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  1. Could you detail some more of your plans for future Kitguns? We already heard that primary Kitguns might still make it into the game but I'd love to hear more detail about where the Kitgun system is going to go. I'll list a few specific questions I'm interested in hearing about: Are we going to get Kitgun grips that change the weapon's firing mode? Are there more Kitgun chambers or arcanes coming with Fortuna part 2? Are the stats for Kitguns likely to get adjusted any time soon? (Crit kitguns are amazing currently while status kitguns are kinda mediocre compared to market guns) (Bonus question: will we be able to equip skins on Kitguns? Fashion frame is endgame after all!)
  2. Could you add Sentinel Rivens as a separate (veiled) riven type, with very low droprate? Obviously the current system where a sentinel riven drops and ruins your day is pretty bad, but so is the proposed system where e.g. Artax rivens are worth 200p! There needs to be some way to get a trickle of sentinel rivens so that it's not a market of continuously inflating values for hoarders to dominate.
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