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  1. Oh my gosh you guys should be ashamed of this event overall. I'm sorry, I know every release has some bugs. But. Wow. An invisible multi-part boss who also turns you invisible is a little much. And the clan invasion thing or whatever that is breaks my game entirely. Goes to a glitched up screen and locks the game up. Makes me force close and restart.
  2. So in the past changes you all made: The Wolf of Saturn Six Changes: The Wolf (and other “stalker” type enemies) now have a level cap of 45 for Solo players and 60 for public squads. The Wolf (and other “stalker” type enemies) now have a level cap of 60 for Solo players and 75 for public squads. Significantly reduced the Wolfs tankiness. But it didn't. I just fought him in a fairly well equipped squad with weapons doing the best damage type against him and we weren't even scratching him. Guns that should have killed him in 3-4 minutes didn't even get him under 50%. That doesn't seem like a reduction in tank unless no one has actually killed him yet. Which I know isn't what's happening. He was only a level 68 so I don't understand why reasonably equipped parties would have such trouble with it. 706,935.4 divided by .145 (85.5% damage reduction) means he had 4,875,416.6 effective health. Which the way we were bashing him, and afterwards compared damage numbers, yeah, he still should have died rapidly. Things just seem really off. And I wouldn't mind it all so bad if this wasn't only the SECOND time I've even seen him playing every day a decent amount of time since event started. We killed him first time we saw him like he was nothing. 8 weeks ago. Second Edit: Naturally since posting I've had about 6 sightings. Killed him every time, but I was prepared. Actually killed him under 3 minutes one of those. Killed him in a party full of me, two MR6s and an MR10. So. Pretty pleased we got him that time too.
  3. As far as I know, this is the first warframe to be released before it can be farmed. THAT'S DISGUSTING! You have always been prided by the community for being fair about "almost anything game function you can farm for free eventually" granted with large grinding and resource harvesting requirements, which is fair trade off. It's honestly what first drew me to the game along with how awesome the game is to play. Comparing DE to other leading Free to Play platform style games you all used to be way ahead. But now what's unique? What's special anymore? Some games require massive grind to play free and still have anything, some of them initially charge more to buy "free units" and the premium cost stays the same as the resources required to build it free drop later. But to be unable to harvest it at all until after at least a week of plat only purchase, and just starting down that road? This is a bad trend and will only get worse. In case you haven't heard it: we don't like that. The players, your community - we don't like that. We want to be able to build the frame with some grinding the same day we can buy it instantly for plat. You've caused umpteen amounts of players that wouldn't have bought it with plat, to buy into this new system. Congratulations. It's too late to boycott her, you've already beaten us there. Pretty sad honestly. -1 respect point guys.
  4. Uhmmmm. I already scanned them all. And lost my progress from update. What the heck?
  5. Idle animation set - Tipsy, Part 1 MOA runs a couple meters away, grabs a stick or short heavy rod/canister, retrieves and comes back to Tenno, cocks head to side, expectantly waiting them to grab it to throw it for them. Idle animation set - Tipsy, Part 2 (after part 1 doesn't end in movement by the Tenno) MOA drops or sets a small object on ground, roughly .5 meter tall which is upright, then steps up onto it and tries to balance with one foot, wobbles then falls over. Springs to upright position.
  6. They wander the streets of Cetus. They are amoung us, and have come to Earth. Strike fear into the hearts of our common enemies, the Grineer, with a celebration of as much of an ally as an enemy. Bring terror to the ghoul forces, and a light laugh at an uncommon tourist.
  7. Is melee going to have a an active grappling lock system incorporated into it? Like a way with fist / claw / dagger / grappling melee to hold E, grab and hang onto enemies and basically do a manic body grab and repeatedly attacks until thing is dead or knocks you off? Would be really neat to see some MMA stuff going on, ways to drag enemies down to prone for finishers, stuff like that!
  8. Is this going to change reload and zoom hotkeys to accommodate instant blocking / channel / melee?
  9. I seem to be getting conservation bugs since this dropped. Lots of floating animals that just won't capture. Capturing the next target doesn't help either, probably lost out on 8,000 or more standings from it already so far.
  10. "When completing a successful animal Conservation using a Warframe ability, it will yield a ‘Good Capture’, as opposed to sometimes yielding a ‘Perfect Capture’. A successful animal Conservation using the tried-and-true Tranq/Echo-Lure technique was always intended to yield a higher gratitude."  I mean really. You want us to waste our time to make your hours on the new content higher? I would hazard to guess some of the frame's being targeted by this are ones that work well doing it, and are pretty hard to grind and not available right out of the gate anyhow. You're punishing creative players using mechanics in the game. I'll just abuse a different warframes abilities that work equally as well then...
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