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  1. my lv of hype for the new tileset and new war....
  2. it would be better that they just increase the XP u get for clearing nodes on the starchart, obligatory forma thing for the sake of getting MR is stupid and can be a little p2w for some people
  3. u are right my friend we need to nerf rhino !
  4. Because people are going jam about it recently, maybe they finally found the endgame?
  5. aww shet here we go again
  6. at least one of the treads can stop now, those are mandatory and useless complains still
  7. For those that always ask about this event everyday on this forums, on the devstream 127 DE Rebbeca confirmed that Plague star will be active after tennocon 2019 on 12th june Now... stop posting a new tread asking for this everyday jesus christ..
  8. my god that looks amazing! now i want it
  9. i read this and i keep asking myself, why the HUB are so desert and sad whe baro is not there, why a place to hang out and meet people more natural is so isolated for the main game and nobody seems to care. but nop, everyone is busy rushing capture missions on the void and complaining on the forums for not getting the loki and volt relics...
  10. not another polearm prime plz...
  11. u know, the prime unvault just started... if u say u are a casual player and dont have much time then why the hurry? get a decent 1 hour farm routine or something and thats it, the only one on fault for u burning out is you
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