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  1. It's really weird that I have been seeing that White knight behavior in any fandom and it makes me Wonder where we are going as a species since these types of people are becoming the norm. :c
  2. You know it's really weird that I have been seeing that White knight behavior in
  3. DE already forgot about garuda and she was supposed to get some kind of fixes too. The only thing we got was an useless augment. :c
  4. It still looks creepy as hell. It gives me chills just by looking at it lol
  5. Lol are you trolling or something?
  6. there is no reason to play warframe besides logging in for clearing nightwave in a day or when a good update drops lol. Warframe is a bad looter shooter in the sense that you farm for all of these items but you rarely find the need to actually use them since DE is catering for casuals lol.
  7. She does need a rework because I find her to be completely irrelevant in 95% of the content and she is a squishy one trick pony. :A
  8. Please don't change my octavia she is more than fine as she is right now.
  9. ooof another reason to not use wukong on high level missions. welp it was good while it lasted :c
  10. That's the point I already have most of the good weapons forma'ed :c
  11. I don't think you should ignore someone just because they said something you don't like. The only time I would find myself using the ignore system would be if someone started harrassing me in every shape or form lol.
  12. I think it is worse for high mr players since you already have all the weapons you use with the forma they need. This challenge only makes me waste forma on useless weapons and I'm starting to run out of fodder weapon to slap the forma on.
  13. Kek you are acting like a little kid for having an ignore list. 8v
  14. This nightwave is fine but De should get rid off the forma and gild missions because it just makes me waste them on useless weapons. :c
  15. oh S#&$ I hope they don't remove magnetize for a S#&$ty nyx's 4th copycat :c
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