  4. Dear DE How about you will delete or reactivate Anti toxins!!!! They are bloody useless and are cred waste. I tried to farm Forma that way and it's not active. Just delete it from the shop or reactivate their rewards.
  5. United Clans of Tenno | MystikNeko | keine Untergrenze | nehmen noch auf | haben einen discord | noch keine homepage
  6. How dare you!!! Nakak never watched at our Rank!!! And why quills?!! You #*!%ing serious?! Unfair af
  7. There is the option: Guy is AFK and he gets no rewards :3.
  8. There was a 50/50%? I had always one Cephalon Fragment. Also I am always in a lack of Oxium. Thanks a lot for even more lack of Oxium
  9. There was a 50/50%? I had always one
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