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  1. It's IMPOSSIBLE to kill the lich solo if it reaches lvl 5. WHY EVEN BUFF THE LICH 9666687643689643 HP PER 1 BAR!!! And around 75 Gajillion Armor. You either have to play Inaros to not die but since they screwed melee up you can't be invincible anymore Or you have to play Mesa without an, survivability. Game Uninstalled today. No fun at all. My planets are all red...
  2. Well I am about to quit the game because of this screw up. Took much game enjoyment bcs of the nerf of channeling mods
  3. Just play solo. I was happy about ppl not killing liches
  4. Hate the new melee tbh... Broke the game... Totally
  5. Hate the new melee tbh... Broke the game...
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