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  1. Its just an ok mod these days. A lot of people, including myself, looked at the ducat value and thought they would rather keep their ducats. Some people just need to let it go and find some other way to be special and famous.
  2. That's the problem though, there are other stealth frames that don't have to roll about the map looking daft in order to get somewhere in less than a half hours time. Ivara needs some quality of life changes to be more than niche of a niche. Just compare with Loki's kit or even ash and Octavia.
  3. I`m puzzled, I thought Gaze was the worst choice among the kitguns?
  4. Do we know yet if her powers are getting any changes yet? As it is, she is a niche frame that sees very little use outside of spy missions and the odd mining run. Also, that rolling around is just not good. Hopefully improvements are on the way....or we are going to end up with atlas prime again, with rumblers that look nice but ultimately have no point whatsoever.
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