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  1. Yup I can only fix it when I get myself killed and waste a revive. :'v
  2. Give the shedu to all the players in this thread as compensation. Xd
  3. I like railjack but it is a bad game design when you consider warframe as a whole. We have gotten 2 failed updates that are completely alienated from the core gameplay and one is worse than the other. If DE finds a way to implement railjack and liches into the core gameplay then it would probably pretty good but as it is right now I don't have time to enjoy warframe when all of this new updates prevent me from playing the core game.xd
  4. wtf no buff for railjack weapons?
  5. I always knew railjack would be a failure xd. I just want better rewards for endurance runs and that's enough for me to make me play more of this game. 8v
  6. Now I want to see how white knights will defend DE against this one. Xd
  7. I don't think buff potions would be even needed in a game as easy as warframe. We don't even have a proper "endgame" in the first place. Xd
  8. Considering the price they might have wanted to go an extra mile. Oh well what a missed opportunity :c
  9. so does the stratus pistol skin gives the bullets any special effect or nah?
  10. The op doesn't understand how a game economy works lol
  11. Nope I'm on my 5th kuva tonkor and I don't feel like playing anymore.
  12. While I agree that spin2win deserved a nerf, status only weapons died because CO doesn't scale as much as before. Gunblades became worst too, less fluid and less damage. And don't even get me started on thrown melee. Xd
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