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  1. Anyone with a decent weapon will ''nuke'' faster than protea. I'm sorry but protea's skills are not strong enough to be considered a nuke and the worst of it all is that protea's skills have low duration and you really need to spam them to take full advantage of them. xd
  2. LOL how is protea a nuke frame?
  3. DE should buff the other launcher type weapons. The damage falloff killed the zarr's damage. :'v
  4. ooof looks like protea will continue being underwhelming.
  5. She is a really spammy frame but has no good skills that are worth spamming. xd
  6. Most likely a bug. There is another bug too, when you use the stropha with gauss instead of filling his meter when attacking it actually drains it. xd
  7. I agree that her dispensary and temporal anchor are pretty good but her other abilities are utterly useless they need a buff. I really see no point in having a turret that deals no damage and does not shoot fast enough nor it covers enough area to apply heat status to be even remotely useful as status applyer. So my position in this matter is that she has a pretty good ultimate but she does not have decent skills to take advantage of her ult.
  8. It's not as bad as khora's grind. xdd
  9. What can you expect from people that are so out of touch from their own game. xd
  10. vauban's flechette already scales it's power with enemy level. xd
  11. I would like to have a sniper kitgun. xd
  12. LOL I checked my build and in fact it wasn't the one I set for the profit taker xd. Thanks for the help, now that I changed it again it is working fine.
  13. yeah I know but before I could one and a half mag the legs of the profit taker and now it takes me one and a half mag for just one leg. I haven't changed my loadout at all.
  14. Now it looks like vex armor is not the problem but for some reason my cyngas is doing less damage than it should against the profit taker. It's almost like it is doing unmodded damage or something but I don't understand why it's doing less damage now.
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