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  1. I didn't see this in the patch notes and I haven't tested issue 1 but the second issue appears to have been fixed by Hotfix 29.0.6 EDIT: Most likely this bug was also affecting the releasing of companions for issue 2. I expect that issue 1 still exists. Fixed failing to Gild an eligible Infested Companion with the Conservation Entrati member if you have a Predasite that is less than Rank 30.
  2. I experienced two bugs with this system. 1) You cannot release a companion when you have reached your daily reputation cap. This despite the fact that releasing a companion does not reward reputation at Deimos. 2) You cannot release a companion which has been gilded and max ranked. In total it appears that the system does not function in any way - perhaps it works for players who have max-ranked a companion without gilding them though?
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