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  1. Any progress on the bug where sometimes the game just ignores your guess entirely and calls it incorrect? I experienced the exact bug listed here on a *correct* guess but the UI showed it as Red and post-mission it showed as grey instead. I only found out it was actually a correct guess later on when I got the third murmur reveal. (Edit to add: Kuva did drop from that third guess and the lich immediately despawned but did not level up, this has been a long-running issue since Liches launched and it can also happen when the guess is legitimately incorrect. I've experienced it 5 or 6 times across ~40 liches now.)
  2. Love it when a thread devolves into personal insults within two posts, really classy 👍
  3. So: Bow-specific version of Cautious Shot. Issue resolved? Well, no. Cautious Shot still can't be applied to most of the explosive weapons in the game, adding a bow-specific version doesn't really go that far towards solving the actual issue. My proposal: switch Cautious Shot to be applied to all Primaries and let players figure it out from there. It's already applying to the Ignis, Opticor and Torid so it's not like it's using the correct designation already. And I don't think that players who can complete arbitrations and farm up the huge amount of endo required to make this mod actually work are all that likely to be confused by the ambiguity there. Then introduce a new mod for secondaries - I'm guessing that having a mod which applies to both primaries and secondaries is too complex and that's fair enough. Introducing a new bow-specific mod doesn't actually fix the issue, it just fixes this one specific instance of the issue. Hopefully this feedback has already been received and understood by DE staff but it's never really clear so I wanted to summarize these basic thoughts so that the full situation is understood. I do not think the bow-specific mod is a good solution to this issue and I don't think it would be good for us to wind up in a situation where we need 4 separate mods ("unique", bow, shotgun, secondary) to cover this issue and still not fix the Acceltra. (EDIT: Also to be clear, conversation in that thread has already become derailed and people are missing Marcus' post so I wanted to post a separate thread for feedback on this Bow-specific cautious shot.)
  4. Thanks for doing this! This will definitely be a big improvement to the usability of the Kuva Bramma. As someone with a bit of time spent using the Kulstar, I'm not really surprised that players are reporting that the Kuva Bramma is not very usable. That said (and I'm sorry if you've already seen this feedback elsewhere...) this still doesn't address the entire issue: Secondaries, Shotguns and the Acceltra are still left out of coverage. (EDIT: And yes, I might be revealing my secret real reason for asking for Cautious Shot improvements - the Kulstar is a fun weapon that is unfortunately hindered by being completely unusable if there is a wall anywhere near you)
  5. Well yeah I agree we probably won't be able to if the Kuva Bramma ships without any changes to Cautious Shot But Rebb was saying "why is everyone screaming about self-damage? we have a whole mod to solve that, and we buffed it and there's an exilus slot too" And I agree, self-damage isn't that big of a deal... if you can equip Cautious Shot on the Kuva Bramma, which you probably can't.
  6. Something which came up in the Devstream: Cautious Shot doesn't actually work on the Lenz. Will it work on the Kuva Bramma?
  7. These sound like great changes to improve the experience for the more normal players! One major change I would suggest (as someone who has already done the grind extensively) is a way to pull back the extreme end of single-lich loop. Personally I think it's all fine and good when you take 1-2 hours to kill a lich but sometimes it instead takes 3+ hours due to getting terrible luck. One additional issue is that liches still don't tie into Railjack in any meaningful way. My suggestion for improving both of these factors would be to add a Kuva Lich node in Railjack which is only accessible once you have 2 complete mod reveals or a level 5 lich. This node would have a guaranteed lich spawn for all players and increased murmur gain on completion.
  8. "5 Crewships Sabotaged" Just want to say that I would be taking the time to personally praise whichever player gets this award at the end of every mission, that's a huge improvement to the UI just for that one detail.
  9. As of the latest hotfix (27.0.11), shooting yourself at a crewship just before it explodes (and having it explode while you're on your way there) causes you to become sent into a black void. The game does not entirely freeze up and chew CPU or anything but nothing you can do causes any response.
  10. Any plans to revisit the RNG elements on Railjack components? Reactors in particular are hit very badly with this since Avionics Capacity is the only thing that anyone cares about. The Zekti MK3 reactor is all but worthless now that Clantech is unlocked (since the Zekti has a max Avionics capacity of 50 and the Clantech MK3 always has avionics of 50).
  11. I'm glad that we now have MK3 clantech in research but it does present a new problem: since Zekti MK3 reactors have a maximum capacity of 50 Avionics, Clantech MK3 always gives 50 Avionics and Avionics capacity is far and away the most important stat on Reactors... Well, we probably need a new option which automatically scraps all Zekti Mk3 reactors that you receive, so you don't even need to waste the time looking at them. Alternatively as less tongue-in-cheek feedback: Please revisit the Avionics Capacity stat on reactors. I don't think it should be randomized at all since it's so critical to Railjack builds. It's fine if it grows until you reach MK3 and potentially I could see it being fine to have it vary by manufacturer but it's pretty goofy right now having such a critical stat locked behind getting a high roll as a result of a 2% post-mission drop chance. I would suggest a randomized buff to the Dome Charge Cannon as a replacement stat. EDIT: Another alternative stat you could add and assign RNG to would be a slow regeneration of Flux Energy.
  12. Yeah I can get behind the idea of Flux Capacity and extra buffs being RNG but Avionics Capacity is like if you built a Prime Frame and discovered that it only had 8 mod capacity Especially when you consider that it makes everything but high-roll Vidar MKIII reactors near-worthless.
  13. Will there be any refunds for people who used Rush Repair Drones on weapons prior to the RNG being added? I've got a support ticket open for this but a) it's more about the principle of the thing than anything else b) I really think this should be a global refund, adding RNG to something after you've already invested in it is really not cool at all.
  14. Having spent a few hours last night and tonight in the Veil Proxima, I think I've concluded that the Crewship health regen buff is just not a good mechanic at all Railjack weapons even at MK3 are already weaker than Archguns with a decent build (Imperator Vandal, Cyngas, Phaedra) not because of raw DPS but because the Archguns have better status effects and better control over their status effects, so... Being told as a Pilot "oh hey shooting is now pointless, just ignore that mechanic for now. Still gotta dodge though!" sucks Especially when Archguns can still do damage because status effects are so powerful and it's so much easier to maintain continuous fire against a single target when you have the mobility of an Archwing. In summary, the health regen buff is a "no fun allowed' zone and it's doing its job of sucking the fun out of Veil Proxima. It was interesting to encounter this mechanic at first but all it does it lock you out of having fun until the Archwing user goes and saves you (again making Archwings the only role that matters). Since Crewships spawn continuously, it effectively locks you out of participating in some 80% of the fight. Also: It's not very visible (at all) (is there even a visual effect?) It causes numerous bugs, particularly Outriders that have all the weak spots destroyed and so become invincible but also cases where ships retain the buff forever after the Crewship is destroyed I'm probably going to stop playing Veil Proxima now because I've realized that it's Not Fun thanks to this One Weird Mechanic. Replacing it with something like a 100% damage buff might be more interesting. Or you could introduce a new enemy type with different strategies? Crewships are already priority #1 so adding this mechanic doesn't actually change anything about the fight, it just makes the gameplay boring for Railjack pilots and gunners.
  15. Exo Outriders in Veil Proxima can become invincible, if you destroy all their weak points while they are still under the effects of a Crewship's health regen
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