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  1. I'd say those that started around the time the game went open beta or anyone who played during closed beta and is STILL playing the game
  2. You're forgetting about our REAL lord and savior, John Prodman. May his prod pierce the heavens.
  3. Oh look, no new content besides cosmetics. May the content drought continue!
  4. I have no words, this made me chuckle It actually was, Freddy got revived and they went to make a new Album called "Freddy's Spaghetti"
  5. I'm curious, are his palms sweaty and his knees weak by any chance? Maybe his arms are heavy as well while all the stress made him vomit on his sweater already but even then, he still wants Mom's Spaghetti?
  6. It tastes like salt because it's crying since no one ever goes to the void anymore.
  7. Honestly, the only fact that's bothering me right now is that they're just "aiming" for this week. If they are certain it's gonna come this week, as we saw at E3, why didn't they say "it's not coming today, but it's still coming this week"?
  8. How about we just stop all the white-knighting and the "take your time" posts? The mere fact that they said they are AIMING for this week is extremely frustrating. Why in the world did they announce on E3, a rather important show, that the update comes this week, yet the update isn't even ready to the point of being deployed? I personally don't care about Excalibur Umbra but I know many people do. This is going to be extremely embarrassing for the dev team after having it announced so openly for this week while it might not actually come this week, may John Prodman have mercy on your souls.
  9. It's kind of late over here so I can't really go check, but isn't the man in the wall the only one whose voice has a reverb effect to it? or more like an echo? I'm not sure if Hunhow's voice does, I might be wrong.
  10. So, who besides me is is constantly reloading twitter and the forums while having Warframe run in the background while waiting for red text? owo
  11. Guys, a friend of mine just gave me a hint, I thing that Golden thing in the background is actually Teshin
  12. Since I first saw someone post that this MIGHT be a possibility, I've been actually hoping that that would actually happen. Probably just wishful thinking but still, I NEED IT!
  13. I'm gonna explode into confetti if it's actually ready already and it's dropping right after the trailer
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