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  1. Add me to the list of people puzzled and disappointed to see these two frames unvaulted again. I`d like to see dual kamas prime and similar items added on if the same frames are being brought out.
  2. The problem is that the content they work very hard on simply isn't repeatable. We need events that aren't abandoned after we get the only decent reward they offer and instead offer some replayability. In games like Warcraft that is either some sort of raid/ dungeon content or solo/team/grand pvp. Currently warframe has neither of those and desperately needs something like that to give clans a reason to exist. This has become a game where playing without friends is often preferable to playing with others and that is a real issue. All our warframes are armed to the teeth, perfected and our skills are well honed.....for nothing, at the moment. We really are all dressed up with nowhere to go and giving us more frames or weapons is pointless without giving us things to do with them. We have endless stuff and no purpose. Give us a reworked raid system, or a pvp that actually works, or some sort of mass battle cooperative and things will turn around. The railjack looks to be something like this and I am glad of that.....but it isn't here yet.
  3. It is a good game for newcomers, but is letting down its veteran players who have literally nothing new to do. Lets hope that changes, because a great many of us log in, get our dailies and log out....and that's our endgame.
  4. Whats especially frustrating is that most tilesets and maps in the game are so cluttered that speed actually makes them impossible to navigate.
  5. We have seen DE do this a lot on frames. They go "look at this cool thing" and when we get to try it...its basically completely ineffective. I just don't get why this happens. Do they not test these things out?
  6. Last I looked, armour hardly does anything.
  7. Half of our builds plain don't work if we start messing around with these weird "when you are jumping" mods. Too situational and pointless to justify their inclusion when other options are more important. At least the mod sets like gladiator or hunter see use, but these new ones are just "cripple your warframe/ weapon/ build, to get a tiny, occasional bonus" and that makes no sense to me. They should make a second aura slot or something for all these gimmick mods.
  8. That javlok mod has me very interested - will try to get one so I can go silly with my sigma and octantis.
  9. Nitain was the only thing I found worth buying with wolf creds, so I stocked up whenever I got the option - its good practice and the stuff always comes in handy.
  10. Give us some rewards worth doing it for and I`ll do arbitrations.
  11. Thankyou so much for this - this advice is a real life saver.
  12. Will there be a rebalance of the new sentinel weapons? - they are incredibly poor in terms of damage and rate of fire.
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