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  1. I know it is not too deep yet but was curious about what is my current standing. Still need to work on the playtimes :)
  2. As much as I loved the idea of a TF2 engineer now we can say we have 2 engineer type of warframe (not means more cannot be) but the Proteas kit is mostly covers it except she have no teleport only time control. Vauban also have towers but he is less self sufficient since he has no dispensary. If they make a new engineer like frame I would like a frame who can make a hoverbike, arm cannon augment, have a minefield ability (better but immobile) version of Vauban's mine. Another could be a temporal sentinel or a Khora like engineer frame with a robotic companion. I would much more like if we could have a saboteur warframe with the ability to hack the enemy systems on galleons, railjack and turn the self defence system against the enemies similar how Mirage can do with her second ability. That also could start a self destruct command on some kind of missions or have some advantages on hacking. This could be a saboteur-hacker type warframe but there are a lot concepts out there.
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