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  1. Clan/Alliance Name: Cl3m Cl4n Preferred Payment Type: Platinum / In-game Items Design Details: I'd like a clem holding a piece of platinum, the platinum should be centered as well as clem. The platinum should be above clem, he's holding both his hands up reaching for it. The platinum piece is shining. Links to reference images: I could draw you a low quality picture so you get some ideas, maybe? Additional Comments: If you're interested add me StreetDude#1876 on discord! (Only clem's hands, face and maybe a bit of neck should be visible, also the clan name shouldn't be anywhere, it is likely to change)
  2. Hello, i'm looking for someome to make / draw me a Clan Emblem. I'm willing to pay in platinum, if you are interested, add me on diacord StreetDude#1876!
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