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  1. GrowthProfitGrofit

    Coming Soon: Devstream #120!

    Could you detail some more of your plans for future Kitguns? We already heard that primary Kitguns might still make it into the game but I'd love to hear more detail about where the Kitgun system is going to go. I'll list a few specific questions I'm interested in hearing about: Are we going to get Kitgun grips that change the weapon's firing mode? Are there more Kitgun chambers or arcanes coming with Fortuna part 2? Are the stats for Kitguns likely to get adjusted any time soon? (Crit kitguns are amazing currently while status kitguns are kinda mediocre compared to market guns) (Bonus question: will we be able to equip skins on Kitguns? Fashion frame is endgame after all!)
  2. Came here to report this same issue, seems like all gems are unaffected by resource boosters when you get them from containers. They are also unaffected by Smeeta Charm buff. Fish parts obtained from the same containers are fully affected by both.
  3. I'm glad that you fixed Gara's Splinter Storm killing arbitration drones - I didn't see the patch note for it but it seems to be fixed and it's a very much deserved fix. I'm not so happy that Gara's Splinter Storm still only exists on one side of the rift plane, dealing zero damage to enemies who are banished or even when they are inside of the same cataclysm you are. I'm particularly annoyed that if you cast Splinter Storm inside of Cataclysm or while Banished, you now have a useless instance of Splinter Storm which deals damage only to enemies who are also banished or inside of splinter storm. Good work but please finish the job! This issue is incredibly troubling if you play Arbitrations because Gara and Limbo seem to be top picks for those. EDIT: sorry if this came off as rude though, I just got salty because I died and lost a really good arbitration mission while I was trying to reset a splinter storm that was broken by casting inside cataclysm. I would really like it fixed but it's not the end of the world, I'll just abort whenever I see a Limbo in the mission in future.
  4. Just ran a Kuva mission, switched to my Kuva setup (with Naramon) and then entered the mission. I spent the entire mission with Zenurik which screwed up my build a bit. On checking my arsenal after exiting the mission, Naramon was still equipped. I'm pretty sure I must have just started the mission too fast, before the focus school switch registered. Side note: not sure what would have happened if I started another mission immediately after, using the same loadout. Probably worth testing.
  5. GrowthProfitGrofit

    Dev Workshop: Riven Disposition Changes

    Could you add Sentinel Rivens as a separate (veiled) riven type, with very low droprate? Obviously the current system where a sentinel riven drops and ruins your day is pretty bad, but so is the proposed system where e.g. Artax rivens are worth 200p! There needs to be some way to get a trickle of sentinel rivens so that it's not a market of continuously inflating values for hoarders to dominate.
  6. GrowthProfitGrofit

    Every Goopolla is Large

    Saw this last night while fishing, absolutely every Goopolla I caught registered as Large even though many of them obviously were not (wrong visible size, no sounds when capturing). They stacked under a separate category so I had two separate types of Goopolla (L) and this continued all the way through the mission exit screen and over to hand them in. This did not affect other fish (only tested Glappids though) and I am not sure whether standing gain was affected. I took some screenshots if that is helpful, can post them if requested.
  7. GrowthProfitGrofit

    Embolist should have punch through

    Ah yeah that's actually extremely similar to my build for anti-Corpus, I didn't find it very impressive though since Ignis can also deal pure gas damage and has much higher damage in that config even with the riven involved. Headshots also benefit the Ignis much more than they do the Embolist because of the x4 multiplier on crit headshots and I don't really find much difficulty in lining up headshots with the Ignis. You're right that Embolist is pretty strong in shield-only sorties, personally I generally just use a melee weapon for those since I have a nice +range +toxin +damage riven for my polearm zaw but yeah it's definitely a strong choice there. I absolutely wouldn't say it's useless, my comparison of the damage with the Ignis was more to establish that it's not some exceptional game-breaking super weapon which is only held back by punch through. Yeah you're right, I was talking about the Ignis both in terms of its damage and in terms of its practical effects and it's misleading. Specifically I was trying to say two separate things: 1 - It's weird that the Embolist doesn't have Ignis-style punch through when you consider that it did have that before and that it has very similar VFX and feel to the weapons which do have innate enemy punch through. Which makes it feel super strange and unexpected to fire your gas cloud AoE and have it suddenly vanish as soon as it contacts with an enemy. 2 - I do not think there is a gameplay balance reason for this to be the case, since it is definitely not an overwhelmingly powerful weapon which is only held back by its lack of punch through - in fact there are several weapons with similar or higher damage stats which do have innate punch through, for example the Ignis. It was a mistake for me to list the Ignis for point 2 when I could have listed e.g. the Atomos, since it's thrown off some of the conversation on to a separate point which I never made - that the Ignis and the Embolist are 1:1 identical and the Embolist is just bad!Ignis.
  8. GrowthProfitGrofit

