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  1. The thing is that even the damage is kinda bugged it kinda feels like fake crits or something but crit damage is not boosting the exodia contagian dmg output. I just hope DE gives us a direct notice about the nerf but so far 3 months have passed and we still haven't got any mention about it.
  2. yup not even with blood rush and riven. They completely killed it since it no longer scales from your zaw stats and has a fixed amount of cc and status.
  3. So DE when are we finally getting a direct notice about the exodia contagion nerf?
  4. Yeah they are nerfing everything I enjoy from this S#&$ty game and they are not even talking about the nerf to exodia contagion.
  5. LOL that's a 200iq move, framing a buff as a nerf since DE only loves to nerf things. xd
  6. I'm pretty sure something like roar, pillage or dispenser would work great on mesa.
  7. I mean marked for death has LoS so is not as bad as you think it is. xd..
  8. I'm afraid that by the time I unlock the helminth segment everything good would have been nerfed already.
  9. Fun is subjective and while that is important to consider when making content you also need to consider how well that content integrates into the game.
  10. it really pains because I had a riven so I didn't have to build up combo and could still enjoy the benefits of red crits but now DE just killed my fun :'c
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