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  1. And everyone else? People who didnt get the ephemera? People who got nothing? Guess our issues just get ignored?
  2. Still waiting to hear what you guys are planning in doing for those who did NOT get the ephemera but got Nekros, and those who did NOT get anything at all. Even though we followed the rules. I am even more so dissapointed in the complete silence other than this post (a band aid for the actual problem) from the community managers who are typically very vocal but for some reasom have kept quiet regarding this mess up. You advertised a transaction. My time for this product, and you did not deliver. Then when many people ask for a solution. You fix part of the issue (Nekros Prime) and stay silent on the many others who didnt get the ephemera or anything at all. You guys easily fixed this issue with Ashe last year, jusr give out the ephemera and Nekros. The twitch drop system is flawed, it had a history of major flaws. Yet the consumer is being punished for this flaw that has been recogized time and time again durong prime times and dev streams yet you all still continue with the twitch drops. I really hope this is not the start of a trend.
  3. Yeah so I got the Nekros, but no ephemera. Theres also many others who did not receive anything. Thank you for assisting those who did not get the Nekros, but those like myself who fulfillee the requirements but did not get the ephemera, and those who got nothing will be awaiting updates and answers on how this will be fixed for the rest of us.
  4. People keep saying wait till Saturday, but yet their official twitter posted this days ago "The Drop Hamsters must have been working overtime! All drops have been delivered to eligible accounts. To make sure your Twitch account is linked for the future, please see here: https://t.co/i8ZY41uZeQ" I watched the stream from the moment it started until after the hour segment about sound design. So probably about 3 hours during the lotus ephemera time slot. Account linked checked twice, my boyfriend also watched same time. I did not get my ephemera he got his right after 30 min. The dev stream portion starts, we both start watching I got the Nekros he did not. There could be many variables and possibilties of an issue on twitches end, DE's end what have you. The issue at hand is the blantant disregard that a good portion of the community did not get their advertised reward. Being told basically "you must have done something wrong" when DE has had failed twitch drops during dev streams and prime times, and even the Ashe issue. Just send the ephemera to everyone at this point. This isnt an issue of "I was not responsible and missed it" this is an issue of DE advertising a product that was not provided even though a good portion of consumers followed the rules. Again while it may have been a twitch issue, thats not the consumers fault and DE should take responsibility and just make the ephemera an alert. They arent losing anything by doing thing, but they will lose pontential revenue and future twitch views by people who have lost trust in them. This may sound dramatic to some but its a snow ball affect, you let one thing go too many times and then issues like these become normal. Tomorrow will be exactly one week, and im hoping come monday the community managers provide us some updates and a plan to fix this.
  5. Twitch drops have a history of not working properly. How many devstreams and prime times have had drops fail? Exactly. There are many, many people who are saying they have not recieved the items as advertised. I love DE, however how this issue is being handled, and the silence from the community managers (not the bs response from support) is really disheartning. DE advertised that watching their stream for a specific amount of time would result in the consumer recieving a digital good this was to entice more people to actually watch the stream to bolster their views and to inflate their spot on twitch during the presentations. These items are not "free" time = money. Our views helped with ad revenue im sure. Didn't the same issue happen with Ashe Prime? I hope we get real responses from the community managers with plans to fix this issue. Telling people if you didnt get it then you must have done something wrong is not good customer support nor is it good customer service. Whether its a vocal minority or not, this issue is not the consumers fault, this is not an isolated issue, I personally I got Nekros but not the ephemera? I was active in chat, watched for hours. However support will tell me that it was probably an issue on my end. I dont accept that.
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