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  1. Yeah this really wasn't a good thing to do. There should be no tricks and none of this random bs. You could watch all 4 hours and not get what you are wanting while someone will get 12 of what that other person only wanted one.
  2. Same. had the stream on the whole time and get a stupid fireworks. FFS.
  3. You are correct what Nightwave was supposed to be. That was a lie. We can list many times of things they said that were completely untrue: rivens, railjack, nemesis, warframe revised, they do more lies than truths and it keeps getting worse.
  4. This is great but by the time episode 5 starts I will already have gotten the standing for the next 30 ranks since already at 20k+ extra standing. NEEDS TO HAVE INFINITE RANKS OR MAKE THEM BETTER THAN ALERTS. Alerts always happened and this was supposed to replace Alerts and be better. I don't see them being better than Alerts right now. Remember people complained about the last NW being around for 6 months??? Well this one is getting there since even if they release the next episode right now they will keep it up for a couple of weeks which will *ding*ding*ding be 6 months. Maybe DE
  5. Same Latron just downloads and just stays there not allowing mission to continue. Drone never adds shields. Should reward everyone with like 200+ grandmother tokens. Doesnt take much to actually test one mission and see it does not work. Sorry but it is getting annoying to lose your bonuses not because of what I did but what was not looked at. latron Une is already an awful mission with the awful drop rate and then you changed it into keep that stupid drone alive that doesnt add shields and health to itself. Remove the new bonus and go back to the old one. Also make
  6. Latron Une missions doesnt even finish. Please start actually testing all this stuff. Losing the points and bonuses is ridiculous.
  7. All of those were exclusive for YEARS. Dont give us that. Them giving them out after years is ridiculous. Heck Primed Chamber happened once for everyone and DE did promise to bring it back in an event. They finally kinda fulfilled that promise.
  8. Yeah but now we are capped at rank 90 and it is going to be around probably for another 2+ months. Alerts at least kept happening. I enjoyed alerts. This system is even worse than alerts because when you are maxed it is like all alerts are turned off. This was supposed to be better than alerts. At least with alerts they were always some coming around. Heck they even had miny mission challenges every mission that were enjoyable which are just the stupid 1k nw standing.
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