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  1. Uh...did you just answer your own question?
  2. So the bot should be okay because it literally just plays the Shawzin? Maybe someone should ask directly about it, just to make absolutely sure.
  3. Not sure about the speed of it but the reason why it might sounds totally awful could be related to the song having many G#s and Bs and/or the notes are generally too high.
  4. I literally only just now saw this thing and had to mess with it. Are there going to be any more updates? I think the additional scale broke the whole thing, it all sounds out of tune, kinda blows. Either that or I'm doing something fundamentally wrong. The weird thing is, it seems to sort of work when I leave the midis unaltered. However, once I remove all the background instruments besides the lead, it breaks. It sounds fine when I play it anywhere else but in warframe, the notes are completely off, I'm not sure what causes that. Alright, so after some testing, I got it to work. What I think the bot needs is an option to turn on/off the different instruments and to transponse the instruments individually, it that's possible. I noticed that it's usually a case of notes too high on the scale that make the whole thing sound odd. Sometimes it just doesn't work at all though or breaks out of nowhere and it suddenly can't play a song anymore which it used to play almost perfectly, which I can't quite make sense of.
  5. I still struggle with build ups admittedly lol. At first, it was only the second part without any of the orchestral bits but then I would have had even less of a build up, or a worse one.
  6. Dumb question but...how does one "accidently" get 100k Kuva?
  7. I haven't posted an actual song on here in ages, hope I didn't grow worse over time. I actually wanted to make a song for Gauss before he was even released but I couldn't really get any inspiration for it, bleh. Hope you guys like it though.
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