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  1. As far as I know, both Excal and Banshee augments still apply after this ability is calculated. Also the damage is already capped by the enemy's health which should theoretically prevent those augments from being overpowered. The 150% transfer cap is a second cap on top of the one which already exists and I do not see the purpose for such a complex and unintuitive mechanic.
  2. With the current implementation, MfD is only useful when used in combination with Finishers. Changing the damage amount doesn't change this. I think the correct solution is to either limit the ability so that it only works on Finishers (and balance around the limitation) or get rid of the damage transfer and make it always deal True damage. As a side note, capping effectiveness is kind of silly - you could just reduce the base effect to 50% and most builds would struggle to reach 150%. Outside of damage reduction, caps are an unusual and unexpected mechanic in Warframe and I do not t
  3. I didn't see this in the patch notes and I haven't tested issue 1 but the second issue appears to have been fixed by Hotfix 29.0.6 EDIT: Most likely this bug was also affecting the releasing of companions for issue 2. I expect that issue 1 still exists. Fixed failing to Gild an eligible Infested Companion with the Conservation Entrati member if you have a Predasite that is less than Rank 30.
  4. I experienced two bugs with this system. 1) You cannot release a companion when you have reached your daily reputation cap. This despite the fact that releasing a companion does not reward reputation at Deimos. 2) You cannot release a companion which has been gilded and max ranked. In total it appears that the system does not function in any way - perhaps it works for players who have max-ranked a companion without gilding them though?
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