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  1. Oh fun. Well, guess I have to expect my converted Lich then to just bail on me because she's a deserter. Kind of Ironic, first she gets to desert the Grineer and then probably me if she ever does show up lol
  2. I THINK that they mentioned it in the last devstream again but I could be wrong, I assume that someone here can give you an exact answer to that though. Did your converted Lich knock you the hell out? The heck The fact that she actually says "Allow me to assist" before killing you just makes this even better.
  3. The Liches becoming part of our crew is already part of the plan :3
  4. Or maybe instead of having them appear at random times, just give us something to craft like a beacon that we could call our Lich with. That way, we could actually call them in when we actually NEED help, but I suppose for them to be of actual help, they'd have to get buffed immensely.
  5. DE will never ever bring any of those items back. If they did, they could face legal consequences in fact, sorry my dude.
  6. Just tried it out, didn't know that was actually possible to combine quick melee with heavy attacks, thanks! Actually, I feel like it might have been a bug because yesterday, it wouldn't let me do heavy attacks during quick melee
  7. That's just the button to do heavy attacks with, it won't let me do any heavy attacks without me switching to my melee weapons first, which is the issue I'm having.
  8. If there is then I probably missed it. I'm trying to somehow get some use out of dispatch overdrive but it kind of breaks the flow when you have to stop what you're doing, switch to your melee, do a heavy attack on an enemy and then switch back to your gun again.
  9. I wonder what "poor sense of balance" does to them, anyone got an idea? My Lich wields a Shieldeg and I don't think anyone should swing that kind of weapon around with a poor sense of balance lol
  10. I haven't posted an actual song on here in ages, hope I didn't grow worse over time. I actually wanted to make a song for Gauss before he was even released but I couldn't really get any inspiration for it, bleh. Hope you guys like it though.
  11. Nevermind, I kinda misread your post <_<
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