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  1. Wow DE not learning from the past and actually going against what they said they were doing which is "listen to the players". I am looking that the numbers seem to be going down for the streams because man must be hard to not have grabbag rewards instead of tokens that we can choose what to get. You know maybe like a darvo shop that has all these floofs and other grab bag items so we can get things that we want instead of awful rng that is already bad and getting worse each update in the game. Getting the same stupid plant 4 times out of 4 is just a big you know what. Hopefully this
  2. Maybe do like other games and just have a code that people can add at their own convenience. Another game i play does this after abandoning the stupid twitch drops. That way you get people to watch the stream when they want instead of fakely forcing your numbers up with people that just put the stream on mute in the background.
  3. Nope. I watched and claimed. Nothing on PC so it seems that Xbox was able to get it in game but other platforms might have actually gotten nothing. Rather have grab bags then a another lie. I would prefer non grab bags that actually do their job.
  4. Since there is nothing saying about a twitch drop there isn't one? Also when are things actually going to be put into game? Corpus liches? The thing that was supposed to come out last year? Cross platform? All the big fixes? Command intrinsics rank 10? I could go on for hours listing things that were coming.
  5. Sucks lowering ducat value kinda sucks. Don't understand it unless all the rates become not rare on all relics. It sucks that i could unlock something that used to be 100 ducats is now less on the SAME RELIC.
  6. Please stop complaining about you consoles getting it later. It is because of the self sacrifice of the PC players that you get a better product from DE. Everytime they all get the update at the same time there is constant complaining about how bad the update is especially from console players. This is because the PC beta testers/losers have had to deal with the bugs for weeks.
  7. They know they need better drops. More viewers means it will show up higher on twitch. That is why they give big rewards during tennocon and the "video game awards". They want the viewership up. Grab bags was a cop out. Surprised Helen did it diplomatically but in truth viewership will probably go down because twitch drops 2.0 sucks especially when we were lied to that we couldn't lose drops and grab bags suck unless it is pure plat or something easily tradable. I suggest more of a token system that you can use at a baro like person to allow us to choose what we want. 5 plants or 5 o
  8. Only reason is they keep complaining about not being able to get the updates as the beta testers. They kinda get what they wanted aka game breaking bugs that the pc beta testers deal with every time.
  9. 2 decanters 1 planter 2 fails due to this system. Are you actually listening to this??? Grab bags sucks. If you are going to lei doing this then make it straight plat drops. Random amounts that are not tradable. Or another idea would be a ticket system. X tickets per stream and those can purchase the things you like from a store. That way someone with a floof fetish can purchase only those while others might want to get the the color pallet or mod.
  10. Not when it is RNG based. I could get 5 peculiar blooms in a row or a stupid decoration every single time.
  11. Just did the stupid Neptune Orphix mission. Was trying to extract and this occurred. I could do nothing except lose all progress. Good update as you run away for the weekend. Now to do the Orphix mission I hate all over again. GG And now one in the Pluto Orphix. As you can see I am in my railjack but it wants me to get to a point that I actually cannot get to. It stays at 9899km and then pushes me back around Orphix come too quickly still on solo.
  12. Why is it that you crew can't have priorities? In this day and age many games that have crew can have a priority list. Like my engineer can first be a defender only when boarded, then engineer if anything is needed and then gunner if nothing else is needed. You know like what would happen if you had an actual crewmember.
  13. Didn't help the last time. Actually sorry they do and it is is in the PC community.
  14. Opetyr

    Railjack mods

    Must be a bug but all my railjack mods that were max rank with railjack 1.0 are now not even close. Must be a bug since it doesnt make sense that i have to put more into the thing that I already had max.
  15. Remember they also said they were being generous. Shows how what they say is still not what you get. Come on DE you destroyed the good parts of railjack (not really that many), change Dirac to endo before making those mods have a higher charge but didn't give us the any of credits that would be needed, and just make it overall worse. Are you actually trying to improve or is this going to be put into Railjack 2.0 Revised in a couple of months?
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