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  1. Found this a bit to late... Upon renaming a transporter in dojo, the transporter was changed in position. Screenshot of the new position (you can still teleport to it, but not away) in this post
  2. Upon renaming a transporter in Dojo a slight change of position of that transporter took place:
  3. Why not a script to fix it? Obviously the "faulty item" is in the inventory and should be replaceable with the non-faulty one without bigger issues...
  4. Necessary information: Clan officially registered as : UnicornKitten from SPACE, Ghost Tier, PC We are a small Clan of 2. We have no dedicated roles. Architect permission present. (Full Name without length barrier : UnicornKitten from OUTTA SPACE) (Edit: Please do not use transporter "BMH". It is bugged currently Bug post ) Lets take a sneak peak at what to expect should you get permission to visit: Purr & Recreation --- Our Main Area, including and leading to many places for pleasure and relaxation A51 --- It is just a weather ballon, no rec
  5. It seems solved btw. unless i missed an object still being buggy.
  6. Consider to include an option in future updates / hotfixes to unsubscribe from Nova-News-Pop-Ups about the super cool Nightwave Missions, Mainly it is quite annoying to wait for them to disappear to check collected ressources in mission or quickly adjust something in options. Secondly informing me about missions i want to ignore (due to extensive progress in nightwave) is extra annoying, just saying.
  7. As you can see below, there is no way to interact with the objects after their initial placement. This behavior is reproducable, there are two after all. Would be nice if that could be fixed, so that it is not nescessary to delete the whole room instead of only 2 items within.
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