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  1. Yeah I would like my drops. I watched and not my problem that the stream had issues.
  2. So why the heck is that the ranks have not increased? It literally been like 3 weeks that I have been maxed out and you are abandoning this one. No notice in the game. Why the heck is it not on the main page of the thing? Also how long are you abandoning the game? Tennocon is done and things that given during that are still not fixed. Vastilok is using the old melee. WHO TESTED THIS? Also why are we having another intermission? Did you not even think about this for the last what 5 months?
  3. Yeah just sat in the relay for the whole time they better just give everyone the drops since this lack of testing is getting annoying.
  4. They are not a indie company anymore. True the issue is DE says you eeded to be in the game in the last week. People like me are on vacation so havent been logging in. So we will be screwed. I made sure I was able to get into the relay today but with this I will not have a chance. Many people have been taking breaks since the grind is real with the SOP and people like me have waited until they actually fix their stuff instead of working on Tennocon.
  5. GG DE good start to Tennocon. Maybe fix this since you are requiring something to drop when you are IN THE GAME.
  6. Wow DE not learning from the past and actually going against what they said they were doing which is "listen to the players". I am looking that the numbers seem to be going down for the streams because man must be hard to not have grabbag rewards instead of tokens that we can choose what to get. You know maybe like a darvo shop that has all these floofs and other grab bag items so we can get things that we want instead of awful rng that is already bad and getting worse each update in the game. Getting the same stupid plant 4 times out of 4 is just a big you know what. Hopefully this devstream will have more than last months stream since they specifically said they would only show things that were coming soon but talked about things that were barely in the idea stage.
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