    Embolist should have punch through

    1 - would be glad to see which build you use. I don't use either build actually, I threw together one with a lot more QoL and a riven... and it still feels awful to use, which brought me back here. 2 - they're both aoe beam weapons which both had punch-through prior to the beam rework. Phantasma is also similar feeling and also benefits from the Ignis style punch-through. I'm not trying to say that they're identical but they're close enough that it feels super weird that Embolist misses out. 3 - to be clear, the point of my comparison was less "this gun is underpowered" (though I do think that is true, you are free to disagree) and more "this gun would not be made overpowered by adding ignis-style punch through". It would still have less damage, tiny range and a tiny magazine. It would still be dealing less damage than a melee quick-attack that covers the same range. At least the melee gets infinite punch through vs enemies. I edited the OP though to address your points more closely - I'm not trying to argue about the power of the Embolist so much as to argue that it feels super weird to dispense a cloud of gas which suddenly comes to an abrupt halt as soon as it touches enemies, and that adding Ignis-style punch through would not make it overpowered.
  9. GrowthProfitGrofit

    Embolist should have punch through

    Oh yeah I should have clarified, what I was referring to is the new Ignis style punchthrough - I don't mean general geometry punchthrough. The Ignis has infinite punch through against enemy bodies and zero punch through against geometry. It feels super weird to have it missing on the Embolist since it visually and stylistically feels extremely similar and yet the handling is completely off. Phantasma has the same punch through fyi.
  10. GrowthProfitGrofit

    Embolist should have punch through

    The Embolist lost punch-through as an undocumented part of the beam reworks. I think it should be brought back. Let's compare Ignis Wraith with Embolist, using the two highest rated builds: Ignis Wraith - 34K burst damage, 30K sustained damage Embolist - 35K burst damage, 20K sustained damage It's pretty clear that the Embolist is not doing great compared to the Ignis Wraith based on that. And then you throw in the 9 meter range, no punch through and terrible magazine size. You can fix all of these with mods of course but then you'll be doing such terrible damage that you might as well not have bothered. Even if you restore punch-through to the Embolist it will not be an overpowered weapon. It will just be a more comfortably usable weapon.
  11. GrowthProfitGrofit

    Why doesn't Embolist have punch through anymore?

    It feels like an oversight, the weapon basically functions as a miniature toxic Ignis except it's hugely weaker and shorter ranged. From what I gather, it had punch through previous to the beam rework but lost it as part of an undocumented change? Like I said, feels super weird and lacking because it's such a bad weapon for MR9, giving it Ignis-style punch through would make it... well, still not great, but at least usable. EDIT: aaaaaa I thought I was posting in weapons not warframes, unfortunately I can't delete it or move it myself
  12. Should work across planes since it's a Warframe ability but the damage doesn't transfer - when you are inside of Limbo's Cataclysm, Splinter Storm does no damage to enemies even though you're in the same plane. I haven't tested it out extensively to see what the exact conditions are but it's clearly and consistently bugged.
  13. GrowthProfitGrofit

    Free Nitain

    I had the same issue during the same mission, I did this mission three times in a row and enemies only spawned on one of the attempts - the one where the host dropped out part-way into the mission. Unfortunately the host dropped out when we had already got halfway through the mission so only 38 out of the necessary 49 enemies spawned.
  14. GrowthProfitGrofit

    Received incorrect Kuva amount

    This is actually two separate bugs I guess: First of all, in general it seems to be possible to queue for a Kuva Flood and only wind up getting Kuva Siphon rewards. Once you complete the mission, the Kuva Flood is still available. I'm guessing this happens when a Kuva Flood appears on a tile that previously contained a Kuva Flood - the matchmaking doesn't distinguish the two so you wind up joining a hosted instance of "Kuva" type even though it's the wrong mission. During my most recent Kuva Flood mission however, I received the Smeeta Kavat buff and received ~4400 kuva. On leaving the mission, I found that I only owned a total of ~4000 kuva. Since I had previously owned ~1800 kuva this indicates that despite the buff being active and the game displaying the 4400 kuva amount, I did not actually receive it. I saw the kuva amount immediately after the siphon exploded and did not check the count at the mission end. If it helps, this mission was played with players duyprovip2102, TeaHarvest and Periselene.
  15. GrowthProfitGrofit

    Warframe Builder

    I noticed a weird bug - at some point this build (which was previously the second highest rated Lanka build) had its description deleted along with all the likes accumulated on it, as well as changing the name of the build to just "Lanka Eidolon". I considered that maybe I had done this myself by accident but it shouldn't be possible for me to set an empty description, let alone deleting all the likes (IIRC it had around 7-10 likes?). It would be really nice if you had some ability to reset it to an earlier state since the description was pretty long and detailed but also it's just a really weird thing to happen in the first place. Doesn't seem to have happened to any of my other builds.